Xue Mei raised her eyebrows, staring at the plate of cherries on the table, completely stunned.

"That's the best, no, the supreme fairy fruit!"

"There is such a big game?"

"Those dried fruits are all of the supreme quality of fairy fruit!"

"This must be the trick of the ancient demon. Want to seduce me? Humph!"

Despite thinking so, Xue Mei's belly was thunderous, and a feeling of hunger surged throughout his body, swallowing saliva from time to time.

"Don't go see, don't want to go!"

"How can I fall?"

"Absolutely not!"

Xuemei muttered to herself, and followed Sun Hao into the living room.

"Miss Xuemei, you are welcome, please sit down!"

"Eat some fruit first."

Sun Hao took the fruit in front of Xue Mei.

The red cherries in the black strongly stimulate Xuemei's nerves.

The appetite that had just been suppressed, galloped up again.

"Miss Xuemei, you are welcome!"

Sun Hao picked up a cherry, put it into his mouth, and took a bite.

The juice bursts four times, the sour and sweet, and the sweetness is wrapped in the fragrance of the flesh, and it comes out from the nose of Xuemei.


Xue Mei kept swallowing saliva, with a look of eagerness.

That plate of cherries, like living creatures, strongly stimulated her nerves.

It's like saying: Come eat me!


"Never touch it, it must be poisonous!"

"He has eaten it, how can it not be highly toxic?"

"He is an ancient demon, with a different physique, maybe only the fruit in his hand is not poisonous, so don't touch it!"

"If you can eat a bite of the supreme fairy fruit, let the poison die!"


Two voices kept ringing in Xue Mei's mind.

For a while, she couldn't make a choice.

"Miss Xuemei, is it not to your liking?"

"Should we drink tea?"

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up the fruit and put it aside.

this moment.

Xue Mei's face was full of regret.

"Why don't you eat one? That is the supreme fairy fruit!"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao's back and muttered to herself.

"Girl Xuemei, come and **** red robe!"

Sun Hao stepped forward.

In his hand, holding a tea box.

Take a look.

Xue Mei suddenly appeared dumbfounded.

"Enlightenment tea, that is enlightenment tea!"

"There are at least a few hundred slices, right? Ancient Demon, he wants to make a slice for me?"

"No? How can he be willing to wait for the treasure?"

Xue Mei's body trembled slightly with excitement, and the two clusters on her chest kept trembling, and the waves were turbulent.

That kind of charm makes people excited.

"What? He has such a big hand, this is at least dozens of pieces!"

Xue Mei's heart was hit hard, and she couldn't calm down for a while.

Shortly after.

A cup of Dahongpao was placed in front of Xuemei.

"Miss Xuemei, you are welcome, drink it!"

Xue Mei looked surprised, and Sun Hao clearly caught it.

Seeing Xuemei not answering, Sun Hao raised the corner of his mouth and took the cup back, "It seems that Miss Xuemei doesn't like tea, if that's the case, then forget it!"

After speaking, Sun Hao made a gesture of pouring out the tea.

However, a pair of weak and boneless little hands shook Sun Hao's hands at once.

Touch your hands and let go quickly.

"Thank you, I still like tea!" Xue Mei said.

"Girl Xuemei, please!"

Sun Hao Yuguang swept the Fu Seal in Xuemei's hand and nodded secretly.

This girl is very wary of herself.

But can you escape with those two seals?

"Thank you!"

Xuemei took a teacup and took a sip.

Suddenly, the body felt like an electric shock, and the whole person was excited.

"Just a sip of tea, I... my soul is strengthened several times?"

"It's really enlightened tea! This ancient demon is worthy of an old monster, and the collection is too rich!"

"He didn't poison me? How strange!"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao with curiosity in his eyes.

I saw that Sun Hao drank his tea without looking at Xuemei at all.

When Xue Mei finished drinking, Sun Hao got up and poured her a glass again.

"Thank you!"

Xue Mei clasped her fists in salute, and she swept towards Sun Hao.

Seeing his every movement, I couldn't help but lose consciousness.

"Every movement of him is perfectly natural, with his own Dao Yun."

"No matter how you look at it, it doesn't look like a demon."

"Is it because I guessed wrong?"

Xuemei murmured and continued to drink enlightenment tea.

After a while.

Xue Mei touched her round belly with a look of satisfaction.

After drinking a pot of tea, he stopped.

For a while, it was impossible to digest them all.

"Miss Xuemei, can you draw charms?"

Sun Hao looked at the Fu Zhuan in Xuemei's hand and asked.

Xue Mei looked surprised and quickly hid the Fu seal.


"Miss Xuemei, you really don't need to be so restrained!"

"Actually, I can draw talisman too. If you can, I would like to communicate with you!" Sun Hao said.

"Can you draw symbols?" Xue Mei's eyes beamed.

There are many races to draw symbols.

But there is really nothing comparable to Meizu.

These two seals of my own, but I spent nearly a hundred years to collect the materials.

It took several months to scrap hundreds of talisman seals, and it succeeded.

"I know a little bit, if the girl is willing, please give me some pointers!" Sun Hao said.


Xue Mei lowered her head, revealing a thoughtful look.

The color of alertness has not been lifted.

"After all I drank his enlightenment tea, and pointed him to the symbol. Mother won't blame me?"

"It's good if I don't tell the secret, I guess my mother won't say anything."

Thinking like this, Xue Mei nodded secretly, "Okay!"

"Thank you Miss Xuemei, shall we start now?" Sun Hao asked.


"just now?"

Don’t you fast for forty-nine days when you draw a symbol?

No staining, no eating or drinking, no water...

A total of 108 are not allowed.

Also, you need to prepare the Fuzhuan altar, and you have to pray to the sky for 49 days.

In this way, the yield is high!

Otherwise, it is impossible to succeed.

At the moment when Xue Mei was stunned, Sun Hao had already filled the table with things.

Then, start to research ink.

This kind of ink, made by cinnabar, is a necessary thing for drawing symbols.

Stained with cinnabar, stroked the pen.

A series of ancient runes appeared on the rune paper.

Less than half a breath.

An empty talisman appeared in front of Xue Mei.

Seeing this escape talisman, Xue Mei opened her mouth wide and muttered for a long time without saying a word.

I saw that hundreds of runes appeared above the escape symbol.

Each kind of rune is drawn in one stroke, so smooth that there is no fault in it.

In the eyes of people, there is a pleasing feeling.

Above the runes, the colorful gods are looming, flowing on the rune paper.

Shocking power contains it.

"This...what is this? Colorful? Is this the legendary god?"

One thought ends here.


Xuemei gasped for a few breaths, and she couldn't calm down for a long time if she was electrocuted.

Unexpectedly, this ancient demon could draw magic runes!

My ancestor!

Who can believe it if it weren't for seeing it with your own eyes.

I just said that I still need to give him some pointers.

Where's the face? !

Such characters, even if the ancestors of Meizu arrive, they are incomparable!

Thought of this.

Xue Mei's face turned red involuntarily.

The face is pink, making his cold face look pretty.


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