"This is not the place you should be waiting for, go back quickly, otherwise, you will definitely confess your life here!"

The thousand-meter great ape did not immediately act, but vomited.

The sound was so long that it made people's ears roar.


The blood wolf let out a low roar, full of provocation.


The thousand-meter giant ape let out an angry roar.


Zhetian's big hand patted his chest heavily, showing Kong Wu's strength and great momentum.

However, the blood wolf, like a little milk dog, was unmoved.

Facing the thousand-meter giant ape, his **** swayed left and right.

The provocative meaning is extremely strong.

The thousand-meter giant ape was trembling with anger, and his eyes were blood red.

That kind of anger seemed to burn him.

"Damn livestock, do you really fear you?"

The thousand-meter giant ape jumped up, jumped off the giant hand mountain, and fell heavily to the ground.


There was a loud noise and the dust exploded.

The power of terror, whizzing everywhere.

The kilometer giant ape stood up, stretched out his big hand to cover the sky, and pressed towards the blood wolf.

Infinite coercion, continuous from the palm of the hand.

At this moment, the blood wolf's body trembled violently, with red hair all over his body, standing on top of each other.

It's like encountering the most horrible thing.


The blood wolf struggled frantically, it was useless at all, as if its body was crushed by thousands of huge mountains, it could not move at all.


The blood wolf crawled to the ground, shivering.

"A beast is a beast. It is vulnerable! Defeat this seat and die!"

The palm speed suddenly increased by a few minutes, and he quickly descended.

As soon as he saw it, he was about to hit the blood wolf.

At this time.


There was a burst of joints.

On the blood wolf's head, two horns grew in an instant.

The whole body swelled rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it grew to two kilometers high.

The thousand-meter giant ape slapped it on its body without any reaction.


The endless killing aura, the self-blooded wolf stretches in all directions, covering the thousand-meter giant ape.


The thousand-meter giant ape looked up at the blood wolf, opened his mouth and muttered without uttering a word.


It seemed that he couldn't stand the pressure and fell directly to the ground.

In his eyes, there was a deep panic.


The wolf's claws fell from the sky, pressing the thousand-meter giant ape to the ground and letting it struggle without any effect.

The blood wolf condescendingly looked at the giant ape.

" actually evolved into a god...the beast unicorn!"

"But, even so, what about it? Let go of this seat quickly, otherwise, you will all die here!"

The thousand-meter giant ape roared loudly.



The blood wolf stretched out another paw and fell towards the sky.

Wherever the claws go, the space crumbles into dust every inch,

"No, help!"

The thousand-meter giant ape's scalp exploded and exhausted all his strength to shout out this sentence.

However, it was useless.


There was an explosion.

The head of the great ape was scratched by the claw of the blood wolf.

The whole body kept twitching, and under the wave of the blood wolf paw, it all exploded into dust.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the big wolf he cultivated would have such terrifying strength.

At the beginning, I still wanted to cultivate an army.

Think about it now, forget it.

A blood wolf is equivalent to a thousand horses.

The soldiers are fine, not too many.

As long as the blood wolf is cultivated, it will be no problem to walk around the world in the future.

"It seems to have increased a lot of blessing value just now."

Sun Hao opened the fortune value panel and saw the thousands of points added on it, his eyes shining brightly.

"In this way, even if you kill the enemy, you can also get the blessing value?" Sun Hao thought secretly.

Withdrawing his mood, Sun Hao glanced at the blood wolf.


The blood wolf let out a roar and roared into the sky.

It looks like a winner in the battle of wolves.

Then, the blood wolf stepped forward and went straight to the giant hand mountain.

Seeing, the blood wolf was about to jump to the mountain.

At this time.


There was a loud noise.

The blood wolf hit a barrier and flew upside down, hitting the ground heavily.

After struggling to get up, he coldly saw the scene before him.

I saw that on the top of the mountain stood a golden great ape, not right, a golden Buddha.


The Buddha put his hands together, and the sacred breath enveloped his body.

"Naughty animal, kill the innocent, let me save you today!"

After speaking, the Buddha sat cross-legged on the mountain, muttering words.

"Grumbling, groaning..."

A sentence of unintelligible scripture came out from his mouth.

These scriptures flew quickly, condensed into a big golden illusory hand, and came straight to the blood wolf.


The blood wolf let out a roar, not dodge or avoid, aiming at the big illusory hand, then bit it.


There was an explosion.

The blood wolf was blasted into the ground by the illusory big hand, and for a while, it was difficult to struggle.


Before the blood wolf could react, the illusory golden big hand pressed down again and patted the blood wolf again.


The blood wolf let out a scream.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Huang Rumeng's nerves.

"Xianzun level powerhouse, son!"

Huang Rumeng looked back, but saw Sun Hao's face full of anger.

"Where are you chanting?"

"You are obviously a fake Buddha!"

"Look at me!"

Sun Hao took out the scriptures and started reading.

"Sarizi, form is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color, form is emptiness, emptiness is form, perception and consciousness are the same..."

A series of scriptures spouted from Sun Hao's mouth.

These scriptures, like butterflies flying in the sky, shroud the entire sky.

The golden Buddha looked at this scene, his face changed drastically.

"Grumbling, groaning..."

The golden Buddha speeded up, chanting the scriptures desperately.

However, no matter how hard he tried, there were only a few scriptures flying out of his mouth.

But every time Sun Hao recites the scriptures, the scriptures are like a blowout, covering the world.

From a distance, it is like fireflies and the sun, which are not comparable at all.

"This... this is impossible!"

"How can there be such a powerful Buddhist way in this world!"

"Even if it is an ancestor, it is nowhere near as capable!"

"He... what kind of monster is he?"

The golden Buddha muttered to himself, chanting frantically.

On his forehead, beads of sweat rolled down, gathering more and more.

Panic was all over his face.


The scriptures read by Sun Hao quickly gathered together.

Within a moment, a giant golden Buddha several kilometers high will be formed.

The Buddha is like an ant and a giant elephant in front of him. There is no comparison at all.


The golden giant Buddha stretched out his big hand to cover the sky and rushed towards the Buddha.

"no no……"

The Buddha's face changed drastically, and he condensed the spit out of the scriptures into a golden palm and held it above his head.



In just an instant, the palm of his hand broke apart and disappeared without a trace.


Covering the sky, the palm speed did not decrease, and quickly fell towards the Buddha.

Around the palm of the hand, a golden flame ignited and rose up.

Shocking power, like a tsunami, pressed toward the Buddha.


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