A metal symphony sounded.

Zhong Ion kicked his body straight back, using a lot of strength to stabilize his figure.

He looked at Zhong Lilang with jealousy in his eyes.

Such a scene, in the eyes of everyone, could not help but stunned.

The shock and unbelief are all over his face.

"Zhong Lilang, are you betraying my Zhong Lishi family?" Zhong Ion's voice was cold.


Zhong Lilang laughed up to the sky, his eyes flushed, and he pointed to Zhong Ion, "Zhong Ion, when did you consider me to be Zhongli's person?"

"Our family was all arranged by you to perform dangerous tasks, and all died tragically!"

"Now I am the only one left!"

"You still have the face to tell me to betray Zhongli's family?"

"You are here today, but you want to get fairy brew!"

"I have these things, and many more, but do you deserve to have them?"

After speaking, Zhong Lilang took out several jade bottles and put them in his hands.

When this thing came out, it instantly attracted Zhong Ion's gaze.

That kind of greed, without any disguise.

"Zhong Lilang, give it to me!" Zhong Ion's breath let go, and he stretched out his hand.

"Give you?"

Zhong Lilang smiled coldly and put it away, "Old stuff, do you want to grab it?"

"Huh, so what?"

"Today, if you don't hand over all the fairy brew, don't want to leave here!"

After speaking, Zhong Ion came straight to Zhong Lilang.


The two fought together again.

Suddenly, the waves of air billowed and the explosions continued.

After a while.


The two of them kicked and retreated, and each other was full of fear.

"Damn it, why is it so strong?"

Zhong Ion put his hands behind his back, his entire hands trembling constantly.

Pain keeps coming.

He used a secret method to strengthen his body several times.

How can this be possible if he is not Zhong Lilang's opponent?

"Zhong Lilang, it looks like you are really going to betray the family! In that case, don't blame the old man for being ruthless!"

Zhong Ion roared.

The breath on the body swelled rapidly.

Waves of air swept the Quartet.

However, the next second.

Zhong Ion was horrified to find that Zhong Lilang did not know when he appeared in front of him.

A punch was as fast as lightning, directly hitting his abdomen.


There was a loud noise.

Zhong Ion flew upside down and hit the ground hard.


A mouthful of blood spurted from the mouth.

After falling to the ground, after struggling several times, he couldn't stand up.

Seriously wounded in one blow.

Such a scene directly scared others into place.

They stared at Zhong Lilang blankly, their eyes full of jealousy.

"Why is Zhong Lilang... so strong?"

"He didn't even call Xianli, and severely injured the ancestor with a punch. How terrifying is his physical body?"

"I didn't bully him less before, what should I do now?"

More than a dozen Zhong's passing parents kept looking at Zhong Lilang, and his body started shaking involuntarily.


Zhong Lilang's gaze swept away, and everyone bowed their heads, afraid to face it.

"You... how could your physical body be so strong?"

With the help of others, Zhong Ion stood up.

He looked at Zhong Lilang with jealousy in his eyes.

Hearing this, Zhong Lilang was secretly proud.

I have tempered my physical body in the Tai Chi God Tower, so it is strange that I am not strong.

"You are not qualified to know!"

Zhong Lilang looked at Zhong Ion with a cold expression, "It stands to reason that I killed you, and no one dared to say anything!"

"However, I think you are related to me by blood, I will spare your lives today!"

"Starting today, I will cut off from Zhong Li Jiaen!"

"Get out!"

Zhong Lilang shouted, shaking their faces greatly.


Zhong Ion opened his mouth and couldn't say a word.

That kind of powerlessness surged all over the body.

At this moment, he was like facing the fairy king, with no intention of fighting at all.

Seeing Zhong Lilang's appearance, he didn't try his best at all.

A collateral child who gave up, in just a few hundred years, has grown to a level that he needs to look up to.

This gap is simply indescribable.

Zhong Ion stood up with their support.

When he was about to go out, he seemed to think of something.

He looked at Zhong Lilang and asked, "Where is little friend Jingtian?"

"Is Zhong Li Jingtian?"

