Huangcheng, the palace of idols.

"Father, slow down!"

Xiang Tiejun helped Xiang Tingye and walked into the hall.

After sitting down, Xiang Tingye let out a few breaths, showing a lingering expression.

"Jun'er, let the order go on and move out of Huangcheng immediately!" Xiang Tiejun said.

"Father, why?" Xiang Tiejun was puzzled.

"This Phoenix City can't stay! No, the entire Demon Ancestor Mountain can't stay, we immediately go to Penglai mainland and leave Ziyang Star!"

There was a solemn expression on Xiang Tingye's face.

"Father, you must tell me the reason!" Xiang Tiejun said.

"Huang Rumeng's strength has reached an extremely terrifying state!" Xiang Tingye said.

"No matter how great Huang Rumeng is, can someone be great?" Xiang Tiejun said.

"Shut up!"

"Fart, Lord!"

"He is a demon!"

"If he wins, I dare say that the entire Huangcheng will be overwhelmed! Everyone will turn into his tools and become inhuman and ghost monsters!"

"Don't you understand anything about the Golden Crow City?"

Xiang Tingye's words made Xiang Tiejun a cold sweat and a look of fear.

"If Huang Rumeng wins, we will never have a chance to survive!"

"So, I can only escape!" Xiang Tingye said.

"Father, I will go down and make arrangements immediately!"

After Xiang Tiejun finished speaking, he quickly stepped back.

When he arrived at the government affairs hall, Xiang Tiejun frowned slightly.

"Just leave like this, I am unwilling!"

"The princess, such a peerless beauty, how can he be so cheap!"

"Dare to kiss the princess, if you don't let you see me any better, do you really treat me as a sick cat?"

Xiang Tiejun thought to himself, clenching his fists.

Shortly after.

"Commander, commander..."

A guard came quickly.

"What's the matter? Such a rush?" Xiang Tiejun asked.

"Commander, look at..."

After speaking, Jiawei took out a jade bottle and handed it to Xiang Tiejun.

"What is this?"

"Commander, you will know when you open it!"

"turn on?"

With doubts, Xiang Tiejun opened the jade bottle, and after taking a look, his pupils contracted and his face was shocked.

"In this world, such a fairy brew?"

Xiang Tiejun took the jade bottle and took a sip.



His realm immediately broke through from Huangxian Realm to Xuanxian Realm.

More than that, the mood and talent have also improved a lot.

He stood still, Xiang Tiejun trembling slightly with excitement.

"I've been stuck for a hundred years, just broke through like this?"

"Furthermore, my mood and talent have been at least doubled!"

"In this world, there is such a fairy brew!"

"What if I have ten bottles, a hundred bottles, or even a thousand bottles?"

The more I thought about it, the more excited Xiang Tiejun became.

Long time.

He just calmed down.

"Where did this come from?" Xiang Tiejun looked at Jiawei and asked.

"Commander, this is what I am from..."

Jiawei said the matter roughly.

"You mean, this is a human named Sun Hao selling?"

"Is he still the person that the princess looks after?" Xiang Tiejun asked.

"Not bad!"

Jia Wei nodded, "Commander, it is said that Young Master Sun Hao rescued everyone in Beiluo City..."

Hearing these, Xiang Tiejun frowned slightly.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be Sun Hao.

This is a bit difficult!

"Is he brewing these fairy brews?"

"Impossible! How can there be such a strong person in this world?"

"The princess seems to have told him to let him sell alcohol!"

"Could it be that this kind of fairy brew!"

"The princess cannot fail to know the importance of this kind of fairy brew!"

"Sell at such a low price, there is only one possibility!"

"That is, Sun Hao can brew this thing!"

One thought ends here.

Xiang Tiejun took a few breaths.

If these characters are controlled in their own hands, the entire Demon Ancestral Mountain, no, isn't Ziyang Star all under their control?

The more I thought about it, the more excited Xiang Tiejun became.

For a while, I couldn't calm down at all.


Xiang Tiejun felt much better after taking a few breaths.

"However, it is definitely not easy to be able to brew this class of fairy wine!"

"Try it out first!"

Thinking like this, Xiang Tiejun looked at Jia Wei, "How strong is Sun Hao?"

"Commander, unfathomable!" Jia Wei said.

"Why do you say that?" Xiang Tiejun asked.

"Commander, you don't know anything, Son Hao, when he first started selling fairy wine!"

"The Crazy Leopard family-Leopard Sen asked him trouble, but they are all dead!"

"No one can see how Young Master Sun Hao made the move!"

Having said this, Jia Wei's face showed a look of fear.

Hearing this, Xiang Tiejun frowned, his face full of thought.

a long time.

"It can only be this way!"

"come here!"

"Commander, what's your order?"

"You go down immediately..."

"Yes, commander!"



Huangcheng, on a street.

In front of Sun Hao, there were densely packed, all people.

"Ding, blessing value +3."

Hearing such a reminder, Sun Hao raised the corners of his mouth and looked triumphant.

If this goes on, it won't take long to sell out the immortal wine.

At that time, the value of good fortune can reach 500,000!

If you brew another 500,000 bottles of fairy wine, you can reach 1 million fortune.

You can gain the supreme physique and start the road of cultivation.

"What? The best fairy crystal? Are you kidding me?"

Suddenly, a blast sounded from the crowd.


Everyone's eyes stared at the past.

I saw a green-haired man lowered his voice, "Shhh, keep it quiet!"

"Fart quietly, come on, what kind of fairy crystal?"

"We have all heard it, if you don't say anything, don't want to leave here today!"

The green-haired man showed a look of fear and waved his hands again and again, "My sirs, let me say it!"

"Don't tell others about this news!"

"This news is from the royal family!"

"It is said that the royal family discovered the best immortal crystal vein in the Demon Burying Mountain Range!"

"According to the survey, there are at least tens of millions of top grade immortal crystals in this vein!"

The words came out.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone can't help but dig their ears out, surprised.


The sound of cold air, one after another.

"You lie! Tens of millions of the best fairy crystals? Can Ziyang Star have?"

"That's right! There are so many exquisite fairy crystals, why doesn't the royal family mine?"

"Also, isn't the Demon Burying Mountain Range a restricted area for the Immortal King? How did you explore such a large vein?"

Questions continued to sound.

When the green-haired man heard these words, he smiled awkwardly and waved his hands again and again.

"Everyone, if I know, why am I still here?" said the green-haired man.

"Hmph, you released this news. You don't want to give a reasonable explanation. Don't want to leave here today!"

"Yes, dare to lie to us like this, unforgivable!"

A group of people surrounded the green-haired man.

Seeing these bad eyes, the green-haired man was sweating coldly and waved his hands again and again, "Everyone!"

Seeing, everyone wanted to beat the green-haired man violently.

At this time.

"What he said is true!"


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