"Remember, the first person you are looking for is loyal and reliable!"

"Afterwards, tell them that this mission will undoubtedly die!"

"If they are willing to join, they can take in!"

Luo Liuyan looked at everyone and said.

"Lord Luo, how many people are we looking for? It's impossible to collect as much as possible?" Xuanyuan Shi asked.


Luo Liuyan's expression stagnated.

How many this number, for a while, I didn't understand at all.

Luo Liuyan secretly thought about every movement and expression of Sun Hao.

Started the crazy association mode.

After thinking for a long time, there is still no clue.

Shortly after.

"Leader Luo, Lord Luo..."

There was a scream outside the door.

"Elder Zhongli?"

Luo Liuyan stared blankly and opened the door of the secret room.

However, Zhong Lilang ran in quickly.

"Lord Luo, the old man has a low understanding, I really don't understand."

Entering the secret room, Zhong Lilang waved his right hand, and dozens of exercises were placed on the table.

"This is?" Luo Liuyan didn't know why.

"Lord Luo, you will know when you open it!" Zhong Lilang said.

With a puzzled expression, everyone picked up the exercises one by one and began to check them.

When they turned to the last page, the whole person was dumbfounded, without moving for a long time.

After regaining consciousness.


The sound of cold air, one after another.

These exercises are completely supreme immortal level exercises.

There is no problem in practicing as the Supreme Immortal Emperor.

Then, they picked up the next exercise, stunned again.

"These are all things the son has changed?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Not bad!"

Zhong Lilang recounted Sun Hao's modification of the exercises in the Supreme Court.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

The extremely complicated exercise formulas were directly turned into a few words in the young master's pen.

These words seem to have shocking power, allowing people to sink in and observe directly.

Even the Immortal Emperor couldn't do this and other methods.

"I understand!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Lord Luo, what do you understand?"

"Quickly, tell us!"

Seeing everyone's wistful look, Luo Liuyan smiled slightly, "Don't worry!"

She stared directly at Zhong Lilang, "How many exercises are there?"

"The son has changed it, there are 4832 copies in total!" Zhong Zhulang said.

"In this way, the sons need us to find 4832 people!"

"These exercises were given to us by the son for cultivation!"

"Elder Zhongli, take out all the exercises, everyone chooses a suitable one!"

"By the way, Elder Zhong Li, would you like to join our death squad?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Death squad?" Zhong Lilang was puzzled.

"It's a team we just set up. It becomes a **** in the hands of the son. Where the son points, we kill!"

"The name of the team is Expendable!"

"To enter this team requires the courage not to be afraid of death!"


After Luo Liuyan explained, Zhong Lilang nodded without hesitation, "I'll join!"

Then, he took out all the exercises and filled the entire secret room.

"So that's what the son meant!"

"If I don't find the leader of Luo, how can I understand!"

"Leader Luo is really powerful, and his savvy is truly unprecedented!"

Zhong Lilang looked at Luo Liuyan, his eyes full of worship.

"Wow, swallowing heaven and earth? Isn't this a practice tailored for me?"

"My son, you are so kind to me!"

Su Yiling picked up a copy of "Swallowing the Sky and Swallowing the Earth", his eyes bloomed with strange light, and he held it in his hand like a treasure.

"Hourglass of time?"

"My son, did you prepare this for me?"

Zhong Zhulang took a copy of "The Hourglass of Time" from the pile of books, and couldn't calm down for a long time.

He secretly took out an ancient bronze fragment, his eyes kept gleaming.

It is this piece of debris that makes him embark on the Avenue of Time.

However, compared with "Hourglass of Time", this fragment is many times worse.

Everyone found a suitable exercise in the pile of books.

Excited and light, long lasting.



at the same time.

In the depths of the universe, there is an endless sea of ​​thunder.


Strands of lightning of different colors rushed through it.

Each strand has the thickness of a mountain range.

That kind of power that destroys everything, keeps going around.

When the two collided, dazzling sparks burst out, making people unable to look directly.

Countless electric lights exploded continuously.

If it weren't for a vacuum, the sound must be enough to break through everything.

In the center of Lei Hai, there is a hall with thunder light all over.

The hall is as big as a planet.

In the hall.

A lightning giant is sitting on a high platform.

He has four heads and eight arms, and in each hand, he holds a weapon of different shapes.


The terrifying Thunder Mang kept lingering on the eight weapons, bursting into a frightening sound.

This giant is exactly the famous Thunder Tribulation Lord.

"Meet the master!"

All around, there are thousands of kilometer tall Thunder Tribulation giants.

They knelt down and bowed their heads in salute.

"Flat body!" Lei Jie Master said lightly.

A crowd of Thunder Tribulation Giants stood up and bowed their heads.

"call out……"

In the eyes of the master of Thunder Tribulation, two bursts of thunder light were shot out, staring directly at a giant of Thunder Tribulation.

This stare immediately caused the Thunder Tribulation Giant's body to tremble and bow down to the ground.

"Lei Yang!"

A roar resounded throughout the hall.


The Lei Jie giant named Lei Yang trembled.

"What do you explain about Ziyangxing?"

"Millions are promoted to immortals, dozens of them are promoted to immortal kings!"

"Ascension Realm, there are countless!"

"You actually have zero performance. Tell me, what have you done?"

The voice of Lei Jie's ruler is not loud, but with infinite majesty.

The words came out.

The look of the Thunder Tribulation Giants changed drastically on Thursday and Monday.

"What? Millions become immortals?"

"His Leiyang performance is still zero?"

"Waste is really waste. If I were to be the first one this year!"

"It really loses the face of our Thunder Tribulation Giant!"

Such a voice kept ringing.

Lei Yang lowered his head and said nothing.

His face was bitter.

"Lei Yang, do you have something to say?"

Lord Lei Jie looked at Lei Yang and said.

"Master, I have difficulties!" Lei Yang said loudly.

"Difficulty? Why are you suffering?" Lei Jie said.

"Master, it's not that I don't want to! But there is no way!"

"Because, on Ziyang star, a supreme being lives, and his strength is too strong to imagine!"

Lei Yang said.

"Why can't imagine the law?" Lei Jie Master said.

"Master, he can improve people's strength by playing a song!"

"The dishes he usually eats are all immortality drugs!"

"The tea you drink is all Wudao tea and Supreme Immortal tea. Every time you make tea, dozens of pieces of Wudao tea are made!"


Lei Yang said each sentence.

These words came out.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone's eyes were on Lei Yang.

The look on his face is different.

Wait for Lei Yang to finish.


The roar of laughter resounded throughout the hall.


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