Over the Great Demon Mountain.


The sky shook layers of ripples, and silhouettes walked out of it, standing in all directions.

They looked at the Tai Chi Tower, and their eyes were full of spirits.

"Sure enough, there is a Tai Chi God Tower. If it can be obtained, wouldn't it be a windfall?"

"Let’s have this dream less! I’ll wait and see, it’s okay, I really want to go up and grab it, only death!"

"Yes, how can I covet such artifacts!"

People get together more and more.

These people are all immortal cultivators from other planets.

Those with low strength are all in the realm of the fairy king.

Most people have reached the fairyland.

However, none of them had any plans to **** it.


Suddenly, with a roar, the world buzzed and trembled.

A series of huge ripples, shaking from the sky, rippling out.

Immediately afterwards, an immortal boat exuding a metallic luster emerged from the ripples and floated in the sky.

The immortal boat is several kilometers long and several hundred meters high.

It looks like a giant standing in the air.

The onlookers were shocked when they saw this scene.

On the immortal boat, there are three characters-Mu Shen Gong!

Above these three characters, golden light radiated, so bright that people couldn't open their eyes.

"I'm going, everyone from the Mu Shen Palace is here, Niubi!"

"With them, we can't even touch the fish!"

"Don't think about it! There is only one artifact, we will wait and see who will get it!"

Excited constantly.

Everyone's eyes are fixed on the immortal boat, motionless.


The roar of metal friction sounded, and the door of Xianzhou slowly opened.

Dozens of figures flew out of the immortal boat and fell into the distant crowd, standing motionless.


The fairy boat was put away, and the sky returned to calm.

The onlookers looked at this scene with all doubts.

"Such a big immortal boat, dozens of people came? Isn't this too high-profile?"

"Don't you understand? There are many soldiers but not good ones. Look at them, the most powerful are the third-rank immortals, so powerful!"

"So what, in front of the immortal emperor, they are still not ants! With this strength, they also want to grab the artifact, I think they are crazy about dreams!"

"Not necessarily, maybe their immortal emperor has already come and is waiting for the opportunity!"

Intense discussions continued to sound.

Regarding these, the people in the Mu Shen Palace seemed to have not heard, standing there motionless.

After a while.


The sky shook layers of ripples again, and a huge immortal boat emerged from it.

On the immortal boat, there are also a few big characters written: Qingyumen!

The onlookers watched this scene, once again dumbfounded.

"I wipe, Qingyu Gate is also here, it seems that the attraction of the artifact is really extraordinary!"

"Is this Ziyang star still a waste star? So many powerful forces are here!"

"What waste star, in ancient times, this was the center of the universe!"

"No matter what, at least it didn't come in vain this time. This drama is really beautiful!"

Everyone was still in a daze for a moment.


The sky shook a few ripples again.

Several immortal boats, penetrating the ripples, floating in the air.

The strength of each of the immortal cultivators who flew down from the immortal boat was comparable to that of the Mu Shen Palace.

After they flew down, they kept a few kilometers away from the Taiji Tower, watching from afar.

The people of each force, standing on one side, looked at the Tai Chi Tower in an encircled manner.

"Awesome, the eight powers are in all directions. Is this trying to unite?"

"It looks like it is! Hey, there are two mortals sitting in the Taiji Tower, drinking tea!"

"No, it's really comfortable, I don't know how I will die!"

"A mortal, surely I can't sense the existence of Xianzun!"

Everyone's eyes fixed on Sun Hao.

I see.

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng were drinking tea and chatting, looking at the vast land from time to time, pointing to the country, stimulating the words, and talking and laughing.

"My son, they are all here, don't you let me take action?" Huang Rumeng said with a smile.


Sun Hao shook his head slightly, "It's not your turn to take action, just watch it!"

"What about Miss Liu Yan? