Yaozu Mountain, Huangcheng.

In the palace hall, Huang Youli was sitting in the main seat, and it was a group of traitors headed by Xiang Tingye who bowed down before her.

Among them, Xiang Tiejun is among them.

What is puzzling is that it is Xiang Tiejun who binds Xiang Tingye.

"You bastard, you really want to kill the old boss!" Xiang Tingye looked bitter.

"Father, the children are forced to do so!"

"Prince Sun Hao said that as long as we escape, the entire idol tribe will be destroyed!"

"I've inquired, Sun Hao also has a stunner identity, that is, a scheming person!"

"He is not well-known in Demon Ancestral Mountain. In Tianluo Continent, everyone knows that!"

"He can do everything, if we escape, the elephant tribe will definitely die!" Xiang Tiejun said.

"God and cunning man, I have never heard of it!"

"The old boss only knows that you killed the old boss!" Xiang Tingye said.

"Father, you sacrificed for your clan, and you died well!" Xiang Tiejun said.


Xiang Tingye was anxious, his old face was blue with anger.

Raising a cheating thing is really a crime.

"Xiang Tingye, do you have something to say?" Huang Youli's voice was cold.

"You Li, I..."

"Presumptuous, dare to call the demon emperor's name, and beg!"

An iron whip pierced the air and hit Xiang Tingye's face directly.


This whip hit Xiang Tingye's face directly swollen.

"Demon emperor, you and I will be married to each other in the end, and you can't treat me like this!" Xiang Tingye said.

"Ha ha……"

Huang Youli smiled coldly, "You are married, but a deal."

"When you wanted to seize the throne, did you think about today?" Huang Youli said.

"I was wrong, forgive me!"

"Master Demon Emperor, Xiang Tingye forced us to do it, it has nothing to do with us!"

"Master Demon Sovereign, spare your life, spare your life!"

The begging for mercy kept ringing.

Every minister's face showed the expression of a dead father and mother.

That kind of panic was all over his face.

"Except for Xiang Tiejun, everyone else, pulled it down and chopped it down!"

"Yes, Demon Emperor!"

A group of golden guards rushed like wolves.

Pulling the ministers whose strength was sealed, they directly dragged on.

"No, no, I don't want to die!"

"Demon King, I am loyal to Yaozu Mountain. I have no credit and hard work. I can't deny me because of one thing!"

"Xiang Tiejun, you are a silly thing, you can't die, I will not let you go as a ghost!"

Desperate shouts kept coming.

Immediately after.


There was a sound of hitting his head.

The entire palace fell into a dead silence.

The newly appointed minister was full of awe, and at the same time, there was a hint of joy.

"Xiang Tiejun!" Huang Youli shouted.

"The criminal minister is here!"

Xiang Tiejun crawled on the ground.

"You have merit in catching the first crime. Capital crimes are forgiven, but living crimes are hard to forgive!"

"From today, you are demoted to a mortal demon!"

"Go on!" Huang Youli said.

"Thank you Demon Sovereign for not killing!"

Xiang Tiejun knelt down nine times and quickly retreated.

a long time.

"In addition to punishing the murderer today, I have a major event to announce!"

Huang Youli looked at the newly appointed ministers and asked.

When everyone heard this, his face was extremely solemn.

They talked about some wind.

"Chuanhuang is like a dream!"

With this sound.

Huang Rumeng walked into the hall and stood aside after saluting.

"Meng'er, come to me!" Huang Youli shouted.

"Mother Queen!"

Huang Rumeng walked up to Huang Youli, took out the demon seal, and presented it, "I'll give you this back!"

"Do not!"

Huang Youli smiled slightly and pushed the Demon Seal back, "You take it first!"

Speaking of this, Huang Youli looked at the ministers and said, "From today, I will pass on the position to Huang Rumeng!"

As soon as these words came out, Huang Rumeng's expression changed drastically, and he waved his hands again and again, "Mother Queen, I...I..."

"You can do it, mother believes you!"

"My mother is old, and I want to enjoy my old age. From now on, Yaozu Mountain will be taken care of by you!" Huang Youli said.

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng sighed secretly.

"Yes, mother emperor!" Huang Rumeng nodded firmly.

Shortly after.

Huang Rumeng wore a phoenix robe and walked into the hall.

In her body, there is a natural empress atmosphere.

"Meet the Demon Emperor!"

