The entire Gods Court was in endless despair.

Zhong Lilun looked at this scene with a cold smile in his eyes.

"Boy, force this seat to summon the blood wolf king of hell! You are dead!"

"It will definitely turn the entire Tianluo Continent into a hell, wait for it!"

"Fight with me, you are still a little tender!"

"Boy, tell you, if you can kill someone in the future, don't give him a chance to enlarge the move!"


Zhong Lilun looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

The expression was like obtaining the ultimate treasure, which was beyond description.


He smiled and stunned.

He looked at the sky with unbelief on his face.

I see.


A huge wolf head pierced down in the whirlpool and scanned the world directly.

The coercion of terror enveloped the Quartet.

The wolf head stared directly at Sun Hao.

At this moment, the eyes of the wolf's head showed an extremely panic.

That look, as if seeing the most terrifying thing in the world.

Without any hesitation, the wolf's head quickly retracted, dived into the clouds, and disappeared.

The dark clouds gradually dissipated, and the surroundings returned to calm.

As if nothing happened.


Zhong Lilun opened his mouth wide, so surprised that he did not recover for a long time.

what happened?

The blood wolf king of **** escaped?

What did it see?

Is it possible that this is the **** and cunning man in front of you?

how can that be!

Zhong Lilun stared at Sun Hao with unbelief on his face.

In the next second, he was horrified to find that his strength was quickly losing, wrong, he was quickly sealed.

What's going on?

Who sealed it?

Could it be him?

A look in his eyes sealed his whole body strength?


What existence did I provoke?

It's over, it's over!

Zhong Lilun muttered to himself, with a frightened expression on his face.

Sun Hao stared at him, his eyes filled with cold killing intent.

If you don't move, you have to slaughter a city.

If you make a difference, you will kill a continent.

In his eyes, ordinary people are just ants.

How can such a person stay in the world!


Sun Hao grabbed Zhong Lilun's neck, his eyes bursting with anger.


"Otherwise, you would..."

The words did not fall.


A punch came.


Zhong Lilun's head burst into dust.

Then, his body exploded and he couldn't die again.


Even the soul space burst open along with it.

All items are exploded into powder.

The soul that was about to flee also burst into nothingness with it.

this moment.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone in the Supreme Court watched this scene blankly, and for a while, it was difficult to calm down.

Gratitude, excitement, excitement...

All emotions flooded everyone's heart.

this moment.

Sun Hao is like a god, shrouded in everyone's heart.

a long time.

"Dead? Killed with a punch?"

"Xianzun realm powerhouse, in front of the young master, is also so vulnerable?"

"How strong is the son? Even the soul space can be easily destroyed!"

"Not even the soul escaped! The son must be invincible!"

The exclamation sounded constantly.

Fiery eyes swept over.

Excitement, one after another.

Chen Daoming stared at Sun Hao blankly, his eyes were extremely complicated.

Two lines of tears slipped down unconsciously in his eyes.

"My son, you are so kind to us!"

"Every time we are in a crisis, you will save us!"

"Your great favor, how can Dao Ming be paid off?"

Chen Daoming murmured to himself, grateful.

Afterwards, he flew to Sun Hao, clasped his fists and saluted, "My son, thank you for your kindness!"

"Brother Chen, don't be polite with me!" Sun Hao patted Chen Daoming on the shoulder and said.

"Yes, son!"

Chen Daoming nodded.


At this time, Huang Rumeng flew quickly with Rift Konggu.

Chen Daoming looked at Fracture Konggu, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

It looks like a little tiger, but it is not simple.

"Let's go, let's go down first! See how the dean is going?"

"it is good!"

Everyone fell and came to Zhong Lilang.

After Sun Hao explored the meridians, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Can be saved!

Sun Hao took out some concoction that had already been brewed and gave it to Zhong Lilang.


Zhong Lilang recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, it resumed as before.

After a while.

Zhong Lilang opened his eyes, and when he saw Sun Hao, he immediately stood up.


Kneeling directly in front of Sun Hao, bowed his head and saluted, "My son, Lao Lang won't repay you for your life-saving grace!"

"The compound, please get up quickly, you are welcome!" Sun Hao helped Zhong Lilang up.


However, Zhong Lilang knelt down on the ground again and knocked his head heavily.

"My son, I am incompetent, and you can't even guard your residence!"

"The fruit trees and vegetables you planted were all taken away by Zhong Lilun!"

"I cannot escape the blame, please punish me!"

Zhong Lilang was in tears.

"That little thing, don't mind!"

"You can plant well anytime!"

Sun Hao gave Huang Rumeng a look.

Huang Rumeng nodded, walked into the hospital, and began to sow seeds.

Sun Hao took out the guqin and began to play


As the piano sounded, strands of colorful light flowed from Sun Hao's fingertips, flooding the entire courtyard.


In less than a moment, a vegetable and fruit tree with colorful lights grew in the backyard.

Chen Daoming and Zhong Lilang watched this scene, so shocked that they didn't recover for a long time.

"Colorful light is Xianli!"

"What is this colorful light?"

"Could it be the legendary soul?"

Thinking like this, Chen Dao blew his head and said, "How can I know Shen Yuan?"

Afterwards, he opened his mouth wide and muttered for a long time without regaining his senses.

Son, I didn't expect that you are really a god!


The piano sound continued.

Fruit trees and vegetables cannot be absorbed at all.

The overflowing colorful rays of light centered on Sun Hao, flowing out like colorful clouds.

When the colorful rays of light poured into his side, Chen Daoming quickly sat down on the ground and began to absorb it.

Other people are no exception, calling the exercises one after another to swallow these colorful rays.

Even the blood wolf and the cracked sky are lying on the ground at this moment, with a serious cultivation look.


The sound of the piano did not stop and continued to sound.

Like a rainstorm, colorful rays of light gush out.

Soon, he enveloped the entire Cangyuan Courtyard.

"This...what kind of power is this, take a sip, it feels like a person can live a hundred years longer!"

"Don't be stunned, this is a good fortune given to us by the young master, let's practice quickly!"

After a daze, everyone sat cross-legged on the ground and began to absorb these colorful lights.

The colorful rays of light gather more and more, and for a while, it is difficult to digest.

Others poured into the ground one after another, converging into ground veins, nourishing all creatures.

At this moment, all trees and flowers are undergoing changes quietly.

Sun Hao had no idea about these.

At this moment, he is immersed in playing the piano.


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