Sun Hao looked at the clear sky and nodded slightly.

Unexpectedly, he could really scare away the Thunder Tribulation Giant.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I couldn't believe it.

Thunder Tribulation Giants are all enforcers of the Law of Heaven, and these characters are generally not weak.

It is not easy to guess how strong it is.

"It seems that my strength is stronger than that of Thunder Tribulation Giant!"

"Even so, it can't be too high-profile. The universe is so big and there are so many strong people!"

"Attracting real masters, I'm afraid the entire Ziyang Star will be wiped out!"

"Not to mention, there are those two cosmic giants!"

Thinking of the giants of the universe, Sun Hao felt as though two huge rocks were crushed on his chest, which was very uncomfortable.

He seems to be very strong, but in front of those terrifying powerhouses, one finger can blast him into ashes.

"I must find a suitable exercise method and embark on the road of cultivation!"

Sun Hao thought secretly and made a decision.

Withdrawing his mood, his eyes swept over the thousands of people in front of him, his eyes blooming with strange glow.

I see.

Everyone is shrouded by colorful gods.

Shen Yuan is thick as water mist, and quickly penetrates into their bodies, strengthening their bodies.

Sun Hao's eyes swept directly on Xue Mei.

"It looks like Miss Xuemei has put down her guard!"

"Presumably I can ask a lot of things."

Sun Hao glanced around.

Finally, keep your eyes on the Tai Chi Tower.

"The fairy crystals are multicolored rays of light. The ones that pop up from me are all colored rays of light. I wonder if the Taiji Tower will absorb them?

"Try it!"

Thinking about this, Sun Hao continued to play the guqin.


The piano sounds.

Colorful Shenyuan surged from fingertips, followed Sun Hao's thoughts, and rushed into the Taiji Tower.

"Om! Om..."

The roar kept ringing.

Groups of patterns, flowing with wonderful brilliance.

The Tai Chi Tower lights up rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After a while.


The entire Tai Chi tower is lit up.

At this moment, Tai Chi Tower was activated again.

Sun Hao stopped playing the piano and looked at the Tai Chi Tower with a look of surprise.

"Fuck, really?"

"In this way, am I not an energy store?"

Sun Hao murmured, agitated in his heart.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

In front of him.

Huang Rumeng sat cross-legged, with an extremely solemn expression on his face.

"50 kinds of avenues will be integrated soon!"

"When I merge into a hundred species, I will break into the fairy king realm!"

"It's unimaginable that the sons of these gods contain three thousand avenues!"

"Is the prince the ancestor of the great road?"

In Huang Rumeng's heart, at this moment, there was another stormy sea, which was unable to calm down for a long time.

After a while.

"50 kinds!"

"carry on!"

Huang Rumeng continued to sit cross-legged and continued to merge with the avenue.

not far away.

Xuemei runs the technique with all its strength, devouring the colorful gods madly.


It sounded.

The film of the realm on Xue Mei's body cracked.

At this moment, her strength broke through and reached the Seventh Stage Immortal Venerable Realm!

"Seventh-Rank, if this continues, there is no problem breaking through to the Ninth-Rank Immortal Venerable!"

"That demon... Young Master, definitely not an ordinary god!"

"I am so lucky to meet such a god!"

Xue Mei murmured to himself, looking at Sun Hao.

With her eyes facing each other, Xue Mei quickly retracted her gaze.

"I actually looked at the gods, it's so rude!"

"It must never be like this in the future!"

Withdrawing her mood, Xue Mei calmed down and continued to devour the colorful spirits around her.

Not far from her.

Su Yiling sat there, motionless.

Strands of colorful fairy light quickly penetrated into her mouth.

Her strength is rapidly becoming stronger.

After a while.

She opened her eyes.

The corners of the mouth were raised, revealing two shallow dimples.

"The son is really amazing!"

"I actually practiced the Tuntian Tundi Art to the third level!"

"Now the strength has reached the Immortal Venerable Realm!"

"The technique the son gave me is really suitable for me!"

"carry on!"

After Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao, he opened his blood basin and mouth, and started the swallowing mode.

Scenes like this are constantly being staged throughout the field.

Everyone had a knowing smile on their faces.

At the same time, a touch of firmness is hidden in a smile.

I do not know how long it has been.

The colorful gods all around gradually disappeared.

Everyone awoke in turn.

"Haha, I broke through to the fairy king realm!"

"Break two great realms in one day, if this is said, who can believe it?"

"Xianzun, I turned out to be Xianzun!"

"What a terrifying power, what a formidable strength!"

"I feel like my body is full of power!"

The exclamation kept ringing.

Everyone stood in place with a look of excitement.

For a long time, I never calmed down.

"All right!"

Luo Liuyan let out a soft drink, and everyone awoke.

Everyone stood in place and bowed deeply to Sun Hao.

"Thank you son!"

The sound was neat, shaking the world with a roar.

"You don't have to be polite!"

Sun Hao stood up and looked at Luo Liuyan with a solemn expression.


Luo Liuyan stepped forward and bowed to salute.

"Ms. Liu Yan, the Tai Chi Tower has been activated, you can go in and practice!"

"You arrange it. This activation will definitely last for a few years without a problem!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Luo Liuyan looked back at the Tai Chi God Tower, and his eyes were full of spirits.

"This can be regarded as real activation!"

"The son is really amazing!"

Withdrawing his gaze, Luo Liuyan looked at the thousands of people in front of him and began to make arrangements.

A few principals were left to take care of the affairs of the Tianluo Continent, and others walked into the Taiji Tower one after another.

"My son, when I have something to do, I will leave first!"

Luo Liuyan stepped forward and bowed to salute.

"Well, go slowly!" Sun Hao nodded slightly.

Wait for Luo Liuyan and others to leave.

At the scene, apart from Sun Hao and Luo Liuyan, only Xuemei was left.

Xue Mei stood in place, looking at Sun Hao with gratitude.

Xuemei stepped forward.

When preparing to speak.

"Miss Xuemei, let's go in and talk about something!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Xue Mei nodded, and followed Huang Rumeng.

She clenched her fists, her body trembled slightly, and she looked nervous.

After the three people left.


The blood wolf let out an excited roar towards the sky.

There was joy in his eyes.


Beside it, Lie Konggu let out a low roar, and the blood wolf instantly shrugged his head.

He ran to the Rift Konggu, shaking his head constantly, looking like a dog licking.


Splitting Kong raised his head high and ignored the blood wolf.

Haughty look, full of cracked ancient faces.


Two fierce rays of light burst into the eyes of the ancient crack.

Looking at the void, motionless.

Less than a breath.

Crack Konggu retracted his gaze.

The hair all over his body exploded.

It looked like it had encountered natural enemies, and instinctively feared.


Crack Konggu let out a mournful cry.

The whole body, uncontrollably crawling on the ground, shivered.


The blood wolf looked at Liekonggu and kept turning around it, his face was puzzled.


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