The golden giant Buddha stretched out a hand, pointed at the giant stick in the sky, and flicked it away.

It looks like a mayfly shakes a tree, overwhelming.


This finger hit.


The world trembled.

The entire giant rod was trembling slightly and roared continuously.

The giant rod shrank rapidly, fell into the hands of the six-eared monkey, took it, and flew out.


A mouthful of blood spurted from the mouth of the six-eared monkey.

It stood in the sky, looking at the golden giant Buddha, grinning, and its mouth full of scarlet.

"Interesting, so interesting!"

"Child, I didn't expect that you really have two things!"

"However, with this ability, you want to deal with my grandson?"

"Ha ha……"

The six-eared macaque smiled wildly, without any fear on his face.

He pulled out a bunch of hair from behind his ears, and breathed out gently, "Change!"

After this sound.

"call out……"

A group of figures appeared out of thin air.

Each one looks exactly like a six-eared monkey.

"call out……"

The iron rod in his hand waved, making countless sounds of breaking through the air.


"My grandson is here too!"

"Child, die!"

"Look at my grandson not to kill you!"

These six-eared monkeys overwhelmed the sky and rushed towards the golden giant Buddha.

Each stick, waving in the sky, exudes earth-shattering coercion, bangs, and constantly resounding.

Looking at this scene, the golden giant Buddha's face remained unchanged.

The two giant hands slowly closed.


There was a loud noise, and the world trembled.

The boundless air wave, centered on the hands of the golden giant Buddha, spread rapidly around.

Wherever you go.


The explosion sounded constantly.

The six-eared monkeys exploded into powder in the air wave and disappeared.

Around the golden giant Buddha, everything returned to peace.

Suddenly, the golden giant Buddha raised his eyebrows and his face changed slightly.

"not good!"

Looking back.

But he saw that the deity of the six-eared monkey had already come to Sun Hao.

It grinned, and the iron rod in his hand aimed at Sun Hao's eyebrows, before slamming it down.

"Child, he must be the person you care about the most, right?"

"My grandson killed him, see if you are still alive!"

There was a cold smile in the eyes of the six-eared monkey.

Next second.

The pupils of the six-eared monkey shrank and his face changed drastically.

He was horrified to find that his strength was losing rapidly.

No, it is being sealed quickly.

The iron rod in his hand seemed to be billions of dollars, and he could not hold it at all.

"call out……"

The iron rod detached from his hand and fell quickly.

Hit the ground, exploding a piece of dust.

The six-eared monkey stayed in place, looking at Sun Hao in horror.

"This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!"

"With a glance, he sealed the power of Lao Sun, just him? How could it be possible?"

"You...who are you?"

"Ah! Let go of old grandson, we will fight three thousand rounds!"

The six-eared monkey kept struggling, murmured, but could not say a word.

Looking at this scene, Sun Hao secretly wiped out his cold sweat.

It's so exciting!

If this stick falls, it will definitely end with a cracked brain.

Fortunately, the Buddha is strong enough to set it in place.

It's so dangerous.

Such a monkey is going to kill himself.

Did you find the wrong partner?


There was a cold snort.

The face of the golden giant Buddha revealed a cold killing intent.

this moment.

The golden giant Buddha was like a furious Buddha, stretched out his huge hand to cover the sky, and suddenly grabbed the six-eared monkey in his hand.


With a faint sound, it seems that the six-eared monkey has been sentenced to death.

Gently pinch with two fingers.


The endless scriptures quickly enveloped the six-eared monkey.


The six-eared monkey screamed screamingly.

On his body, wisps of black smoke burned.

"Let go of my grandson!"

"My grandson can't be killed!"

"See you next time, I must take your life!"

After this sound.


The body of the six-eared macaque exploded into powder and disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Sun Hao let out a long sigh of relief.

Great, kill it!

These terrifying monsters finally died.

Sun Hao stared at the golden giant Buddha.

I see.

The golden giant Buddha spread out his right hand.


The iron rod on the ground quickly flew into his palm.


Gently hold it and it will break directly into powder.

