Huang Rumeng snorted coldly, his face was full of cold killing intent.

Extend your finger and point forward.

"Shoo! Shoo..."

Four sounds of breaking through the air sounded.

Four wisps of energy, shot away quickly.

"Do not……"

The four unwilling shouts stopped abruptly.

"Boom! Boom..."

The four men in green robes fell unwillingly.

A hole is penetrated above everyone's forehead.

The green sap trickled from the hole, very miserable.

When the leader of the green robe saw this scene, his face was frightened and his body trembled violently.

Without even thinking about it, he turned into a streamer and flew towards the sky.

"Want to run?"

Huang Rumeng smiled coldly and grabbed his right hand.


The space trembled, and the leader of the green robe flew out uncontrollably.

"no, do not want!"

No matter how hard he struggles, it won't help.

In an instant, it fell into the hands of Huang Rumeng.

"Spare! Princess, spare!" The green robe leader's face was full of begging for mercy.

"Since you want to choose to betray, you must have the consciousness of death!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng used his right hand hard.

"No, I was forced..."

The words did not fall.

The green robe leader's neck broke, and his head tilted, and there was no movement.

"Good job!"

"They really deserve to die!"

"If you want to see me, this strength is not enough!"

"Don't worry, take your time, we have time!"


Lie Shang's voice came from all directions.

After the laughter.


On the ground, blood mist surged up.

In an instant, the entire Golden Crow City was wrapped.

The blood mist is as thick as blood, stopping everything.

"call out……"

The blood mist spiraled around rapidly, stacking on top of each other.

In the blink of an eye, a blood-colored giant four kilometers high was formed.

The heavenly fairyland breath radiated from the blood-colored giant, sweeping the world.


Four roars, shaking the earth.

Huang Rumeng watched this scene, frowning slightly.


A wisp of electric light rushed from her fingertips, bursting into a panic.

"go with!"

Huang Rumeng pointed his right hand, and these electric lights split into four and rushed out in four directions.

In an instant, it fell on the four scarlet giants and burst apart.


After a sound, the four scarlet giants exploded into aerosol and disappeared without a trace.

The blood mist in the entire Golden Crow City evaporated completely.

Huang Rumeng stood there, scanning the surroundings coldly.


In the city, blood mist rose again.

In the blink of an eye, Golden Crow City was again impenetrable.

"Not bad!"

"The strength is very strong. Next, let's play something difficult!"

"If you don't have this ability, many people will die!"


After this sound.


A barrier suddenly surged in the sky, and a picture appeared in front of Huang Rumeng.

In the picture, there are tens of thousands of people tied to a pillar.

These people are all from the Divine Phoenix Clan.

They opened their mouths and screamed silently.

Behind them, a spiked thorn slowly penetrated into the body.

"You only have half an hour to find them and rescue them!"

"Otherwise, once the heart is pierced, it is ready to collect their bodies!"


The laughter was faint and endless.

Crazed, revenge... all kinds of emotions are in it.

"Who are you? You and I have no grudges in the past, and no grudges today. Why do you want this?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"No enmity?"


"Huang Rumeng, you killed my father, don't you remember it?"

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng frowned, revealing the color of thought.

After a while, he seemed to think of something, "Are you the son of Lieyang Golden Crow?"

"It looks like you still remember!" Lie Shang said.

"Hmph, he wants to kill me, I just killed it!"

"Since you want to avenge him, then you must have a death consciousness!" Huang Rumeng's voice was cold.



"Only you? Come on!"

"The show begins!"

After saying this, the surroundings returned to calm.


Huang Rumeng gave a cold snort and disappeared instantly.

When it reappears, it has already appeared in the sky screen.

I see.

She waved her right hand.

Strands of light flew from her fingertips, flying everywhere.


The chains bound to everyone were broken every inch.

All people are restored to freedom.

When they saw Huang Rumeng, they were dumbfounded, "Princess?"

Surprised, shocked, unbelief...

Various expressions are written on everyone's face.

"The princess is trash?"

"Where is such a terrifying power?"

"Too tough, my family is hopeful!"

Many people stood still, excited.

"Thank you princess for saving her life!"

All of them bowed to the ground and bowed their heads in salute.

"No, don't move around, wait for me!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng's figure flickered and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he came to a cave.

In the cave, hundreds of people were **** by five flowers.

These people are all the elders of the Divine Phoenix Clan.

Among them, Huang Youli is in it.

"Mother Queen!"

Huang Rumeng shouted, tears falling.

Huang Youli's whole body strength had been swallowed cleanly.

Now, like a useless person, sitting there, motionless.

Compared with the previous demon emperor who suppressed the demon ancestor mountain, it was many times worse.

Hearing Huang Rumeng's voice, Huang Youli slowly opened her eyes.

First, there was a surprise, then a joy, and then, there was a mixture of worry and panic.


With all his strength, Huang Youli didn't shout a word either.

Huang Rumeng's body trembled slightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched, his heart ached.

With a wave of her right hand, she pulled out the iron thorn that had penetrated Huang Youli's body.

After that, the restrictions on Huang Youli were lifted, and she hugged Huang Youli, tears streaming down her eyes, "Mother Emperor!"

"Run, run..." Huang Youli's voice was hoarse and her face was anxious.

"Mother, don't worry!"

"I'm here to save you!"

She supported Huang Youli on the chair and let her breath away.


All the iron chains tied to the tribe's body broke apart.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Youli opened her big mouth, muttering for a long time without recovering.

"Meng'er, you...what realm have you reached?" Huang Youli asked.

"Mother, I am now a god!" Huang Rumeng said.

Upon hearing this, Huang Youli took a breath, her face full of joy.

"Princess, thank you for your help!"

A group of clansmen crowded around and surrounded Huang Rumeng.

The color of gratitude is written on everyone's face.


At this time, an exclamation sounded.

Looking for the reputation, I saw a girl in a red robe rushing quickly.

This person is Huang Zidie, Huang Rumeng's younger sister.

"Sister, thank you for saving us!"

Huang Zidie shouted loudly and rushed into Huang Rumeng's arms.

Huang Youli looked at this scene with a smile on her face, "Looking at the harmony of their two sisters, I am also relieved!"


Huang Youli raised her eyebrows, her pupils shrank, her face changed drastically, and she shouted, "Be careful!"

However, there is no time.

I see.

After Huang Zidie plunged into Huang Rumeng's arms, a cold smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Her right hand quickly changed into a sharp blade, pointed at Huang Rumeng's chest, and plunged in.

This sudden explosion caused everyone's pupils to shrink and their complexions changed dramatically.


A sound of metal piercing into flesh and blood sounded.


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