"Do not……"

A heart-piercing cry broke through the world.

The golden palm came quickly and pressed on the Buddha in an instant.


There was a sound of cracking glass.

On the Buddha's body, cracks were all over his body.

Immediately after.


With a bang, the Buddha burst open directly.

Sun Hao looked at this scene, opened his mouth wide, surprised.

My heart was struck by turbulent waves, and I could not calm down for a long time.

The golden giant Buddha swept his eyes, staring directly at the giant hand mountain.

"call out……"

Two golden lights burst out, and in an instant, they blasted on Jushou Mountain.


On the surface of Jushou Mountain, rows of bursts burst open.

It seemed like tearing off a layer of disguise, revealing the true face.

Wait for the dust to dissipate.

A giant golden hand appeared in front of everyone.

On the palm of the hand, there are endless scriptures around the palm.

It looks like a bergamot.

Under the bergamot.

There is an ape-shaped statue that is two kilometers high.

Unlike other apes, this statue has six ears and looks a little weird.

The statue holds a huge stick in the right hand, and the left hand is leaning forward. Those eyes seem to be able to scan the sky and the sky.

That calm and calm look, as if in control of everything.

At the foot of the ape-shaped statue, a five-pointed tower was stepped on.

The five-pointed tower is 1000 meters high and black in its entirety.

Above it, it emits metallic luster, which looks like a metal tower, indestructible.


Thick and simple atmosphere, uploaded from the five-cornered tower.

"Friends, this is not where you should be!"

"Retreat! The deity can forget the blame!"

A divine sound came from the golden Buddha's hand, shaking the heavens and the earth.

The voice is not loud, the kind of domineering and fierce are all contained in it.


This voice, with a kind of invisible murderous intent, whizzed around and rushed towards Sun Hao.

He was about to hit Sun Hao as soon as he saw it.

At this time.

The golden giant Buddha stretched out a finger and pressed it forward.


With a roar, the world seemed to be shattered, causing ripples.

This voice fell apart in the ripples.


The air around the bergamot trembled crazily.

A golden phantom flew up from the Buddha's hand and stood in front of the golden giant Buddha.

Two eyes shot out two golden lights, sweeping on the golden giant Buddha.

"It's you?"

The sound was full of shock.

In the eyes of the virtual shadow, the pupils contracted rapidly.

"You are not dead?"

There was another exclamation.

"Ha ha……"

The golden giant Buddha did not answer, but just smiled.


He stretched out his finger in no hurry and banged forward.

"you dare!"

As soon as these words sounded, they stopped abruptly.

The ghost directly collapsed into light and shadow fragments, disappearing without a trace.


The bergamot was shaking violently.

"Boom! Boom..."

There was a roar under the bergamot hand.

The golden bergamot rose directly off the ground.

He flew quickly towards the golden giant Buddha and fell into his hands.


With a light grip, the scriptures on the bergamot shattered every inch.

Immediately afterwards, the bergamot cracked a little bit and flew into powder.

As the wind blows, the dust slowly falls and disappears without a trace.

Sun Hao watched this scene for a long time without regaining his senses.

Unexpectedly, I could summon the Buddha.

The scriptures that can be produced by one's own chanting can form a giant Buddha, and can even destroy all powers with one finger.

The phantom just now looked extremely powerful, and it couldn't stop the giant Buddha's finger.

Just ask, who can be so scary today?

At the beginning, when the system forced me to recite the scriptures, it pushed back like this, and refused like that.

I knew, why are you so perfunctory, you have to read it seriously!

Thinking of this, Sun Hao showed a touch of shame on his face.



There was a sound of glass cracking.

This sound was deafening and extremely harsh.

Instantly attracted Sun Hao's eyes.

Looking for fame, Sun Hao's pupils shrank and his expression kept changing.

I see.

A crack appeared on the giant ape statue.

Immediately after.

The crack was in the form of a spider web and spread rapidly across the body.


There was a blast, and the dust skyrocketed.

For a while, I couldn't see what was inside.

Sun Hao stared blankly, his heart seemed to jump out of his throat, and his hands trembled slightly.

Holding Huang Rumeng Rouruo's boneless little hand, this felt much better.


Suddenly, in the dust, two blood-red rays burst out.

Violent, fierce, continuous, rushing to all directions.

"Jie Jie..."

A burst of laughter, sounded from the dust, shaking the world roaring.

"call out……"

A figure sprang out from the dust and stood directly in front of the golden giant Buddha.

This figure, blood-red all over, grinned, revealing its fangs, like a ghost from hell, it is creepy.

"No, that's a six-eared monkey!"

Looking at this scene, Huang Rumeng's face was full of horror.

"Six-eared monkey?"

Hearing this, Sun Hao frowned slightly.

Why does this name sound so familiar?

Isn't this the mythical character in Journey to the West?

Wasn't it beaten to death by Monkey King?

Why are you here?

Is it true that Journey to the West is true?

The more I thought about it, the bigger Sun Hao became.

"Rumeng, is the six-eared monkey very powerful?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, the six-eared monkey is an ancient monster, extremely powerful, more than a powerful description!"

"Later, it seemed to be infected by the ultimate aura and became the Great Slaughter. Unexpectedly, it was suppressed here!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Ultimate air? What is this?"

Sun Hao was even more puzzled.

"My son, that is the most evil thing in the world. Never touch it, otherwise..."

Speaking of this, Huang Rumeng could not go on.

She trembled violently and seemed to be in great terror.

"Rumeng, don't be afraid! We have the Buddha, don't worry!"

After listening to Sun Hao's words, Huang Rumeng took a few breaths and calmed down.

The two of them stared directly at the six-eared monkey.

I see.


The six-eared macaque waved the long stick in his hand, pointed at the golden giant Buddha, and laughed wildly: "My child, you shameless thing!"

"My old grandson helped you with so many things, you dare to treat me like this, if you don't beat you into a discus today, I am not an old grandson!"

When the six-eared monkey finished speaking, he raised the iron rod in his hand, aimed at the golden giant Buddha and smashed it down.

In the process of smashing, the iron rod became thicker and longer rapidly.

Like a metal pillar, it covered the sky and fell quickly.

The explosion sounded constantly.

The whole world has changed for it.

Sun Hao looked up at the sky, with fine beads of sweat spilling on his forehead.

If this is smashed down, I will be crushed.

Hope the golden giant Buddha can block it.

Sun Hao secretly prayed, looking at the golden giant Buddha, his eyes motionless.

Seeing, the sky-shielding giant was about to fall, blasting everyone into dust.

At this time.


In the eyes of the golden giant Buddha, two brilliant lights burst out.

Extend a finger and flick it towards the sky.


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