Tianluo Continent, the northern blood phoenix nest.

In one space, two phantoms were sitting inside, looking dazed.

The two of them are the two polar guards of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

Since Sun Hao visited the Blood Phoenix Nest, the two of them have spent the whole day in a daze.

"Hey, these days are too difficult!"

"Stop talking, my heart is tired!"

"I knew it, I shouldn't have listened to the supreme being who played music! Now I can't die if I want to die, and I can't escape, it's really sad!"

"Yes, there are still tens of thousands of years, how should this be good?"

The two poles guarded his face, full of bitterness.



A figure appeared in front of them.

This person has long blue hair and exudes an icy breath.

Seeing this person, the two poles stood guard in place, his face full of unbelief.


Their figures shook with excitement, as if they were about to shake apart.


The two bowed in front of the blue-haired man, bowed their heads and saluted, "See you master!"

This blue-haired man was named Han Xing, and it was him who sealed the Blood Phoenix before.

The cold torture looked at the two figures, with surprises in his eyes.

"Get up!" said chilling.

"Thank you, Master!"

The two stood in front of the cold torture, with respectful faces.

There seemed to be a thousand words on his face, but he didn't know where to start.

"It stands to reason that you should be unable to hold on anymore, why are your souls..." Han Xing asked.

"Master, don't you know that a supreme being has arrived in the Blood Phoenix Nest!"

"He just played a song, and our two souls have recovered..."

The two poles guarded his brows, with a look of excitement.

Hearing this, Han Xing frowned slightly, revealing a trace of displeasure on his face.


With a cold snort, the guards of the two poles shut up immediately.

"Supreme Existence? It's so funny!"

"How can there be such a character in this world?"

"Since the blood phoenix is ​​destroyed, then I can rest assured!"

"I'm here this time, I am coming back to reunite your bodies!"

The words of cold torture, like thunder, blasted the two poles to guard the place in shock.


"Master, you have regained God..."

The two did not fall silent, and the cold torture made a silent gesture, "Shh..."

The two-pole guard hurriedly shut up and stopped talking.


Chilling with a wave of his right hand.

A ray of light, divided into two, is spinning rapidly.

Two fleshy bodies quickly condense and take shape.

From the outside, they looked like two sturdy men, strong-looking.

"Okay, let's go!" Han Xing said.

"Thank you, Master!"

The two flew into the flesh, one left and the other right.


The laughter rang out for a long time.

In the eyes of the two poles guarding, it is full of energy.

For a long time, I never calmed down.

"Thank you, Master!"

"Okay, come with me!"

The chilling thoughts moved, leading the two of them to disappear instantly, and when they reappeared, they had already reached the sky above the Blood Phoenix Nest.

He stood in the sky, aimed at the void, clasped his fists slightly, "Boss!"


The sky twisted for a while, and a figure appeared in front of the cold execution.

This person was a woman, dressed in a black shirt, with black knives hung on the sleeves and hem of the skirt, which looked like willow leaves, and knocked gently, like a wind chime.

The whole body looked black except for the snow-white skin.

She is like a ghost, unpredictable.

The black-shirted woman looked at the cold torture, nodded slightly, without a slight expression on her face.

"Boss, shall we go now?" Han Xing asked.

"Not urgent!"

The black-shirted woman looked at the guards at the two poles and asked, "Is the supreme existence you just said is true or not?"

"Senior, it's true! The two of us have only listened to the song of Supreme Existence, and we have persisted until now!" The two-pole guard nodded again and again.

"Then do you know where that person lives?" the black-shirted woman asked.

"Senior, we only remember that they flew away to the south. We don't know exactly where they are!" said the two-pole guard.


The black-shirted woman looked at the south, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

"Boss, aren't you just looking for that guy to join us?" Han Xing asked.

"Yes! That place, the two of us are not enough!" said the black shirt woman.

"Boss, what about? On a dead star, what can be strong?"

"I think he is at best an immortal king, not a fart!"

"I think we should look for other planets!" Han Xing said.

"Go and see, it's always right!"

"Boss, then I directly release my spiritual thoughts, wouldn't it be faster?"

"Hold on!"

The black-shirted woman gave a soft drink, and the cold torture stopped immediately, "How many times have I told you that the gods can't come out? It doesn't mean there are no gods!"

"The end of the world will begin, and the era will return. I will wait more carefully!"

"Come with me!" said the black-shirted woman.

"Yes, boss!"

The cold torture secretly wiped out the cold sweat, his face was full of fear.

He took two polar guards, followed behind the black-shirted woman, took a thousand miles, and disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he had already reached the sky above the Great Demon Mountain.

The woman in black shirt stood in the air, looking at the void, her face was surprised.

"Boss, what's the matter?" Han Xing asked.

"A lot of immortal emperors have come here, it looks like something is going to happen here!" said the black-shirted woman.

"Boss, some little dolls, what's so beautiful! Let's go, let's go!" Han Xing said.

"Don't worry, look there!"

Following the direction of the black-shirted woman's fingers, she looked into the distance with the cold torture, her pupils contracted, and her face was surprised.

"That...that is the Taiji Tower!"

"Why are you here? Didn't it fall apart during the Dark Age?"

"No wonder, so many little dolls are here!"

Han Xing nodded secretly, looking at the Tai Chi Tower, a flash of light flashed, "Boss, do we want to?"

"This auxiliary artifact has little effect on us!"

"Not to mention, is there any strong behind it!"

"Look at everything!" said the black-shirted woman.

"Senior, that one is supreme being!"

There was a hint of surprise on the face of the guardian of the two poles, pointing to Sun Hao on the top of the Taiji Tower, and said.

This was just finished.


Two brilliant lights burst out, staring directly at the guards of the two poles.

At this moment, the two poles guarded like hell, and fear enveloped the whole body.

On the forehead, fine beads of perspiration overflowed.

These two spirits come quickly and go faster.

The two supported each other, showing a touch of fear.


Han Xing stared at Sun Hao, with a trace of doubt on his face.

"There is no spiritual power fluctuation, and no fairy power fluctuation!"

"Furthermore, there is no divine essence fluctuation, isn't he just a mortal?"

Having said that, Han Xing stared at the two poles guarding, "Are you sure it is him?"

"Master, absolutely right, we will never forget it in our entire life!" said the two-pole guard.

"A mortal?"

He shook his head for a while and looked at the black-shirted woman, "Boss, just a mortal, nothing to look at!"

"Let's go to other planets to find!" Han Xing said.

"Don't worry, take a look and go!" The black-shirted woman looked at the sky and said.


Han Xing sighed helplessly, and reduced his irritability.

Look up.


The sky was rippling.


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