The universe starry sky, the Milky Way, on a certain life planet, in a hall.

The Galaxy Dragon King looked at the messenger who was kneeling on the ground, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, his anger ran straight on his chest, as if he was about to burst him.

"You say it again?" The Galaxy Dragon King let out a roar.

"Dragon King, the Prince's soul lamp is broken!"

The messenger lay on the ground, shivering, "Also, the second and third prince soul lamps have also been shattered!"

The words came out.


The Milky Way Dragon King opened his mouth without uttering a word.

A wave of his right hand.


An immortal force enveloped the messenger in an instant.

"no, do not want……"


The Galaxy Dragon King gently shook his hand, and the messenger body collapsed into blood fog, and died on the spot.

He sat there, motionless.

The corners of the mouth kept twitching.

All three sons died tragically.

This hatred is not shared!

"All dead? All dead on Ziyang Star?"

"Who the **** is it? This king won't tear your skin, peel your bones, it's hard to solve the hatred in my heart!"

"The ants of Ziyang Star, I definitely want you all to be crushed!"

The Galaxy Dragon King muttered to himself, and after some venting, his anger gradually subsided.

"Come on!"

A roar.

"Dragon King!"

A guard bowed down in front of the Galaxy Dragon King.

"Go and bring the Golden Eagle over!" said the Galaxy Dragon King.

"Dragon King, Lord Golden Eagle went out with the prince, and he has not returned yet!" said the guard.

The words came out.

The face of the Galaxy Dragon King slightly changed.

The sacred vulture hasn't returned?

how can that be?

He is a strong immortal, his strength is not weaker than his own.

Even if he is dead, then go by yourself, wouldn't it also...

At this point, the Galaxy Dragon King took a breath.

Just now, I was too impulsive, and my anger completely burned out my reason.

"Able to kill the immortal beasts, the strength is not to mention the third-rank immortal!"

"With my strength, it's just to die!"

"Fortunately, the master sent three fifth-rank immortals to follow me!"

"With them, you can definitely kill the murderer and kill him!"

In this way, the Galaxy Dragon King made a decision.

"Let's pass on the order, gather one hundred thousand Galaxy Guards of our clan, and prepare to go!" said the Galaxy Dragon King.


The guard looked startled, his face full of disbelief.

"Why, do I still need to say it again?" A trace of discomfort appeared on the face of the Galaxy Dragon King.


The guard retreated quickly.

The face of the Milky Way Dragon King revealed a touch of cold killing intent, his eyes staring into the depths of the universe, "Take the Dragon Cannon, you must be sure!"



Tianluo continent, where Sun Hao lives.

Luo Liuyan and others stood in front of the Tai Chi Tower, sighing again and again.

"This is exactly a crystal attractor!"

"Yes, such a fairy crystal has been absorbed by it, and there is no reaction!"

Su Yiling stepped forward and stood in front of Luo Liuyan.

"Master, this Tai Chi tower consumes 2 million immortal crystals, and even a set of formation patterns has not been activated."

Su Yiling stood in front of Luo Liuyan and said.

"Yes, I'm afraid that tens of thousands of immortal crystals are not enough!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Master, otherwise we first use the fairy crystal that Master Mo sent here?" Su Yiling said.

"Shut up!"

Luo Liuyan gave a soft drink, and Su Yiling's body trembled in fright, pouting, and lowering her head.

"That is what Master Mo gave to the son! That is, the son's thing!"

"We are only temporarily keeping it, the son didn't speak, and no one was allowed to move!"

"Remember, you are not allowed to say such things in the future, otherwise Xiu blames him as a teacher and refuses to recognize people!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Okay, I get it now!"

Su Yiling said weakly, standing aside, not speaking again.

"Lord Luo, there is no fairy crystal to activate the Taiji Tower, we can't temper our own strength, or else we will practice for a period of time?" Hua Fairy said.

"it is good!"

Luo Liuyan nodded, leading everyone to leave.


The sky was rippling, and an immortal boat appeared in the sky.

"The son is back!"

"The son has gone for more than a month!"

"Yes, I feel like I haven't seen the son for a long time!"

Excited light appeared on the faces of everyone, standing there neatly.

When Sun Hao fell, they all came forward.

"I've seen the son!" Everyone saluted.

"Don't be polite!"

Sun Hao looked at everyone with a face full of doubts, "Why don't you go in for cultivation?"

Luo Liuyan smiled awkwardly, "My son, we don't have enough fairy crystals to activate the Taiji Tower!"

"By the way, son, this is the fairy crystal sent by Master Mo!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan took out hundreds of bags and piled them on the ground like a hill.

"Master Mo?" Sun Hao frowned slightly.

"My son, it is Mo Haoshi who wants to worship you as a disciple. He is a master of formation!" Luo Liuyan explained.

Hearing this, Sun Hao showed a daze.

That guy has a thick skin and poor talent, but his willpower is really not comparable to ordinary people.

Presumably, after drinking tea for enlightenment, his talent has also greatly improved.

"There are at least 30 million immortal crystals, right?!"

Sun Hao's eyes widened, his face shocked.

In just a few months, that guy made 30 million fairy crystals?

And, give it all to yourself?

This is too filial.

The immortal wine that he had worked so hard to sell for so long, now he has only a few million immortal crystals.

Counting Xianyuan or something, there are only ten million Xianjing worth.

Sun Hao looked at these 30 million immortal crystals, and his expression was extremely complicated for a while.

After a long time, Sun Hao withdrew his expression and looked at Luo Liuyan, "Since you can't activate the Taiji Tower, why don't you use these fairy crystals?"

"My son, this is yours..."

"Ms. Liu Yan, this is your fault!"

"Strength promotion is the most important thing!"

"Xianjing, it's nothing."

"In the future, we still need to rely on everyone!"

When Sun Hao thought of the two cosmic giants, he felt a sense of powerlessness.

Only when everyone is strong, can it be possible to resist.


These words blasted Luo Liuyan's mind like thunder, and he did not calm down for a long time.

Sure enough, my hunch was correct.

The son said it directly, and it seemed that he had finished his cultivation as a mortal.

"My son, what you taught is that I am wrong!" Luo Liuyan clasped his fists and saluted.

"Ms. Liu Yan, don't be so cautious!"

"Everyone is a friend, and we should help each other in the same boat!"

The words came out.

Everyone was shocked.

In the eyes, there is an infinite glow.

The son actually regarded us as friends.

I'm so touched!

The enthusiastic eyes swept all over Sun Hao.

Sun Hao walked to the Tai Chi God Tower, waved his right hand, millions of fairy crystals flew quickly, and circled the Tai Chi God Tower.


Strands of colorful light flooded into the Tai Chi Tower.

After the pattern on the line was brightened a few times, it calmed down.

"Fuck, this is a crystal attractor!"

Sun Hao couldn't help but burst out a foul language.


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