One million immortal crystals, to the Taiji Sacred Pagoda, is like a clay cow entering the sea, without any reaction.

"I don't believe it!"

With a wave of Sun Hao's right hand, ten million immortal crystals flew up quickly and circled the Tai Chi Tower.


The endless colorful fairy lights straight into the Tai Chi tower.


Lines of patterns slowly lit up.

After a set of patterns lit up, the Tai Chi Tower fell into calm again.


Sun Hao stood still and didn't speak for a long time.

This is too energy-consuming, right?

A set of formation patterns requires tens of millions of fairy crystals.

The entire Tai Chi tower has at least tens of thousands of array patterns.

All activated, the number of fairy crystals required is simply unimaginable.

this moment.

Sun Hao felt a sense of powerlessness.

Even if he left more than 19 million immortal crystals in it, he couldn't make a splash.

Adding the fairy crystals on your body, the result will not be any different.

The artifact is really extraordinary.

"It seems that there is no way to activate it for the time being!"

Sun Hao sighed secretly, stepped on the snow on the ground and walked into the house.

"Everyone, don't froze, come sit in the room, I have something to discuss with everyone!" Sun Hao shouted.

"it is good!"

Luo Liuyan and the others followed Sun Hao and walked into the living room.

A dozen people gathered around a carbon fire.

The table was filled with various fruits and dried fruits, which looked like a family chatting at home.

"Ms. Liu Yan, in fact, there is one important thing for everyone to come here!"

"I need you to find some reliable people!" Sun Hao said solemnly.

"Reliable person?"

Luo Liuyan muttered to himself, the expression on his face changed uncertainly.

For a while, I couldn't think of what Sun Hao meant.

"These people need to be 100% reliable to the Human Race!"

"You can't regard Humans as ants!"

"Can't be high above!"

"Let's not bully the same clan at will after he is strong!"

Listening to Sun Hao's words, Luo Liuyan and others nodded together.

In the end, all eyes were on Luo Liuyan.

"My son, don't worry, leave these to us!" Luo Liuyan nodded heavily.

"This matter should be sooner or later, it's better to find it all in these few days, can it be done?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Luo Liuyan showed an anxious look on his face, and stood up straight, "Master, then we will leave first!"

"Master, this fruit has not been eaten yet, don't hold me!"

Su Yiling showed a look of eagerness to see through.

With a look at Sun Hao, Huang Rumeng stepped forward and gave Su Yiling all the fruits on the table, and packed them away for her!

After everyone left.

Sun Hao stood up and walked into the front yard.

Looking at the sparse snow in the sky, for a moment, there was a feeling of sadness and melancholy.

It has been 20 years since I came into this world.

Since crossing over, I have lived here.

No parents, no relatives...

If it wasn't for the acquisition system, I'm afraid it would have been swallowed by the monster.

Thinking about it now, I can't help but be afraid for a while.

"Lotus seems to be missing some spirituality?"

"Could it be the reason for winter?"

Sun Hao looked at the miraculous lotus, frowned slightly.

Afterwards, he swept his gaze to the two cherry blossom trees and inhaled hard, the icy breath mixed with light, straight into the nose.

The floral fragrance remains.

However, the cherry blossom trees are also less spiritual.

Leaving the front yard, Sun Hao walked into the carving room.

"These things, there are really powerful remnants in them?"

Looking at those works, Sun Hao also frowned.

Every statue seems to be less spiritual.

Not to mention the remnant soul, I'm afraid there is no ghost shadow.

"Are they all gone?"

Sun Hao muttered to himself, thinking secretly.

"Forget it, go to the backyard and have a look!"

When I walked to the backyard and looked up, I just saw the Shenhun Shenmu overgrown with branches and leaves, covering a world.

The flying snow fell on it, all melted, turned into water mist, and transpired up.

It seems psychedelic and fascinating like a fairyland.

"The Shenhun Shenmu can sprout this winter? It's really good!"

"It looks like it's good to leave it to Miss Xiaolan!"

Sun Hao looked at this scene and nodded secretly.

Walking forward, a warm breath came.

It feels like sitting in front of the oven, a little reluctant to leave.

Sun Hao looked at the blooming flowers all over the place, his eyes glittered.

"My son, it's dinner!"

At this time, Huang Rumeng's voice came.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded and walked to the restaurant.



Down the mountain, in an attic secret room to the west.

Luo Liuyan and the others sat together, with solemn expressions on their faces.

"Lord Luo, what do you mean by the instructions this time?" Flower Fairy asked.

"Actually it's the same as you and me feel!"

Speaking of this, Luo Liuyan showed the most cautious gaze in history, "I suspect that the Dark Era will reopen again!"

The words came out.

Everyone trembled.

Panic was all over his face.

Millions of years ago, the world fell into darkness.

It lasted for tens of thousands of years.

During that time, even the gods were like ants, extremely difficult to survive.

Tens of thousands of years have been called the Dark Era.

People like myself, who are weak, didn't even reach the fairy king.

Wanting to survive in the dark age is tantamount to idiotic dreams.

If so, what does it have to do with the person you are looking for?

"Everyone can see it?" Luo Liuyan asked.


Everyone looked puzzled.

"Don't you see that the son has finished his cultivation as a mortal?" Luo Liuyan said.

The words came out.

Everyone looked surprised.

"Then the son wants us to find someone, what exactly do you mean?" Mu Bing asked.

"Because the son does not want to involve cause and effect!"

"Presumably the son must fight against the dark hand behind the dark age!"

"He is looking for us because he doesn't want to be discovered by the black hand behind the scenes!" Luo Liuyan said solemnly.

"The black hand behind the Dark Age?"

Everyone gasped again.

The Dark Age unexpectedly has behind the scenes.

This is too scary, right?

How can such characters be ordinary in their means and strength.

Who can be his opponent?

"How can we fight those characters?"

"Of course it's impossible!"

"So, the son is just looking for us to complete some simple tasks!"

"Even so, it will not be easy, it is very likely to have life worry!"

"Everyone who is not afraid of death and is willing to be a **** in the hands of the son, raise your hand!"

"I count one!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan raised his hand first.



One by one, not to be outdone, raised their hands one after another.

Even Su Yiling, without any hesitation, raised his hands high.

"Okay, the son really read it right!"

"Here, I would like to thank everyone for the son!"

"Our team, from now on..."


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