Tianluo Continent, Great Demon Mountain Range.


A figure galloped in it, sometimes running this, sometimes running that.

This person is Xuemei.

She looked in the direction of Sun Hao's residence and looked at the 100-meter-high Tai Chi Tower, her face solemn.

"It's been two days, why haven't the people sent by the mother arrived yet?"

"If the immortal emperor took away the Taiji Tower, wouldn't it be..."

The more I thought about it, the more anxious Xue Mei's face became.

"I'm going to seize the Taiji Tower, why doesn't the Immortal Emperor kill me?"

"It doesn't make sense at all!"

"Could it be that the immortal emperor was seriously injured and couldn't kill me at all?"

"She can only use that blow to kill the chicken and the monkey? After using that trick, she is already at the limit?"

"It must be so!"

The more I thought about it, the more excited Xuemei became.

In the eyes, a strange glow bloomed.

Can't calm down for a long time.

"I'll try it!"

Thinking like this, Xue Mei turned into an afterimage and rushed to Sun Hao's residence.

When he came to the courtyard, he hid behind a tree and stuck his head out.

After waiting for a while, no response was seen.

There was not even a trace of fluctuation.

"Gone? Can't she take the Tai Chi Tower?"

Xue Mei thought secretly, walking carefully to the yard.

Attached ears to the courtyard door, used the secret method, and began to probe the sound inside.

There was no sound, and nothing was heard.

"no one?"

"There is no breath!"

Xuemei's eyes bloomed with a strange glow.

In the next second, her face changed drastically.


It sounded.

Xuemei was preparing to fly away.

The courtyard door has been opened.

Four eyes face each other.

Looking at the man in front of him, Xue Mei was instinctively frightened.

"Go... the ancient demon?"

Xue Mei stepped forward and slowly backed away, her eyes full of jealousy.

"Girl, is it you?"

"Want to come in and sit down?"

Hearing these two sounds, Xue Mei's expression was startled.

He told himself to sit in?

Is this his residence?

Where is the fairy emperor? Where did you go?

Doesn't seem to be here?

Do you want to go in?

Will the sheep enter the tiger's mouth, there will be no return?

However, if you can't get the Tai Chi Tower, you will die or not.


After getting the Tai Chi Tower, immediately run!

After some thinking, Xuemei made a decision.

"This is your home?" Xue Mei asked.

"Yes, do you want to come in and sit down?" Sun Hao said.


Xuemei stepped forward with a guarded look.

In his hand, he held two talisman seals, ready to ignite at any time.

"Come in!"

Sun Hao made a gesture of please.

"Go ahead!"

Xue Mei retreated two steps in a row, with a look of alert.

"it is good!"

Sun Hao smiled slightly and walked straight ahead.

Xue Mei followed closely, her eyes swept.

Release the spirit and scan the surroundings, as long as there is danger, he will flee for the first time.


Suddenly, two eyes swept.

Xue Mei trembled, looked up, her pupils shrank sharply.

"Splitting the ancients!"

"It's it again!"

"How to do?"

Xue Mei looked at the Tai Chi God Tower not far away, the expression on her face changed uncertainly.

These two talisman seals in his own hand and a body guard can withstand the full blow of the Ninth Stage Immortal Venerable.

Another escape can instantly escape a million miles away.

Even those who are strong in cultivating the avenue of space cannot easily find the space trajectory.

Holding these two seals, Xue Mei was confident.

She swept the rest of her light on the Tai Chi tower, her heart beating violently.

Near, getting closer.

You can receive it in the soul space immediately.


Xue Mei looked at the Tai Chi Tower, her face showed an unbelievable surprise.

I saw that all the patterns on the Tai Chi Tower had been refurbished.

Every formation pattern was engraved perfectly, completely natural, and there was no fault at all.

In this world, there are such array mages?

Is this impossible?

"I can't even see the rank!"

"This is no longer a low-grade artifact!"

At this moment, Xue Mei's chest was hit hard, unable to calm down for a long time.

If you get this kind of artifact, it will definitely solve our clan crisis!

You can get the artifact right away.

Getting closer.

at last.

Standing in front of the Tai Chi Tower.

Without any hesitation, Xue Mei took out the secret method and touched the Tai Chi Tower.

I was thinking about putting it into the soul space.


In the next second, she stared blankly, staring at the scene blankly, unable to believe it.

The Tai Chi Tower was unmoved.

If any method is exhausted, the Tai Chi Tower can be taken away.

"Why? You belong to my clan!"

Xue Mei used divine consciousness to transmit sound and released it on the Tai Chi tower.

"Huh, where will you wait when your body collapses?"

"If it hadn't been for the master to show the earth-shattering mana and reunited the soul of this seat, I am afraid that this seat would have died away!

"You Meizu still have the face to tell me this?"

A few voices went straight into the sea of ​​soul.

Xue Mei's face turned pale and her whole body trembled.

"Girl, what's the matter?"

At this moment, Sun Hao's voice came, and Xue Mei instantly regained consciousness.

She looked at Sun Hao with a trace of fear on her face, "No...nothing?"

"Do you want to practice in the Taiji Tower?" Sun Hao said.


Xuemei was surprised.

Of course I am willing, and I can't wait to run in to practice now.

However, this kind of artifact, how can he be qualified to enter.

Xue Mei nodded.

"Girl, it's unlucky for you to come, now the energy is used up and it can't be activated."

"Girl, since it's here, please come here!"

Sun Hao walked to the hall.

Xuemei stood on the spot, her expression changing.

She looked up at the hall with a thoughtful look.

Suddenly, hesitated.

"By the way, what is your girl's name?" Sun Hao asked.

"I... my name is..."

Xue Mei frowned and began to think.

He is an ancient demon, tell him his name, will it be dangerous?

In the hall, will there be any dangerous place waiting for you?

However, if you don't enter the tiger's den, you won't be a tiger.

You have to go in and check it out to get useful information.

Then, find ways to get the Tai Chi Tower!

This is my purpose.

Anyway, there is no problem with life preservation.

Xue Mei tightly grasped the talisman in his hand, showing a confident expression, and quickly followed forward.

"My name is Xuemei!" Xuemei said.

"Xue Mei?"

Sun Hao murmured, nodding secretly, "The name is pretty good!"

"By the way, Miss Xuemei, is there anything going on here today?" Sun Hao asked.

what's up?

Naturally it is impossible to tell you.

What excuse is there?

Suddenly, Xuemei couldn't find a reasonable excuse.

I can't lie at all.

"Girl Xuemei, if you are embarrassed, you can leave it alone!"

"Please, since you are here, you are a guest. Let's have dinner before leaving!"


It sounded.

Sun Hao opened the living room door.


A breath came over.

Everything in the living room was caught in the eyes of Xuemei.

Xuemei was stunned immediately.

She looked at everything inside and mumbled for a long time without recovering.


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