The colorful spirits all around quickly rushed over and wrapped Xue Mei.

At this moment, Xue Mei was stunned and surprised.

I have always been wary of myself. These colorful gods seem to be spiritual and wary of myself.

After I got rid of my guard, the colorful spirits rushed over directly.


The colorful gods are as thin as silk threads, with a warm touch, penetrate into the body from the pores, flow through the body through the meridians, and quickly strengthen the body.

The muscles all over the body felt like electric shocks, tingling sensation, constantly pouring.

Xue Mei bit her lips tightly, unwilling to make a sound.

However, the comfort of the physical improvement strongly stimulated her nerves.

Even the soul is soaring.

At this moment, she couldn't help herself.


Like bursting a bank, the torrent raged in all directions.

It took a long time for Xuemei to recover a little sanity.

She was stunned, her eyes were full of surprise, "I will break through to the fifth-rank Immortal Venerable in just one breath!"

"There is also a physical body, at least doubled! Talent, improve again!"

"Even the mood has improved a lot!"

"Ordinary gods, I'm afraid they don't have this ability at all, right?"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao, her eyes filled with awe.

Afterwards, she closed her eyes, sat cross-legged on the ground, and continued to absorb these colorful divine essences.

In front of Sun Hao, everyone sat cross-legged on the ground, with a relaxed expression.



Ziyang Star, in the space of Thunder Tribulation.


A blood red figure emerged.

He is the Thunder Tribulation Giant-Thunder Wolf.

Because of the number one performance, he was sent to serve as the Lightning Punishment Envoy of Ziyang Star.

"The Thor's Sword is finally here!"

"Lei Lu, are you very angry! Have you ever been convinced of losing?"

"The next round of competition, let's see who is better?"

"Ziyang Xing has been promoted to so many immortals, and there are also immortal kings! This is the first one for me!"


Lei Lang looked up to the sky and screamed like crazy.

The look is beyond words.

It took a long time before he recovered his expression.

"It always feels a bit wrong, as if someone is promoting a fairy?"

"what happened?"

Lei Lang frowned and swept his mind.

After a while.

Lei Lang's gaze penetrated the void directly, staring in the direction of the Great Demon Mountain.

"Lei Yang, what can I say to you? There is even a thunder robbery restricted zone!"

"You are too funny? We are heavenly messengers!"

"Only they are afraid of us, how can we fear them?"

"Supreme Existence? I Pooh! In my opinion, it is just a bigger ant, not to be afraid of!"

"Now that you are locked in a thunder cell, does it feel good?"

Lei Lang muttered to himself with a sneer on his face.

Bloodthirsty and arrogant, written all over his face.


Lei Lang stretched out his hand, and the red electric light shook his fingertips.


Aiming at the void means pressing with one finger.


The world trembled, and the Lei Jie restricted area split instantly.

On the demon ancestor mountain, one after another aura of promotion rushed into the thunder tribulation space.


The Thunder Tribulation crystal ball in the space lit up hundreds of Thunder Lights.

Seeing this scene, Lei Lang couldn't help but widen his eyes, "Hundreds of people are promoted at the same time?"

"Not only, it's still increasing. It's only a while, and dozens more have been added!"

"God, you love me too much!"

"On the first day, can I complete a task for decades?"

"This time, it's me!"

Lei Lang's heart beat violently, and his eyes bloomed with brilliant light.

The whole body trembled slightly with excitement.

"It's more, and it continues to increase!"

"Let's kill a wave first!"

Thinking like this, Thunder Wolf's figure flashed and disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he had already reached the sky above the Great Demon Mountain.

At this moment, on the Great Demon Mountain, dark clouds are pressing on the top.


The blood-red electric glow, running through the dark clouds, burst out a thrilling breath.


Thunder Wolf rushed in the dark clouds, and every laughter resounded like thunder.

The whole earth was trembling slightly.


"I am not as weak as Lei Yang!"

"You waited for the ants, dare to gather together to survive the catastrophe!"

"Today, you can't wait to live!"

"Fighting with the sky? Haha..."

"Go to death for me!"

Thunder Wolf roared and took out the Thunder Hammer.

Mind moved.


The blood-red electric glow kept shining on the Thunder Hammer, exploding a thrilling breath.

Then, these electric lights gathered in a huge lightning bolt.

Aiming down, he banged down.


The sky was torn apart, and a bolt of lightning shrouded the sky and the earth.

The power of terror, like a galaxy pouring down, whizzes down.

At this moment, in the Great Demon Mountain, all the monsters were crawling on the ground, shivering.

The residence of Sun Hao.

He has stopped playing the piano at this moment.

Feeling the scene of the sky, I can't help but frown.

Looking up, his pupils shrank, and two phantom lights burst into his eyes.

For an instant, he stared at that huge lightning.

this moment.

The lightning slowly disappeared from bottom to top.

There was no power left.


Lei Lang looked at the disappearing lightning, his eyes widened and he couldn't believe it.

This power gathered together, even the fairy king could not take it.

It did not cause the Immortal King Thunder Hammer to move, presumably it was not blocked by the Immortal King.

Could it be that Xianzun made the shot?


In this case, Xianzun Thunder Hammer can sense it.

if not.

Why did the immortal robbery that I used just disappear?

Is it possible that there really is a supreme existence?

Thinking about it this way, Lei Lang stared directly at the ground.

Next second.

His mind was tense, and his whole body trembled violently.

He looked at Sun Hao, a kind of utter fear enveloped his whole body.

He was obviously a mortal, but that sharp gaze made people extremely uncomfortable.

Even if the master looks at him, he doesn't feel this way.

"He... who is he? Why is he so terrible?"

"This... how should this be good?"

Lei Lang said, holding the Xianjie Thunder Hammer's hand, trembling slightly.

The whole body, there is a feeling of loss of strength.

"No, this is the power of sealing!"

"He looked at me, he could actually seal it?"

"I am a messenger of the heavenly path! It is executed, but the law of heavenly path!"

"I am blessed by heaven!"

"How can he seal my power?"

Lei Lang muttered to himself, fear crawling all over his body like black ants.

Feeling extremely uncomfortable, a wave came.


At this moment, no matter how hard he was, he directly bowed down, facing Sun Hao, and kowtowed, "The supreme existence, I was wrong, don't look at me like this!"

"The little one will leave immediately and never come again!"

Only at this moment did he know Lei Yang's original state of mind.

How helpless and hopeless he was at that time.

In front of these existences, when the master came, he had to kneel down.


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