A phantom flew out from the powder, and bowed deeply at the golden giant Buddha.

The golden giant nodded slightly, his eyes fixed on the five-cornered black pagoda.

"call out……"

In his eyes, two golden lights burst out, directly falling on the pentagonal black tower.



Cracks spread all over the pentagonal black tower.


With a bang, the entire pentagonal black tower burst open.


A golden phantom flew out from the pentagonal black tower.

This phantom looks very similar to a six-eared monkey, except that he only has two ears.

The golden phantom stood in front of the giant Buddha and bowed deeply.

Afterwards, he and another phantom looked at Sun Hao's direction together, kneeling three times and knocking nine times.


The phantom opened Lei Gong's mouth and said some silent words.

Although silent, full of gratitude.

"call out……"

Afterwards, two phantoms soared into the sky and flew to the west quickly, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao let out a sigh of relief, "Rumeng, what was the one who bowed to us just now? Why was he not imprisoned in the sky?"

"My son, that's a strand of soul! There is no entity, so it cannot be imprisoned."

Huang Rumeng's face showed a look of fear.

Unexpectedly, this Demon Burying Mountain Range was so terrifying.

She calmed down after a few long breaths.

"Soul? So, in this pentagonal black tower, it is the soul that is suppressed?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes!" Huang Rumeng nodded.

"So, we saved him? That's why he saluted?" Sun Hao asked.

"It's not us, you saved him!" Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao smiled slightly.

Indeed, everything is due to the golden giant Buddha.

The golden giant Buddha was summoned by himself.

That phantom was grateful to himself, of course.



The golden giant Buddha pointed with his right hand.


The blood wolf flew out uncontrollably, floating in front of the golden giant Buddha.

At this moment, the blood wolf is already on the verge of death.


The golden giant Buddha pressed down with his right hand, and a Buddha seal was flying down from the sky, covering the blood wolf.

Infinite golden light poured into the blood wolf body like a waterfall.

The blood wolf's injuries recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The mark in the blood wolf's eyebrows also gradually changed from red to gold and red.

The two avenues blend together.

Huang Rumeng watched this scene, so shocked that he didn't recover for a long time.

The slave servant, the method is so terrible.

"The gap between me and the slave servant is really not the slightest!"

"How can I be worthy of the son!"

"You must work hard as soon as possible!"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, thinking to himself.

She clenched her fists with a firm expression on her face.


The blood wolf recovered as before and let out a roar of excitement.

Then, he nodded slightly at the golden giant Buddha to show respect.


The golden giant nodded, then turned around and looked back at Sun Hao.

Put your hands together and bow your body to salute.


The body exploded, bursting into countless scriptures.

The sky full of scriptures gradually dissipated.

Sun Hao watched this scene, feeling like being hit by a tsunami, unable to calm down for a long time.

Chanting the scriptures by myself is so terrible.

Why didn’t I find it before?

Or is it that only when you are in danger, will you call out the Buddha?

This must be verified.

In case it is the same as you think.

If you encounter danger in the future, you can suppress everything by just moving your mouth. Why not?

Where is it necessary to collect the blessing value, making it so troublesome.

"However, now it seems that collecting blessings has become easier!"

"It has been increasing. How long did it take to reach 680,000!"

"If this continues, at most a few days, one million can be collected!"

"It's always a good thing to be able to practice by yourself!"

Sun Hao thought secretly, taking back his mood.


Huang Rumeng took Sun Hao to the ground slowly.


The blood wolf rushed forward and transformed into a little milk dog again, turning around Sun Hao, his tail wagging.

"Master, you are so mighty!"

There was a voice from the blood wolf.

"Okay, stop sucking up!"

"You need to work hard, don't slack off, can't you let me shoot every time, right?" Sun Hao said.

"Master, rest assured, I will work hard!"

"Well, you open the way ahead and take us to find the seal of the empty beast!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, Master!"

The blood wolf sniffed his nose.

After that, I found a right direction and ran forward quickly.

"Like a dream, let's go!"

Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng's hand and quickly chased after him.

The figure of two people and one wolf was quickly swallowed by the forest and disappeared.


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