Demon Zu Mountain, the center of the Demon Burying Mountain.

Here, there is a flat ground.

On the flat ground, a semi-circular castle towered a hundred meters high.

From a distance, it looks like a huge circular grave.

The castle is made of black stones, and there are no doors or windows on it.

Each stone is covered with dense hemp array patterns, one continuous piece, forming a large seal formation.

On the ground around the castle, every 100 meters, there is a circular array that is used to release mana and generate suppression.

On each circular formation, there is a body sitting there, motionless.

The wind blows.

His clothes were hunting and ripped apart.

Under the clothes, there are bones.


Suddenly, there were waves of vibrations.

The entire castle was shaking.

A wave of air jetted out from the cracks in the stone of the ancient castle and hit the sky.


Every wave of air hits the sky, it will hit cracks.

The turbulence of the space whizzed through the cracks, making people's scalp numb.

Long time.

The chattering of the castle gradually stopped.


"call out……"

Several figures rushed over.

These people are Huang Youli and the others.

They stood in front of the old castle, their gazes motionless.

After that, Huang Youli ran in front of a skeleton, tears in her eyes, unconsciously falling, "Ancestor!"

Hu Liena's eyes swept around, and finally, her eyes fixed on a skeleton.

Without any hesitation, I dashed away and hugged, "Ancestor, you..."

Hu Liena was sad and wept.

After a long time, the two men recovered from their grief.

"Mother, this is the ancestor?" Hu Luo asked.


Hu Liena nodded, "Don't be stunned, you two, help me and bury all the seniors!"

"it is good!"

Everyone moved quickly, and within a moment they buried dozens of bones on the spot.

Standing in front of the grave, Huang Youli led a few people to bow and salute.

"Seniors, you have only died for Demon Ancestor Mountain, and we will never forget it!"

"The next thing is left to us!"

Huang Youli turned around, looked at the crowd, and asked, "Are you ready?"

"All right!"

Several people nodded at once.

The face is full of determination.


They turned quickly, sitting cross-legged on circular arrays in different directions.

Mobilize the celestial power in the body, place it in the palm of your hand, and press it on the array.


The battle disk on the ground lit up with a dazzling light.

"call out……"

Rays of light flew from above the array and poured into the castle.


These rays of light, along the pattern of the castle, flow through the entire castle.

The dazzling rays of light illuminate from the ancient castle, and the power of forming a seal rushes into the ground rapidly.


A roar came from underground.


The castle quivered up and down, as if it was about to crack apart.

From a distance, it was like boiling water hitting the lid of the kettle, and it was shocking to see.

Huang You's face was extremely solemn, and he roared, "Seal with all his strength!"

The six people frantically extracted their physical powers and released them on the formation.


The power of the seal whizzed down into the ground.

Every time there is a howl, there will be a terrible howl from the ground.

"Stop it! Stop it!"

Suddenly, there was a voice from the ground.

After Huang Youli heard this, not only did they not stop, but even more desperately, they extracted the immortal power of their bodies and poured them into the castle.

"Hurry up and stop, or you will die!"

"I'm Lei Konggu, you got the wrong target!"

"Quickly stop, I can't suppress it!"

Roaring, kept coming.

"Hmph, you are the one who is sealed! You are an ancient beast that endangers the world, so let's confess your life here today!" Huang Youli shouted.

"You are really mistaken. Although this seat is an ancient beast, it has not harmed the world!"

"If you don't stop, you will definitely confess your lives here!"

"Listen to the words of this seat, leave quickly, otherwise, it will be late!"

This kind of sound rang into the ears of a few people from time to time, slamming their hearts.

However, everyone did not stop, even more crazy.


A miserable howl came from underground.

The voice gradually ceased.


There was a shock in the sky.

Spatial cracks and spatial turbulence gradually disappeared.

The birds that were imprisoned in the sky fell directly to the ground.

After four weeks, calm was restored.


Huang Youli watched this scene, and after a few long breaths, stood up one after another.

"I'm too scared, it will affect a person's mind!"

"Yes, it's true, I almost believed it!"

"Fortunately, I am determined, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous!"

Several people came together.

Huang Youli showed a knowing smile, "Thank you for working hard together. I didn't expect this crisis to be resolved!"

"Aunt Huang, you don't have to be polite. It is our responsibility to guard the Demon Ancestor Mountain!" Hu Luo screamed.

"Yes, Aunt Huang! We should be thankful to the son, who helped us to grow to this point!" Hu Luoxian said.

"Xiaoxian is right!" Huang Youli nodded, "I thought we would die here just like the martyrs. It seems that I think too much!"

"The son has done everything, and the situation here must be well understood!"

"He pointed us here, he must be absolutely sure!"

Having said that, Hu Luoxian walked up to Hu Liena, "Mother, am I finished with this important event?"

"Not bad!" Hu Liena nodded.

"Great, I can follow the son in the future!"

Hu Luoxian's two fox ears kept shaking, an expression of excitement.

"Then you have to be willing to let you follow!"

"Sister Rumeng is by his side, what is it for you to be by his side?" Hu Luochan said.

"Pour tea and water, I'm good at everything. Sister Ru Meng is now the Demon King. Can't Sister Ru Meng do everything, right?" Hu Luoxian said.

"Huh, I'm talking about the world of two of them, what are you doing next to you!" Hu Luo said.

"Don't worry about it!"

Hu Luoxian raised his head high, with a smug expression, "I see you, this is jealous!"

"Can you say that again!"

"I said you are jealous!"



"Lightly, my ears will be broken by you!"

Huang Youli and Hu Liena smiled knowingly when they saw this scene.

After nodding to each other, Hu Liena said: "Well, we should go back!"

"it is good!"

Everyone took a step forward, but they hadn't taken a few steps yet.

At this time.


There was a shock from the castle.

This sudden sound shocked several people.

Looking back, everyone couldn't help but shrink their pupils and their faces changed dramatically.

The whole body's sweat and hair roots exploded, and the endless meaning of coldness enveloped the whole body.

"This...what the **** is this?"

"Mother, I... what should we do? My heart seems to stop beating!"

"Me too, this... this thing is not something we can deal with! You Li, what should I do now?"

"Nana, you will listen to my commands, everyone will run separately! If you can run one by one, please tell the son quickly!"


With a loud shout, several people resorted to various means and ran away quickly.

However, there is no time.


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