Time flies, ten days in a blink of an eye.

this day.

At the edge of the dark swamp, a man covered in black mud walked out of it.

He is Chen Daoming.


After coming out, he stroked his hair with his hand and laughed for a long time.

"Who said that the Dark Swamp has no entrance or exit?"

"It's just farting! The son gave me a sword and slaughtered everything!"

"After this Shura hell-like tempering for a month, I finally reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Now, even the old monster of the Transcendent God Realm can't take a single shot from me!"

"All this, thanks to the son!"

Having said this, Chen Daoming looked in the direction of Big Demon Mountain, his expression grateful.

"Zongmen Grand Competition, it's about to begin!"

"This time, I must be the first, get the reward, and give it to the son!"

"Hurry back to the sect first!"

Thinking about this, Chen Daoming turned into Changhong and left quickly.



Jiangyang City, somewhere underground.

A half-skeleton half-faced man paced back and forth in place.

He is the evil monarch.

"It's the Yangzhou Zongmen Grand Competition right away, where did this blood evil go?"

"The Demon Race is really unreliable. This time, I can only rely on myself!"

Half of the evil monarch's face was full of disappointment.

At this time.


It sounded.

A figure slowly emerged.

He is an old man, his breath is erratic.

"Evil race, it really is you! Dare to come here and die!"

When Xiejun heard this, his scalp exploded.

He looked at the old man, his face was full of jealousy.

The old man's chest was embroidered with the imprint of God's Gate.

This means that the old man is a man of the Gods.

Looking at his clothing, this person is probably an elder.

Damn it!

How can God's Gate know if you are careful?

And, just find it here?

How can this be? !

How to do? How to do?

The evil monarch has a sharp turn in his mind and keeps thinking about countermeasures.

There are thousands of ways to skip them one by one.

Facing the elders of the God Academy, I was really not sure.

right now.

The puppets were already lying in ambush everywhere in Jiangyang City, with only one beside him.

But it is far from enough to face the elders of the God Academy.


The evil king took a step forward and ran away quickly.

"Want to escape?"

The old man smiled coldly, his body like a ghost.

He appeared behind Xie Jun instantly, pointed at his back, and pressed it with a palm.


The evil monarch was like a broken kite, hit **** the rock wall, his bones were soft and his whole body hurt.

"Old stuff, I fight with you!"

Xiejun waved his right hand.

A teleportation vortex emerged.


A puppet in pitch black came out like a zombie.

Then, the puppet rushed towards the old man like lightning.


The fire was splashing and clinking.

Suddenly, the old man and the puppet were on par.

"Ouch, it's interesting!"

"It seems that the old man is going to be serious!"

After speaking, the old man slapped his palm and hit the puppet's head.


Brains splashed, the puppet's body fell to the ground violently, and after a few convulsions, there was no movement.

Seeing this scene, Xie Jun was scared to death.

The strongest puppet can't stop it.

How can you be your opponent?

That's it!


The evil monarch knelt down and began to beg for mercy.

"My lord, please spare the little one!"

"I have an eighty-year-old mother and a three-year-old child. If I die, what should they do?"

"Be kind and spare the little one!"

The evil monarch cried bitterly, and was extremely sad.

Although he knew that it was useless to do this, he could only be a dead horse as a doctor, he had to try.

However, he cried for a long time, but did not respond.

Look up.

I saw that the old man was holding his belly and grinning.

"Haha, laugh...I'm so ridiculous, I didn't expect that you are so courageous!"

Hearing this voice, Xiejun's forehead revealed a pile of black lines.

"Blood Sha, you don't make you so scary, and you killed my strongest puppet, how do you say this?" Xiejun said.

"Oh, how could it be possible, your puppet is here!"

After finishing speaking, Xue Sha waved his right hand, a teleportation vortex slowly condensed.

Immediately afterwards, a puppet stood in front of the evil monarch.

Seeing this puppet, the evil monarch breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, don't say much, how are your preparations here?" Xue Sha asked.

"I'm ready, what about you? What did you do? It took so long to come?" Xie Jun asked.

Xue Sha mysteriously smiled, "Of course it is to do business. I met a deacon of God's Gate who didn't open his eyes on the way, so I accepted it!"

"This time, you can rest assured, nothing is wrong!" said Xue Sha.

"What kind of medicine do you sell in the gourd? Isn't it okay to tell it?" Xie Jun asked.

"Don't reveal the secret, just put your heart in your stomach, and do it boldly, I will keep you safe!" said Xue Sha.

"it is good."



The northern sky of Jiangyang City.

A long rainbow flew quickly.

This Changhong is the two of Huang Rumeng and Sun Hao.

The two stepped on a long sword and flew with the sword, very handsome.

Now, Sun Hao can stand on the long sword without having to hug Huang Rumeng.

He could even open his eyes and explore the scenery.

"It's wonderful, it's much more comfortable than flying in the previous life!" Sun Hao muttered to himself.

"Young Master, Jiangyang City is in front of us. We are about to land." Huang Rumeng said.

"Okay." Sun Hao nodded.

After a while.

The two landed slowly and stood outside Jiangyang City.

Sun Hao was quite relieved with Huang Rumeng.

At the gate of the city, a huge stone monument stands beside it.

"Within five miles of Jiangyang City, no flight, no murder, no looting...otherwise, death!"

The handwriting is average, but the tone is quite domineering.

In Sun Hao's eyes, he felt a little relieved.

Apparently, as Luo Liuyan said, Jiangyang City is very safe.

"Line up, line up, one or two gold per person, if there is none, get out of the line!"

A guard wearing silver armor and holding a silver gun pointed at the people at the gate of the city and shouted.

It's so powerful that people dare not look directly.

There is a long dragon that exits from the gate of the city, and you can't see it at all.

When Sun Hao heard this, his expression stagnated.

I don't seem to have gold, how do I get in?

How should this be done?

I knew that I should borrow some from Luo Liuyan and others!

I can only go back, which is really troublesome.

"My son, don't worry!"

Huang Rumeng seemed to see what Sun Hao was thinking, and gently held his hand and said.

"En!" Sun Hao nodded.

Rumeng should have gold in her body.

"My son, come with me!"

"Don't you need to line up?"

"Ordinary cultivators and mortals line up, we don't need to!"

"it is good!"

The two walked forward, and the guard pointed a silver spear, "Boldly, how can Jiangyang City be able to break through such mortals!"


Huang Rumeng smiled coldly, her smile covered in veil, no one noticed.


On her body, there was a shock.

The threat of terror shook the silver gun guard back, and it took a long time to stabilize his figure.


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