Demon Zu Mountain, sunset forest.

In a hunting trap.

The eagle fell inside, motionless.

In its eyes, full of regret and despair.

"Hey, if I knew it, I should be more cautious!"

"What should I do? Who will save me!"

The eagle yelled loudly, but no one responded when his power was exhausted.

"Rumeng, look, I caught a big golden bird!"

At this time, a voice came.

Looking up, Cangjiu couldn't help but look startled.


"A god, and a wild beast?"

"The three of them brought me here?"

"How is this possible? The immortal emperor can't do it!"

Cangjiu muttered to himself, his eyes full of unbelief.

"What a big bird, son, you are amazing!"

Another voice came.

Hearing this sound, the eagle was furious.

Bird, you are such a big bird.

This dignified animal, dare to say that this seat is a big bird?

There is a kind of let me out, see if I will tear you to pieces.

The vulture roared frantically, struggling.

In Sun Hao's eyes, it was just the bird struggling.

Sun Hao walked straight towards Cangju.

"What? A mortal, how dare you come to this seat?"

"Look at this seat not pecking you to death!"

"Come on, try this trick of this seat!"

Cangju muttered to himself, began to accumulate energy, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

Near, getting closer.

Just when Sun Hao stretched out his right hand and pressed it towards the Cangjiu.

"call out……"

Cangjiu glanced at the opportunity, drew his body strength, and quickly pecked at it.


A metal symphony sounded.

This peck was like hitting a divine tool.

On the bird's beak, there was intense pain, and it seemed to fall off the whole thing.

The extreme pain rushed from the mouth to the whole body.

The pain caused it to stand up, and it trembled.

"How can this be?"

Cangjiu murmured, his eyes full of disbelief.

It is very clear how strong this blow is.

Even if you smash a big mountain, there is no problem at all.

Unexpectedly, pecking on the hand of a mortal, the injured, turned out to be his own.

What is going on in this world?

Is this the world I have stayed in?

The eagle murmured and froze in place for a while.

"Yo, it's a bit fierce!"

Before the eagle could react, a big hand grabbed its wings.

Big hand, with a power to seal everything.

Cangjuan was horrified to discover that even his power had disappeared at this moment, and he couldn't raise any strength.

"This is impossible!"

The pupils of the vulture shrank and his face changed drastically.

It is impossible to stretch out your paws.

It's like the whole body loses contact and doesn't listen to it.

It is extremely difficult to even move the eyeballs.

"He... what kind of existence is he?"

"This... this is terrible too!"

"Spare, spare!"

The eagle murmured, struggling to beg for mercy.


His voice, heard in Sun Hao's ears, was like a bird crowing.

Huang Rumeng ignored it at all, letting it call, ignoring it at all.

Finally, it fixed its gaze on the blood wolf.

"Lord Wolf, please save my life!"

The blood wolf raised his head high and ignored it.

"Wolf ancestor, as long as you save this seat, no, save my life! I am willing to give you all the treasures of my life!" Cangjiu said.

"Get it!" Blood Wolf said lightly.

"Wolf ancestor, the treasure is not with me now. When I go back, I will definitely give it to you. I will never lie!" Cangjiu said.

"Hehe, when this seat is a lie?"

After finishing speaking, the blood wolf stepped on a proud step and followed Sun Hao, full of arrogance.

Regardless of Cangjiu's saliva, he didn't pay any attention.

"It's over!"

Cangjiu shrugged his head, his face was gray and regretful.

If you knew it, you should listen to that woman.

If you don't shoot, you won't end up like this.

If you knew it, you shouldn't have joined the Dragon Clan and become their lackey!

I regret, I regret it!

The grey eagle murmured, the regretful expression on his face, the more intense it became.

"Such a big one, weighing 20 catties, should be enough for us to eat!"

"Like a dream, go, let's go back!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded and followed Sun Hao onto the immortal boat.


The blood wolf followed closely, his tail swaying constantly, like a little licking dog.


There were waves of air on the Xianzhou.

The light flashed and disappeared into the sky instantly.

When he reappeared, he had already reached the top of Divine Phoenix Mountain, above an attic.

On the ground, Huang Youli stood there, waiting quietly.

After seeing Sun Hao landing, his eyes swept forward.

When she was about to take a step forward, Huang Youli raised her eyebrows.

His eyes were fixed in Sun Hao's hands, motionless.

The look on his face kept changing.

"That is……"

Huang Youli muttered to herself, without uttering a word for a long time.

Beside her, Hu Liena was even worse than her.

The shocking appearance is beyond words.

"You Li, such as... If I'm not mistaken, what the son is holding in his hand is the ancient divine beast-Cangju!" Hu Liena said.

The words came out.

The air around him was stagnant, and everyone's eyes were filled with shock.


The sound of a cold breath continued to sound.

After a long time, everyone calmed down.

"Catch the ancient sacred beast with bare hands. Today, there is no one else except the son!"

"The son caught the ancient mythical beast, what is this going to do?"

"Is it for eating?"

This idea together.

Everyone gasped again, and it was not calm for a long time.

"Impossible! Ancient divine beasts, it is a great fortune to meet one, how could it be willing to eat it!" Huang Youli said.

"That's right! The son is going to raise it for later driving!" Hu Liena nodded.

Hearing this, Hu Luoqi and the others also nodded slightly, showing a sudden look.

Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng and walked to the front of the crowd, looking startled.

Most of the six people in front of me knew him.

Only the two women around Hu Luoxian did not know him.

Are they also from the Tianhu clan?

"I have seen the son!"

Seeing Sun Hao, everyone bowed and saluted.

Sun Hao helped Huang Youli up, "Auntie Huang, you salute!"

"Also, you don't have to be polite, please hurry up!"

"Excuse me, who are these two?" Sun Hao looked at the two of Hu Luo and asked.

"My son, my name is Hu Luoxian, Hu Luoxian's younger sister!"

Hu Luochao stepped forward and introduced himself.

On her body, there is a faint radiance.

The eye-catching, rugged body, with deadly temptation, makes people unconsciously trapped in it.

Sun Hao quickly retracted his gaze, not daring to look more.

"Hello!" Sun Hao nodded.


Hu Luochao pulled Hu Liena forward and introduced, "This is my mother, named Hu Liena!"

"Hello!" Sun Hao nodded slightly.

"My son, thank you for your life-saving grace!"

Hu Liena walked to Sun Hao and bowed deeply.

With this sound, the air around was stagnant.


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