"Okay, I know all about it, let's spare your life for now!"

"However, you have to remember that if you dare to leave Phoenix City for half a step, your idol tribe will not need to exist in this world!"

After speaking, Sun Hao stepped forward and left quickly.

"Yes...yes, my lord!"

Xiang Tiejun nodded repeatedly.

After leaving the Idol Palace, Sun Hao took the blood wolf and went outside the Phoenix City.

"Don't let me go, I want to go!"

"This Lie Shang must be afraid of me!"

"In that case, I want to see, how good are you?"

In Sun Hao's eyes, killing intent rose.


With a thought, the fairy boat flew out and landed in front of Sun Hao.

He held the blood wolf and walked into the immortal boat.

When he came to the control room, Sun Hao took out the carving knife.

"Then I will arrange some hidden formations so that Lie Shang will not find me easily!"

"Also, play a few more songs for Big Wolf!"

"The stronger it is, the safer we are!"

After some thinking, Sun Hao made a decision.

After that, he took the carving knife and started to carve.



Demon Zu Mountain, Golden Crow City.

Huang Rumeng came from outside the city gate and looked forward coldly.

I see.

In Golden Crow City, the **** mist shrouded all directions.

If there is no **** smell, it will pour into the nasal cavity from time to time.


From time to time, monsters roared in a low voice in the city.

The dull atmosphere adds a bit of depression.


Huang Rumeng's speed did not decrease, and he walked into the city step by step.

The blood mist came quickly and was blocked outside.

It seemed that he was covered with a shield.


"call out……"

A sound of breaking through the air sounded.

A golden crow rushed quickly, stretched out its sharp claws, and grabbed Huang Rumeng.


Huang Rumeng snorted coldly, his mind moved, and a ray of flame floated in front of him.

Aiming at the Golden Crow, he shot away.


There was a dull explosion.

The Golden Crow fell directly to the ground, and after a few twitches, there was no movement.

A ball of flame, from the inside out, began to burn.

After a while.

On the ground, only three red fire feathers remained.

Huang Rumeng kept on walking forward.

"call out……"

A few bursts of sound sounded.

Several golden crows rushed towards Huang Rumeng quickly.

Every position is blocked, front, back, left, and right.


The air was knocked out of layers of air waves.

When the air wave hits, the house broke directly into dust.

Huang Rumeng's face was calm, and he stretched out his right hand in a hurry, and a ray of red flame fluttered at his fingertips.


There was a shock.

The flame was divided into four and shot in four directions.


Four dull explosions sounded simultaneously.

Four golden crows fell to the ground motionless as if they were buried in the body and exploded.

The flame burned in the body, and only a few fire feathers remained on the ground.


Huang Rumeng kept walking.

Along the way, all the golden crows rushing forward were burned to ashes without exception.

Soon after Huang Rumeng left.

A figure sneaked into the Golden Crow City.

This person is Yujizi.

He hid behind a house, stuck his head out, and scanned the surroundings.

Be very cautious.

Suddenly, his eyebrows were raised, his pupils contracted, and his heart beat violently.

"Golden Crow Fire Feather?"

Yujizi looked excited, staring at the three fire feathers on the ground, motionless.

Every golden crow has three fire feathers.

This thing is extremely fire-resistant and is an excellent material for making defensive magic weapons.

Each one is very precious and valuable.

This kind of good thing is just thrown here.

Also, why is there no one in the whole city?

Conspiracy, it must be conspiracy!

Definitely want to lure the old man into a fool?

Haha, it's not that easy.

Yu Jizi thought to himself, lying in the corner, motionless.

A quarter of an hour passed.

A wave of restlessness surged all over the body.

The three fire feathers on the ground, with the ultimate temptation, attracted Yu Jizi to step forward.

Holding down the beating heart, Yuji transformed into a rapid form, picked up the fire feathers, and retreated.

He took the fire feather and carefully received the soul space.

"It seems that I think too much, there is no trap at all!"

"carry on!"

Thinking like this, Yu Jizi continued to move forward.

After not taking a few steps, Yu Jiezi looked startled and hurriedly leaned down.

not far away.

Twelve fire feathers irritated his eyes strongly.

These fire feathers are obviously stronger than the previous three.

However, the surrounding ground was moved to flat ground, and many houses were blown up.

Obviously, there has been fierce fighting here.

You must be careful.

A quarter of an hour after becoming Voldemort, Yu Jizi could hardly calm down.

The desire for treasures in his heart quickly burned his sense of reason.

He walked to the front of the fire feather like a zombie and picked it up.

Finally, in the soul space.

"There is no danger! It seems that I think too much!"

This time, Yujizi looked calm and continued to move forward.

Shortly after.

He stood in front of a pit, his face full of shock.

Only in front of the house, all kinds of fragments were scattered around.

In the deep pit, hundreds of fire feathers strongly stimulated Yujizi's nerves.

"Sent, sent..."

His body trembled slightly with excitement.

He did not hesitate.

Rushed past.

With a wave of his right hand, he collected all the fire feathers in the soul space.


"Unexpectedly, my jade jade will come and run from time to time!"

"God help me!"

Yu Jizi murmured to herself, almost laughing.

Clean up your mood and continue to search.

Soon after, he saw a plume of fire.

That fiery red light is extremely alluring.

Without thinking about it, he rushed forward and picked up everything.

"Really sent! These few fire feathers are obviously much stronger! Less talk can sell dozens of fairy crystals!"

"I can build at least two magic weapons!"

Yujizi let out a long sigh of relief.

As he was preparing to move, he looked up, his pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.

I saw that in the blood mist, a bright red light strongly stimulated his eyeballs.

This light floats in the air.

"Such a bright fire feather, I am afraid it is a fairy-level fire feather!"

Yujizi's heart seemed to jump out of her throat.

At this moment, it is hard for him to calm down.

Without even thinking about it, he rushed forward, grabbed it, and took it back.

He was horrified to find that this fire feather could not be recovered.

Squinting his eyes, his scalp exploded.

Even thinking about it, rushed back.

However, before taking a few steps back, he found that his whole body was imprisoned and unable to move.

"Ha ha……"

"Master, I miss you!"

A scalp explosion sounded in his ears.

At this moment, Yu Jizi's body trembled involuntarily.

"You...what do you want to do?" Yu Jizi's voice trembled.

"Ha ha……"

Lie Shang appeared in front of Yu Jizi for an instant, smiling.

"Master, I almost forgot about you. Unexpectedly, your old man ran to me again."

"In Disciple's mind, I remembered those happy past events again!"

"Tui'er is so grateful to you, I will give you a massage!"

Lie Shang smiled and stepped forward.

"No... no, don't come over!"



"Slaps people without slaps, ah..."

"You livestock, do you want the old man to wean off children? Ah..."

Screams screamed and kept ringing.


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