Tianluo Continent, Cangyuan.

"Hurry up and let Zhong Lilang come out!"

A goatee wearing a brocade robe pointed at a group of guardians and shouted.

Behind him, a group of men with extraordinary temperament followed.

The leader, with a beard, stands there, majestic and self-reliant, making people afraid to approach.

Even if it didn't release the breath, it was a domineering side leak.

This person is the ancestor of the Zhongli family-Zhong Ion.

At the same time, it is also the head of the Nine Immortals of Human Race.

"Everyone, the dean has gone out for something important, and he hasn't returned yet. Please take a rest here!"

Lin Hufa stood up and gestured to please.

"Presumptuous! When the dignified ancestor arrived, Zhong Lilang dared not show up!"

The goatee shouted loudly and waved his right hand.


There was a crisp sound.

The goatee slapped Lin Hufa in the face.

"Do you dare to hit someone?"

Behind Lin Hufa, a protector stood up, pointed at the goatee and shouted.

"What's wrong with me hitting someone? I refuse?!"

"The people in the entire Tianluo Continent are just a bunch of dogs raised by my Zhongli family!"

"When the ancestor arrived, Zhong Lilang dared not show up, too presumptuous!"

"If he doesn't show up again, let alone I hit a dog, what if I kill a dog?"

The goatee pointed at the crowd, arrogant and domineering.


The guardian was about to rush forward, but was stopped by guardian Lin.

"Everyone, think you are relatives of the dean, so you don't care about hitting me!"

"However, you insult my entire Tianluo Continent, this matter can't be left alone!"

Lin Hufa took a step forward and scanned the goatee coldly.

The words came out.

The goatee's expression was stagnant, he couldn't help but dig his ears, his face was full of unbelief.


The goatee cracked his mouth and laughed wildly.

There was no disguise with that contemptuous look.

The ancestor ordered himself to slap the Cangyuan on the face, and gave Zhong Lilang a disarm, forcing him to hand over the fairy brew!

If you don't show a little trick, how can it work?

If he is not strong at all, he is the strongest provocation.

"Then what do you want?" Goatee asked with a smile.

"You, kneel down and apologize, swear a hundred mouths, and swear not to insult the Tianluo Continent in the future, that's all for this matter!" Lin Hufa said.

As soon as the words came out, there was dead silence all around.

Whether it was Zhong Ion and others, or the guardians behind Lin Hufa.

At the moment, they were all stunned and motionless.

a long time.

The goatee only recovered, and a touch of anger flooded his body.

In this Ziyang Star, there are really few who dare to talk to Zhong Li's family like this.

A little guardian is so arrogant. If he is immortal today, is it really a soft persimmon when Zhongli's family is a soft persimmon?

"What if not?" the goatee asked.

"If not, you, die!"

The voice is not loud, but it is full of domineering.

As soon as he said this, the air around him stagnated.

The goatee's mouth twitched slightly and his face was extremely ugly.

"Okay, very good!"

"I want to see how you made me die!"

As soon as the goatee's breath was released, a chessboard was presented, and it was smashed towards Guardian Lin.

Seeing it, he was about to hit Lin Hufa.

At this time.


The space vibrated.

A figure walked out from the virtual ripples.

"Who is presumptuous in my sacred courtyard!"

With this sound.


The entire chessboard burst directly.

Lai Ren, a middle-aged man, seems to be about 30 years old.

He is Zhong Lilang.

"Zhong Lilang, it's you!"

Seeing Zhong Lilang, the goatee's face changed, pointing at him and shouting loudly, "Do you want to stop me from killing the dog?"


Zhong Lilang asked about the goatee, but in his calm voice, there was a terrifying anger.

"What's wrong with saying it again?"

"The people on the Tianluo Continent, all of them are my Zhongli's dog, and you are no exception!"

The words just fell silent.

The coercion of a fairyland shrouded the goatee in an instant.

At this moment, the goatee was crushed and unable to move.

He was horrified to discover that his body was flying backwards uncontrollably, and for an instant, he knelt down in front of Zhong Lilang.

"Dare to insult the young man, even if the king of heaven and Lao Tzu comes today, I can't save you!"

Zhong Lilang looked at the goatee coldly, with a cold murderous intent, coming out continuously.


"Zhong Lilang, are you upside down?"

"The ancestor is here, you dare to be presumptuous!"

A black robe man stood up and shouted loudly.

Zhong Lilang's eyes widened, and the black robe man kicked his body straight back, his face looked terrified.

"What about the ancestor? Get out!"

"No matter how long you dare, die!"

The voice is not loud, but it is full of domineering.

When the black robe man heard it, his face was extremely ugly.

Want to speak, murmured for a long time without uttering a word.

the other side.

Zhong Ion looked at this scene, his face changed slightly.

A touch of anger, fleeting.

"Zhong Lilang, his wings are hard!"

Zhong Ion stepped forward and released his breath, all pressing on Zhong Lilang's body.


Zhong Lilang took two steps back and looked at Zhong Ion, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

"The peak of the fairyland?"

Zhong Lilang murmured, looking up at Zhong Ion, "Ancestor, it's so awesome to come to my God's Court!"

"However, there are some arrogant guys who dare to insult your son, even you, don't want to save him!"

After speaking, Zhong Lilang suddenly shot.

"Do not……"

"you dare!"


Three times sounded simultaneously.

The goatee exploded and exploded directly into a blood mist, disappearing.

this moment.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone was shocked, not only Zhong Lilang's strength, but also Zhong Lilang's decisiveness.

Behead the people in front of the ancestors.

It is simply bold, no one can match.


Zhong Ion's mouth twitched slightly and his face was ugly.

A collateral child withstood his own pressure and beheaded the tribe.

The strength of this guy is not simple.

It seems that he must have drank that kind of fairy brew!

Zhong Ion stepped forward, killing intent, "Zhong Lilang, behead the tribe in the face of the old man, today, if you don't tell me, don't blame the old man for killing!"

Zhong Lilang smiled slightly, stepped forward, clasped his fists and bowed, "Ancestor, what kind of confession do you want?"


Zhong Ion flicked his sleeves and walked into the hall.

"You decide on this, the old man can open the net and let them make a living!" Zhong Ion's voice was cold.


Zhong Lilang looked up to the sky and smiled, like crazy.

"Ancestor, what if I don't judge myself?" Zhong Lilang said lightly.

"You want not to die unless you come up with a hundred bottles of this fairy brew!"

After speaking, Zhong Ion took out a jade bottle and raised it in front of Zhong Lilang.

"Ha ha……"

Zhong Lilang smiled coldly, his expression calm, "What if I don't take it?"

"Don't take it?"

As soon as the sound fell, Zhong Ion turned into an afterimage and disappeared instantly.

When he reappeared, he had already come to Lin Hufa.

One palm, like Tie Jun, aimed at Lin's neck and grabbed it.

With that shocking power, Lin Lin couldn't resist.

"Is this the strength of the peak powerhouse in the Heavenly Wonderland?"

Lin Hufa closed his eyes and waited quietly for death.


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