"Meet the Demon Emperor!"

In front of Huang Youli, three people stood.

All three of them have fox ears.

They are Hu Liena, Hu Luochan and Hu Luoxian.

Looking at the three of them, Huang Youli's expression changed again and again.

She quickly stepped forward and hugged Hu Liena, "Nana, I thought you..."

"You Li, it's great to see you all right!"

Hu Liena patted Huang Youli on the shoulder, tears brewing.

After a long time, the two people separated.

There seems to be a thousand words between each other.

The relatives said all the situations they encountered.


When everyone present heard it, they all sucked in cold air, shaking their faces.

"Unexpectedly, Young Master Sun Hao turned out to be a **** and treacherous person!"

"Listen to Meng'er, gods and cunning men are omnipotent!"

"Yes, just read the scriptures and save my clan. I'm afraid that the emperor is far from it!"

"In this way, Son Hao reached that state?"

"It must be so!"

At this point, several people gasped again.

"Nana, I'm going to entertain the son, but I didn't expect that the son said that one table is enough and he has to cook by himself!"

"It's just right, a few of us, just enough for one table!" Huang Youli said.


Hu Liena's pupils shrank, "You Li, why are you still so unconscious?"

"Why do you have something in your son?" Huang Youli raised her eyebrows and filled her face with anxiety.

"Young Master, he cooks, should we just watch?"

"Is this embarrassing?"

"Don't be stunned, let's lay hands with the son!" Hu Liena said.

"it is good!"

Huang Youli hurriedly stood up and looked at everyone, "Please also help everyone!"

"it is good!"

Everyone got up, followed Huang Youli, and left quickly.



"Rumeng, what is your mother's favorite food?" Sun Hao asked.

For the future mother-in-law, we must make some good dishes.

Otherwise, in case of dissatisfaction, destroy it, wouldn't this make Rumeng difficult?


Huang Rumeng frowned, showing his thoughts.

After that, she shook her head slightly, "My son, I really don't know, I have never eaten with my mother."

Speaking of this, Huang Rumeng lowered his head with a sad expression.


Sun Hao lightly held Huang Rumeng and patted her little hand to show comfort.

"Don't worry, I will cook a table of dishes that your mother is satisfied with!"

The corners of Sun Hao's mouth raised, his expression confident.

Who can compare to his supreme cooking skills?

As long as you eat it in your mouth, there is no dissatisfaction.

"Vegetarian dishes can be grown on their own, but you can only catch fishy!"

"I often eat fish and I'm a bit tired, so it's better to change the taste and catch some game!"

It just so happened that he hadn't used his supreme hunting technique.

Take this opportunity to show your talents.

"Rumeng, shall we go hunting?" Sun Hao asked.

"Hunting? Okay, son!" Huang Rumeng nodded.

"Rumeng, then you recommend a place!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, took out a map of Demon Ancestral Mountain, and pointed to a jungle, "Sir, or let's go to the sunset forest, there are savage beasts everywhere, and it must be easy to catch!"

"Okay, listen to you!"

The two walked onto the fairy boat, opened the space to jump, and disappeared instantly.

When it reappears, it has come to the sunset forest.

After landing, Sun Hao walked into the dense forest and began to arrange traps.

Soon after, the arrangement was completed.

Looking at his masterpiece, Sun Hao nodded in satisfaction.

"Rumeng, well, now we just have to wait." Sun Hao said.

Huang Rumeng looked at this ordinary trap with a solemn expression.

"I don't know what will be the capture of the son?"

"Ordinary savage beasts, the son must look down upon it!"

Huang Rumeng's face showed a look of expectation.

"Like a dream, let's go to Xianzhou to play a game of chess. I must be able to catch the prey after we finish playing!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son. What is chess?"

"Chess is..."



Tianluo Continent, Zhongfu Xiancheng, in a teahouse.

"If you go this way, you will even ignore it!"

"Five hundred heroes, also five hundred immortals, rushed to the Heavenly Demon Continent!"

"Infiltrate the hinterland of the demons with a force of destruction!"

"No one can withstand our five hundred immortals in Tianluo Continent!"

A group of people gathered around a storyteller, listening attentively.

Everyone's eyes flashed with strange light.

"When the demons see the general trend, they will do a desperate fight! All the priests, at the cost of sacrificing themselves, opened the door to the abyss!"

"Suddenly, the abyss monster pounced on 500 immortals like a torrent!"

"It's just endless, endless to kill!"


The storyteller said each sentence, everyone pricked their ears and listened carefully.

No one wants to interrupt the storyteller.

"Seeing, that rhino monster will smash five hundred immortals to pieces on the spot!"

"At this critical moment, Leader Chen broke through!"

"He turned into a sword, and the sword qi went straight into the sky, even the sun dimmed."

"With one cut, the rhino monster's body exploded into dust."


When the storyteller finished, everyone stood still, motionless.

Everyone has the shocking color written on their faces, and they can't be calm for a long time.


The sound of cold air, one after another.

After a while.

"Leader Chen is really amazing! Really mighty!"

"It deserves to be the celebrity next to Son Hao, the strength is so terrifying! If Son Hao, how strong would that be?"

"I'm afraid I can't imagine that the Emperor Xian has no power to struggle in front of him!"

Worship the light, keep shining.

"Do you remember? Last time, our Zhongfu Xiancheng was almost shattered!"

"Of course I remember that tens of thousands of dragons have all become our plate Chinese food, and the whole city eats dragons. How could this feat be forgotten!"

"After so long, I haven't seen any reaction from the dragon clan! It looks like it's just a group of reptiles!"

"Dragon meat is delicious, and I still want to think about it now. I really want to eat dragon meat again!"

"Yes, there are no dragons on Ziyang Star anymore, I can't find one if I want to catch one!"

Everyone's face is filled with hope.

An expression that was still unfinished, strongly stimulated the nerves of a purple-haired man sitting in the corner.

He is the purple electric power sent by Han Yi.


His chest undulated violently and his joints exploded.

The whole face is distorted and extremely ugly.

"Damn ants!"

"It's unreasonable to dare to humiliate my race like this!"

"Quiet, calm! The son said, don't get angry, report this to the son first!"

It took a long time for Zidian to calm down.

"You wait, you will pay the price for your arrogance!"

Zidian muttered to himself, preparing to send a message to Han Yi.

At this moment, a figure came.


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