"This... what kind of monster is this?"

Many people's expressions changed drastically after they swept into the sky.

"This...this is the sacred beast eagle!"

In the city, there are still many people with outstanding knowledge.

This exclamation made everyone's scalp numb.

"What? The beast turned out to be a running dog of the Dragon Race?"

"How can this be? The beast is too scary, right?"

"What are you afraid of, if you have a son, he will bless us, please pray!"

"Supreme God and treacherous man, you are the greatest god! Please save us, I am your most devout believer!"

The voice of prayer sounded throughout the city.

When the eagle heard these sounds, his eyes were full of disdain.

"A group of ants, really unaware of it!"

"Since the dark age, there is no **** in this world!"

"Go to death for me!"

The vulture let out a roar.

The sky-covering giant claws exuded a breath of tearing everything, and then grabbed at Mu Bing.

The power of terror tears the world apart.

Mu Bing looked at this scene with a calm expression.

He didn't even blink his eyes.

"I don't know it at all."

Mu Bing shook his head slightly, watching this scene calmly.

Seeing that, the giant claw was about to grab Mu Bing.

At this moment, the giant claw stopped five inches above Mu Bing's head, making it difficult to fall.

Seems to be trapped by some kind of huge force, unable to descend.

"This...what's going on?"

There was a look of panic on the face of the eagle.

He tried his best, struggled frantically, and it didn't help.


Suddenly, the air buzzed.

A large net shrouded from all directions, and in an instant tied the vultures into zongzi.

"This this……"

The expression of the vulture changed drastically, struggling frantically.

Every struggle will only make the big net wrap a little closer.

The farther to the back, the harder it is to move.

As the big net shrinks, its body is shrinking rapidly.

"call out……"

The big net pulled the grey eagle and flew quickly into the void.

", son, help..."

Stay in place, only this sentence.

The surrounding coercion dissipated.

Everyone looked up at the void, their faces full of worship.

"Did you see it just now? A big net caught the Immortal Venerable beast!"

"Of course I saw that, who can have such a method, except Son Hao, who else?"

"It was the son who saved us again!"

"God and cunning man, your kindness will never be forgotten in ten thousand lifetimes!"

Mu Bing looked at this scene with a calm expression.

Not far from her, Han Yu gazed at the void blankly, and did not come back for a while.

The immortal-level sacred beast was actually captured like this?

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it? Who can believe it?

On Ziyang Star, there is such an existence?

What should I do now?

Han Yu's face was full of fear.

As soon as he raised his head, he happened to see Mu Bing walking towards him step by step.

"You... what do you want to do?" Han Yu's face was full of jealousy.

"Ha ha……"

The corner of Mu Bing's mouth raised, and the smile was seen in Han Yu's eyes, and the scales exploded all over his body.

"If you want to slaughter my human race, you must have the consciousness of death!" Mu Bing said.

"You want to kill me?" Han Yu's face showed a look of unbelief.

"Not only, but also to eat you!"

"It just so happens that your body is big enough for everyone to share!" Mu Bing said.

"you you……"

Han Yu was trembling, and for a while, he couldn't find any words to reply.

"Huh, just rely on you?"

Han Yi roared.

The whole body was lit up with dazzling blue light.

The endless ice power kept spinning around his body.

A dragon ball was slowly vomited out by the cold.


Heaven and Earth seemed to be unable to stand the power of this kind of ice, and directly froze away.

As soon as the Dragon Ball appeared, the surrounding temperature plummeted like a cliff.

Everyone, like naked in the freezing environment.

The blood in the body is rapidly clotting.

"Ats, die!"

Han Yi let out a roar, called Dragon Ball, and went straight to the fairy city of Zhongfu.

"Huh, life and death!"

Mu Bing snorted coldly and thought.


The ice phoenix cried.

A huge ice phoenix whizzed up and stood quietly in the sky.

The huge wings cover the sky and the sun.


The ice phoenix sucked hard, and the ice dragon ball trembled frantically.

It seems to be out of control of the cold.

Seeing this scene, Han Yu's face changed drastically, gritted his teeth and roared, madly drawing power from his body.


"call out……"

The dragon ball flicked lightly and flew out uncontrollably.

In an instant, he fell into Bingfeng's mouth and was swallowed by it.

"Do not……"

A heart-piercing howl, resounding through the world.

Han Yi's mouth twitched slightly, and his face was extremely ugly.

The dragon ball was swallowed and the source of power disappeared.

The Hanyu realm fell sharply, and in an instant, it turned into a heavenly fairyland.

Ten strengths are not saved.

He looked at Mu Bing with jealousy in his eyes.


Mu Bing was closing his eyes, with a cultivation look.

"good chance!"

Han Yu pointed at Mu Bing and roared loudly, "Kill, kill her for me!"

With this sound.


A few dragons shook the sky.

Several giant dragons rushed toward Mu Bing.

The power of terror made everyone's scalp numb.

"Elder Mu, run!"

"Be careful!"

In the Zhongfu Xiancheng, a group of immortal cultivators used their best to use various secret techniques of sound transmission.

It's just, where is too late.


The loud noise continued.

The space is distorted.

The space where Mu Bing was, burst open little by little.


"Little ant, fight with me, you are not dead yet!"

"Next, I want these ants to be buried together!"

"Go, go to me, kill them all!"

Han Yi pointed down and roared loudly.

It looks like crazy.


The dragons didn't move, but looked at Han Yi behind them, their faces full of fear.

"Why are you looking at me? Give it to me..."

Han Yu seemed to think something was wrong, turned around and turned around, unable to help her pupils shrink.

I don't know when, Mu Bing was already standing behind him.

At the center of her eyebrows, the seal of the ice phoenix has been condensed.

Even if he just stood there, the cold of freezing and cracking bone marrow surged in.


Han Yu couldn't help but shivered, and his eyes showed deep horror.

He swallowed his own dragon ball, absorbed it in such a short time, and became the fairy king.

Why didn't the Immortal King Jie fall?


You Thunder Tribulation Giants, dare to cover up like this?

When I tell my father, my ancestors will punish you!

"Do you have something to say?"

Mu Bing's figure flickered, and instantly stood in front of Han Yi, staring at him coldly.

Hearing this, the cold expression was startled.

"You... what do you want to do?" Han Yi asked.

"Haha, have you forgotten what I said before?" Mu Bing smiled coldly.

"Do you really dare to kill?"

Han Yu's face was full of unbelief.

"Ha ha……"

Mu Bing stayed unmoved, and walked towards Hanyu step by step.


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