"He has offended a big man and has been beheaded!"

The words came out.


Zhong Ion retreated two steps in a row, with an extremely ugly expression on his face.

The other people's lips twitched slightly, and their faces were full of horror.

Everyone's face, as if eating a fly, turned into a dead gray.

"You say it again?" Zhong Ion's mouth twitched slightly.

"Ancestor, do you have your ears behind? I said Zhongli Jingtian is dead!"


Zhong Ion pressed his chest and looked ugly.

He pointed to Zhong Ion and nodded Zhong Lilang with his hand, "Why don't you talk about this... such a big thing?"

"He is a member of his family, Zhong Lixiao's only son. With Zhong Lixiao's personality, the entire Ziyang Star will be buried with him!" Zhong Ion's face was a dead gray.

"Hehe, don't worry about this, get out!"

Zhong Lilang's breath was released and wrapped like a tsunami.

"let's go……"

Zhong Ion's expression was languid, leading everyone, staggering away.


Summon Xianzhou and fled quickly.

When Zhong Liang and others left, the corner of Zhong Lilang's mouth rose and he was in a good mood.

Hundreds of years of depression are finally released at this moment.

"Zhong Ion, I hope you are a little self-aware, don't be boring!"

"Otherwise, you will kill the entire Zhongli home!"

Zhong Lilang looked at the sky and muttered to himself.

Recovering his mood, turning around, Zhong Lilang looked at Lin Hufa, "Today, good job!"

"Thank you for the exaggeration, Dean, this is your duty!" Lin Hufa said with a fist.

"You don't have to be so polite, right, have you reached the peak of the semi-fairyland now?" Zhong Lilang asked.

"Yes, the dean, thanks to my son's fairy brew, I have grown to this point. In the past few days, I have been suppressing the realm and dare not break through!" Lin Hufa said.

"I will take you to a place to break through!"

"Entrust you to become a fairy!" Zhong Lilang said.

"What?" Lin Hufa's eyes were full of unbelief in the light.

Zhong Lilang smiled slightly, did not explain, took out the letter Yujian, and sent a message to Fairy Flower.


The sky was rippling.

"follow me!"

The two walked into the ripples one after another and disappeared.



Tianluo Continent, outside of Zhongfu Xiancheng.


The sky shook layers of ripples, and several figures emerged from it.

The head is a blue-haired young man with a handsome face.

This person is the eldest son of the Galaxy Dragon King-Han Yi.

"His Royal Highness..."

Han Yu was followed by five entourages, one of whom had golden skin all over his body, and his two eyes were extremely sharp.

As soon as he spoke, he was stopped by Han Yu, "Here, it's good to call me the son!"

"Yes, too...Young Master!" said several people clasped their fists together.

"My son, let me catch these ants and interrogate them one by one?" the golden-skinned man asked.


Hanyi immediately stopped, "When you first arrive, you must find out the situation first, and you must not be reckless."

"My son, a dead star, why bother?"

"There is no problem if I take the initiative and arrest the person named Sun Hao directly!" said the golden-skinned man.

Han Yi smiled and shook his head, "Golden Eagle, you are still so impatient!"

"In case Xianniang is not made by Sun Hao, what's the point of catching him?"

"Only if it is confirmed that Sun Hao brewed, we will do it again, so as to save another trip, don't you think?" Han Yi said.

"It's still a wise son!" The golden-skinned man smiled awkwardly, lowered his head and stopped talking.

"Who wants to go to inquire about the situation?" Han Yi asked.

"My son, I am willing!"

At this time, a purple-haired man stood up.

"Zidian, let you go!"

"Remember, you must not be impulsive when entering the Terran Territory. If you encounter anything, report it to me first!" Han Yi said.

"My son, don't worry!"

"My Zidian is not good at anything, but the speed is fast. If something happens, there is no problem to escape!"

Zidian touched the corners of his mouth, with a confident look.

"All right, go and come back soon!" Han Yi said.

"Yes, son!"

After speaking, Zidian burst into a flash of lightning, and hurried towards Zhongfu Xiancheng.


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