Idol Palace, in the main hall.

"Commander, everything is under control!"

In front of Xiang Tiejun, the deputy commander stood in front of him respectfully and said with a smile.

Hearing this, Xiang Tiejun's mouth raised and his face was full of triumph, "Sun Hao, as long as you go to the Demon Burying Mountain Range, you will never return!"

"Although it is a pity that you are dead, but the universe ring on your body will definitely fall into my hands!"

"By then, all the fairy wine in it will be mine!"

Xiang Tiejun thought secretly, his face getting more and more smug.

My own strategy can be described as interlocking.

First, borrowing the name of the Demon Emperor, spread the news of the best fairy crystal veins.

This kind of thing, as long as you get a piece, it is a rich man.

Greed is a weakness of human nature, and Demon Xiu is no exception.

Although this news is false, under greed, everyone will believe it!

This is just the first step.

Presumably that Sun Hao, when he heard this news, he would be very excited, right?

"The best fairy crystal? Haha..."

"Little Ziyang Star, even if there are such good things, it will not be our turn!"

Xiang Tiejun smiled and shook his head.

The above is the first step.

The second step is naturally that people cannot buy the fairy brew from him.

Otherwise, if it's all sold out, where can I get it?

If you can't sell wine, you will be bored.

When I'm bored, I think of Xianjing Mine.

Inwardly, I must be extremely excited.

He started to give another boost, spreading false news about Huang Rumeng.

This news, true and false, and false is also true, it is extremely difficult to distinguish.

No matter how strong Sun Hao is, it must be because Huang Rumeng is in danger, his brain will be hot, and he will rush to the Demon Burying Mountain Range.

Thinking of this, Xiang Tiejun was extremely proud, "I'm really a genius, I can think of such a perfect strategy, Sun Hao, you will definitely fall into my hands!"


Suddenly, there was a shock.

The deputy commander took out a letter of jade slip, his face changed slightly.

"Commander, that kid is gone." The deputy commander said.

"What? It's gone? In the city, aren't all our people? How could you be lost?"

Xiang Tiejun's face changed slightly.

When I looked up, I saw a young man in white standing at the door.

In his arms, holding a little red milk dog.

He walked towards Xiang Tiejun step by step, and every step he took seemed to be natural and looked extraordinarily comfortable.

The person here is Sun Hao.

He stroked the blood wolf while walking towards Xiang Tiejun.

Calm expression, like a king who controls everything.

"Thanks to all my efforts, you want me to go to the Demon Burying Mountain Range, what is your purpose?"

In a word, Xiang Tiejun's body trembled and his face changed drastically.

"What the arduous effort, what demon burial mountain range? I don't know what you are talking about?"

"You trespassed into the palace, what should you be guilty of?"

Xiang Tiejun pointed at Sun Hao and shouted.

"Ha ha……"

Sun Hao smiled, calmly walked to a chair and sat down.

"Pretend, I know how to pretend!"

"My time is limited, I don't bother to explain it to you!"

"State your purpose, otherwise, don't blame me for being polite!"

The sound is not loud, but it is full of momentum.

Xiang Tiejun's face changed uncertainly, and for a while, the advance and retreat were not.

Being able to save the entire Beiluo City, this person's strength is really not easy.

I knew what he was doing.

Isn't it fragrant to buy directly?

"Blame me for being too greedy, I want to get it all!"

"I took advantage of the greed of others, but I was blinded by greed!"

Xiang Tiejun's face showed a look of regret.

"Dare to be so disrespectful to the commander and find death!"

Xiang Tiejun was stunned for a moment, but saw that the deputy commander had already rushed forward.

The terrifying power directly shocked Xiang Tiejun.

"do not……"

Xiang Tiejun beckoned, but there was no time to stop it.


The deputy commander's spear blasted out, causing waves of air.

Sun Hao touched the blood wolf and raised the corner of his mouth.

He raised his head and stared directly at the deputy commander.



The deputy commander who rushed over fell to the ground and lay directly in front of Sun Hao, as if bowing his head in a salute.

The deputy commander raised his head slightly and watched his embarrassment, his inner sanity was completely replaced by anger.

He stared at Sun Hao, his eyes red.

"Damn boy!"

He just struggled to get up.


There was a sound of cracking bones.

The deputy commander lay on the ground again, shivering.

Even if I use my whole body, I can't move a finger.

The force of terror enveloped the whole body.

For a while, he couldn't move at all.


The deputy commander murmured for a long time without uttering a word.

"If you want to kill me, you must have the consciousness of being killed!"

Say what you say.


The deputy commander's body exploded and exploded directly into dust, so he could not die again.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Xiang Tiejun's nerves.

He looked at Sun Hao like a monster.

Just a look made the deputy commander unable to struggle.

Just a word, let the deputy commander directly burst into fanfare.

This kind of strength, even Xianzun can't do it!

The deputy commander, although he was only in the Yellow Fairyland, he was also a fairy.

The one who cultivates is still the strongest exercise method of the physical body: the god-like jail force!


Without any hesitation, Xiang Tiejun bowed in front of Sun Hao and kept kowtow.

"My lord, I was wrong, forgive me!"

"I didn't let him take the shot, he asked for it!" Xiang Tiejun's head hit the ground heavily.

"You know yourself so well, give you a chance to survive, let's talk, why should I be taken to the Demon Burying Mountain Range?" Sun Hao looked at Xiang Tiejun coldly.

"My lord, it's a villain, **** it, I like the fairy brew you brewed!"


Listening to Xiang Tiejun's words, Sun Hao's expression gradually turned cold.

Xiang Tiejun bowed to the ground, shivering, "Sir, **** the little one, **** the little one!"

"I shouldn't have coveted your fairy brew, forgive me, forgive me!"

Xiang Tiejun was crying bitterly.

On Sun Hao's face, there was only a cold killing intent.

"In this way, the Demon Emperor is really missing?" Sun Hao asked.

"My lord, yes... yes! He was kidnapped by the Lord... no, Lie Shang!" Xiang Tiejun said.

"Who is Lie Shang?" Sun Hao asked.

"My lord, he is a member of the Golden Crow nationality, very powerful!"

"He said that he would kill all the members of the Divine Phoenix Clan in front of Huang Rumeng!"

"It is said that it was because Huang Rumeng killed his father!"


Xiang Tiejun revealed it all without concealing it, for fear that Sun Hao would be dissatisfied.


Sun Hao frowned slightly, a flash of killing intent, "I want to see, how good are you?"

"In that case, I will meet you!"

Sun Hao touched the blood wolf with a confident expression.

I am one of the strongest BUFFs, even if I can’t fight, give Rumeng a stronger BUFF head office, right?

Also, giving blood wolves can also enhance BUFF.

At that time, two hit one, it's impossible, Lie Shang, you can still go to heaven.

Hearing Sun Hao's words, Xiang Tiejun's face changed drastically, "My lord, never!"

"Why?" Sun Hao frowned.

"Lie Shang said, as long as you go, immediately kill all members of the Divine Phoenix Clan!"

Hearing this, Sun Hao stagnated.


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