"Brother, why is your face so ugly? Are you okay?"

At this moment, a strong man walked up and patted Zidian on the shoulder.

"I'm fine!"

Zidian smiled slightly, that smile was uglier than crying.

"Is it okay? Is there something unhappy? Tell me and listen!"

"It goes without saying that I must have not eaten dragon meat, and I feel sad!"

A rugged man stepped forward.

"Brother, don't be sad, as long as you hunt another dragon, you will get a piece of meat!"

The words came out.

The anger that had been suppressed rushed up quickly.

Zidian's eyes were blood red, staring at the rough man.

Killing intent was written all over his face.

See you.

The rough man didn't notice at all, and said to himself.

"Brother, don't you know, the last time you roasted dragon meat, it tasted extremely delicious, and it was very chewy!"

"With the scent of orchids, even if there is no seasoning, it is the world's most delicious!"

"I knew that dragon meat is so delicious, what are we afraid of dragon clan doing?"

"It's time to grab all the dragons and put some cumin, salt, and five-spice powder to make barbecue!"

Every sentence is like a sharp knife digging into Zidian's chest.

Rage in the chest broke out at this moment.


There was an explosion.

The tables and chairs shattered.

Zidian grabbed the rugged man's neck, his eyes cracking.

"Damn ants, dare to humiliate my family, die!"

Zidian let out a roar, and the electric light in his hand hit the rough man in an instant.


The rough man trembled and foamed his mouth, as if he had gone mad.

Such a scene stunned everyone in the teahouse directly, and for a while, there was no recovery.

After a while.

"Kill, the dragon is here to kill!"

"Hurry up and send a letter to the Evil Suppression Alliance! The dragons are here to find the fault!"

Suddenly, the exclamation continued.

Everyone rushed out frantically, and in the blink of an eye, only Zidian was left.

"Jie Jie..."

Zidian sneered coldly, like crazy.


Strands of purple electric lights lingered in his hand.

In an instant, they rushed out.


The whole restaurant is fried directly into powder.

"The ants, all die for the old boss!"

"Insult my people, unforgivable!"

Zidian looked up to the sky and roared, his body rapidly growing.

In an instant, it turned into a thousand-meter-long purple dragon, floating above the fairy city of Zhongfu, overlooking the crowd.


The purple electric light burst up on it, bursting into a frightening sound.

Every strand, if it can destroy everything.

"Ats, tremble!"

"Today, no one can save you!"

Zidian roared loudly and was about to spout a breath of dragon.


A sound of piercing into flesh and blood sounded.

Zidian swept away his mind and found an iron chain directly into his body.

Haven't waited for it to react.


A sound of piercing into the flesh and blood sounded.

Hundreds of iron chains directly penetrate Zidian's body.

this moment.

He was horrified to find that these chains pierced into his acupuncture points, and his whole body was sealed, unable to move.

"This... this is impossible!"

"What the **** happened?"

When I looked up, I saw thousands of figures flying from all directions.

In each person, there is obviously only a half-celestial aura, condensed together, but there is the strength to tear apart the fairy.

Those chains, seemingly simple, actually possess the power to penetrate everything.

"Captain Wu, Zheng Chou doesn't have dragon meat to eat. I didn't expect it to be delivered to the door!"

"The weapon created by Master Mo is really easy to use, and the dragons in the fairyland can easily pierce!"

"It is said that Master Mo has obtained the inheritance of the gods and treacherous people, and he is so powerful. It seems that this is true!"

The faces of everyone were filled with surprises.

The leading man is Wu Han.

Because of his outstanding performance in the Southern Territory against the Gou Mozu, he has been transferred to Zhongfu Xiancheng and became a captain of the hunting team.

"Captain Wu, please do it!"

Everyone stepped forward and said respectfully.

"it is good!"

Wu Han was not polite and took out a long sword.

This sword, seemingly ordinary, is actually hidden inside.

Of course, it was also made by Mo Haoshi.

"This this……"

Seeing this long sword, Zidian was panicked.

"No... don't come over!"

"My son, save me!"

As soon as the screams of the purple electricity sounded, it stopped abruptly.

The sword light flashed.

Zidian's belly was broken open, and his internal organs were taken out.

Then, the dragon's head was cut off and fell to the ground.

"call out……"

The sword light shone, so bright that people couldn't open their eyes.

After a while.

Pieces of dragon meat, floating in the air.


If there is a light that seems to have no electricity, it is very beautiful to walk among the dragon meat.

"Dragon meat, this is Heavenly Wonderland dragon meat, I want to eat it!"

"We have millions of people, one dragon meat is not enough!"

"If there is a dragon tens of thousands of meters long, it should be enough."

Greedy and refined, written all over everyone's face.

There is no disguise with the look of eagerness.

Wu Han slowly lifted into the air, looking at everyone, and said: "One dragon is not enough for everyone, but anyone who practices electricity or thunder avenue can receive it for free!"

The words came out.

Many people's eyes are shining and their faces are full of joy.

"A few of you, send someone to distribute, I will take one and send it to Captain Mu!"

After speaking, Wu Han waved his right hand, picked up a piece of dragon meat, and left quickly.



Outside Zhongfu Xiancheng.

Han Yi suddenly opened his eyes, and two brilliant rays shot out.

"not good!"

Han Yu stood up with a serious face.

"My son, what happened?" The golden-skinned man asked.

"Something happened to Zidian, it must have been..."

Han Yi shook his head secretly.

"What is it!"

"A group of ants dare to kill Brother Zidian, this hatred must be reported!"

"Master, give the order, I will go and destroy them all at once!"

The golden-skinned man said with an angry expression.

"Yes, son! If we keep doing this, these ants will only get worse!"

"My clan rules the Three Realms, how can they be bullied like this?"

Hearing this, Han Yi nodded secretly.

"Okay, if that's the case, then this Zhongfu Xiancheng must be destroyed!"

"However, be careful!"

"Golden Buzzard, you are the strongest, release your mind and explore, is there any master in Zhongfu Xiancheng?" Jin Zhu said.

"Okay, son!"

The golden-skinned man nodded and released his spiritual thought, covering the entire Zhongfu Xiancheng.

After a while.

The golden-skinned man withdrew his mind.

"How is it?" Han Yu asked.

The golden-skinned man clenched his fists and trembled all over.

"Damn, the **** ant, actually cut the Zidian brother open and eat it as meat!"

The words came out.

The air around was stagnant.

Even if it was cold, the joints exploded and he was angry.

"Too much bullying! You can't keep these ants!"

"Everyone follow me and immediately slaughter the Zhongfu Xiancheng!" Han Yi was full of anger.

"it is good!"

Several people flickered and flew quickly to Zhongfu Xiancheng.


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