It sounded.

Zhong Lilun's stretched out hand was chopped into two parts by the shocking giant knife.

"call out……"

The broken hand and body fell straight down like a broken kite.


There was an explosion.

Zhong Lilun blasted into the ground and struggled for a long time before he stood up.

He looked at Chen Daoming, his mouth raised.


There was a cold smile on Zhong Lilun's face.

A wave of immortal power gushed from where he severed his hand.


Muscles and meridians entangle rapidly.

Within a moment, the broken arm grew out again.

"Rebirth with severed limbs, he... he is at least the second-rank Immortal Venerable!"

Chen Daoming's face was full of fear.

The move just now has already extracted all the power in the body.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Zhong Lilun just broke off an arm.

The realm gap is like a cushion in front of you.

No matter how talented he is, the more challenging he is, there is basically no chance of winning.

"Dare to take things from the son, I'm fighting with you!"

Chen Daoming stroked a hand of silver hair, lifted the hatchet, and rushed over.

"Huh, overwhelming!"

Zhong Lilun jumped up and fought Chen Daoming instantly.


The explosion continued, and the air waves rolled.

Zhong Lilun's expression was indifferent, and every strike seemed casual.

However, Chen Daoming was completely crushed and beaten, with no strength to fight back.

The more he hits, the more shocked Zhong Lilun's face becomes.

"The flesh is so terrible, interesting!"

"But, so what?"

"In the face of absolute strength, you have no chance of winning!"

"Stop playing!"

After this sound.


Chen Daoming turned into a streamer and crashed to the ground, exploding into the sky.

After struggling several times, he couldn't stand up either.


Zhong Lilun stretched out his right hand.


Chen Daoming flew up uncontrollably, and fell into Zhong Lilun's hands.

"The old man only keeps useful people, let's talk, where are the gods and tricks?" Zhong Lilun asked.

"I Pooh! Kill if you want!"

Chen Daoming spit out, without any acknowledgment.

"Ha ha……"

Zhong Lilun smiled coldly, "I hope you can still be so stiff in your stay!"


Zhong Lilun waved his right hand, and a few strands of purple light penetrated Chen Daoming's body like a poisonous snake.

Chen Daoming's face was distorted with pain, his teeth clenched, and he didn't say a word.

Soon, Chen Daoming passed out in pain.

"The bones are so hard!"

"Where is this **** and cunning man, worthy of your guardianship?"

"I want to see, how long can you hold on?"

Zhong Lilun waved his right hand, and several wisps of purple light came out of Chen Daoming's body.

Shortly after.

Chen Daoming woke up leisurely.

"If you don't want to be tortured, let's be honest!" Zhong Lilun said.

"Hehe, old stuff, don't you want to know!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming closed his eyes and remained motionless.

"If you don't say yes, then I will kill Zhong Lilang!"

Zhong Lilun pointed at Zhong Lilang and threatened.

A touch of heartache was fleeting in Chen Daoming's eyes.

Then, he raised his head high, "You kill him, what do you do with me, kill if you want!"


Zhong Lilun's expression stagnated.

It's so hard to chew the bones unexpectedly.

"I see how hard your bones are!"

A few strands of purple awns quickly penetrated into Chen Daoming's body.

Endless pain, keep coming.

Chen Daoming gritted his teeth, and said nothing.

Soon, the pain passed out again.

After Zhong Lilun's torture, there was no news.

Zhong Lilun clenched his teeth, his eyes bursting into a cold smile.

"Since you don't care about him, that's good!"

"Okay, I'll slaughter the world, and see if you can tell me!"

"Then start with this Shangcangyuan first!"

After speaking, Zhong Lilun pointed his right hand toward the sky.


The sky shook quickly.

Layers of blood-colored ripples emerged.

Blood wolves emerged from the ripples.

Overwhelming, covering the entire sky.

Every blood wolf exudes the aura of the fairy king realm. A glance at it makes the scalp numb and cold sweat.

On the square of God's Court.

Many immortal cultivators stood on it, looking up at the sky, with cold sweat on their faces.

"God... God, so many blood wolves!"

"What a terrible breath, these are all blood wolves in the fairy king realm!"

"This...Is this going to destroy our Supreme Court?"

Everyone muttered to themselves, their eyes were full of panic.

The terrifying coercion, the self-blooded wolf shed, shrouded every cultivator.

this moment.

Their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

The body is like carrying a huge mountain, it is extremely difficult to struggle.


One by one, fell to his knees, shivering.

Chen Daoming looked at this scene, his face changed again and again, extremely ugly.

"It's all on me, it's all on my insufficient strength!"

"The crisis has come so soon, it is impossible to protect the Tianluo Continent!"

"My son, I'm sorry, I'm useless!"

Chen Daoming closed his eyes, tears streaming down.

He couldn't bear to watch this tragic scene.

"Ha ha……"

Zhong Lilun smiled coldly, with a smug smile on his face.

Have you finally caught your weakness?

Now, let's see if you still don't say it!

"Boy, I'll give you one last chance, say or not?"

"Don't answer in a hurry, because your answer can affect the lives of tens of thousands, no, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people!"

"Even your family is among them!" Zhong Lilun said.


Chen Daoming's body trembled.

It seems to hit a switch that shouldn't be touched.

The memory is like an open floodgate, rushing down.

"Good baby, let mother come and hug!"

"Really good, my Xiaoming is the best good!"

"Wow, that's amazing! I reached the fairy king realm with such a pee!"

"I'm five years old, I'm only in the fairy kingdom, what's worth showing off! He is my son!"

"Father, the child will work hard to become stronger!"

Then, the screen changed.

Another memory flooded my mind.

The place is in front of a mountain forest.

Holding his own, a middle-aged man.

"Uncle, what's the matter? Where is my parents?"

"Xiaoming, it's okay, don't worry!"

"This is where?"

"This is the supreme heaven!"

"What, we're here in the heavens? That's great! Is there really a **** here?"

"Xiaoming, of course there are, but your father has worked hard to send you here. You must work hard to become a god!"

"Uncle, I will!"

"The Heaven Realm is the same as our Human Realm. There are many sects. My uncle chose for you, but the Overlord Sword Sect is amazing in the Heaven Realm!"

"Great, I will definitely work hard! By the way, where is my Xianli? Why is it gone? did I become a mortal?"

"Xiaoming, when we reach the realm of heaven, we are mortals, and everything must start from the beginning!"

"Xiaoming, work hard!"

These two pictures are constantly intertwined in my mind.

Chen Daoming hugged his head and let out a painful scream, "No..."

Seeing Chen Daoming's appearance, Zhong Lilun's mouth raised and his face was full of pride.

"If you want them not to die, then speak up!" Zhong Lilun said.

Chen Daoming gradually became clear and returned to his normal expression. He looked at Zhong Lilun and spat out, "I'm pooh!"

Zhong Lilun has a distorted face and an ugly look, "If that's the case, then good, kill them for me!"


The blood wolf roared, fell from the sky, and rushed to the people in the upper Cangyuan.


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