All the ministers knelt to the ground and bowed their heads in salute.

"All the love is flat!"

Between gestures, full of royal style.

Sun Hao sat beside him, watching this scene quietly, his eyes twinkling.

Unexpectedly, Huang Rumeng has such a queen style.

When I first met her, it was ten thousand times worse than now.

"Dear Aiqing, do you have important matters?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"The Demon King, the Jinwu clan has been destroyed, and all businesses are waiting for prosperity; the idol clan and the **** turtle clan are slaves; the three royal clans, the ministers suggest that they be put under the control of the Shenhuang clan!"

"At the same time, send people to move over and take charge of everything!"

Huang Youli nodded slightly when she heard this, "Quick play!"


After all the ministers left, Huang Rumeng quickly ran to Sun Hao and lowered his head, "My son, how should I be the Demon Emperor?"

"Very good!" Sun Hao said with a thumbs up.



North of Huangcheng.

There is a mountain range here, named Shenhuang Mountain, which belongs to the Divine Phoenix tribe.

In front of an attic.

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng depend on each other hand in hand, looking sweet.


A figure flew quickly.

It is Huang Youli.

"I have seen the son!"

Sun Hao got up and looked at Huang Youli with an embarrassed smile on his face, "Auntie Huang, you are an elder, you don't need to be so polite, you can call me Sun Hao in the future!"

"No, son, you save my entire Demon Ancestral Mountain, this great favor is unforgettable!"

"I came here today to give you a grand banquet in the city, to express my gratitude." Huang Youli said.

"Aunt Huang, no need!"

"You really want to thank you, just one table!"

"However, we will make this table!" Sun Hao said.

Upon hearing this, Huang Youli was surprised.

Entertain the son, and let the son do it himself?

Didn't it become a banquet for the son?

How can this be.

When Huang Youli was about to refuse.

"Mother, listen to the arrangement of the son!" A voice of the divine consciousness heard in his ears.

Upon hearing this, Huang Youli nodded secretly.

"In that case, there is no other son!" Huang Youli said.

"You don't have to be polite, this table of people, please go and invite you!" Sun Hao said.


After retiring with Sun Hao, Huang Youli quickly left.

Just returned to the residence.

"Demon King!"

At this time, a voice came from outside the door.

Hearing this voice, Huang Youli's eyes beamed.

"Old man Yueli?"

After opening the door, he saw two men standing in front of Huang Youli.

These two people are the old man Yueli and the earthly master, one of the nine immortals of the human race.

However, Old Man Yueli's appearance changed drastically, from white hair to black silk.

Moreover, the beard disappeared.

Suddenly, Huang Youli didn't recognize it.

The old man Yueli and the respected Earth also looked startled, looking at the Taoist seal on Huang Youli's brows, their eyes bloomed with strange glow.

"Meet the Demon Emperor!"

The two bowed down and bowed their heads in salute.

"Two, please get up soon! I have abdicated now, and now the Demon Emperor is Meng'er!" Huang Youli said.


Old man Yueli's expressions changed drastically, "Is the princess back?"

"Not bad!"

Huang Youli probably said the matter again.

After the two heard it, they nodded repeatedly and let out a long sigh of relief.

Then, the two told about the encounter with Sun Hao in Beiluo City.

"Unexpectedly, the young man had already taken care of everything and came to save the Demon Emperor in advance!"

"I'm still a few steps too late!"

There was a look of shame on their faces.

When Huang Youli heard this, her expression of surprise filled her face.

"Do you also know the son?" Huang Youli asked.


The two recounted the encounter with Sun Hao in Beiluo City.

Huang Youli was also shocked.

It was a long time before she calmed down.

"Although the monster has been eliminated, the real threat to Demon Ancestral Mountain is..." Huang Youli's face was full of worry.

"Aren't the ancestors Mo Yue suppressing it? Could it be?" said the old man Yue Li.

"Yes, I can't suppress it anymore!"

"When I arrange things here, I also have to help!" Huang Youli said.

"Then let's go and help together, more people, more strength!" said the old man Yue Li.

"Thank you both, my Yaozu Mountain, I owe you too much!" Huang Youli said.

"Don't say that, if it weren't for you, we would have died!"

Hearing what the two said, Huang Youli's face was grateful.



Suddenly, there was a shock.

Taking out a letter-passing jade slip and opening it, Huang Youli could not help her pupils shrink and her face changed slightly.


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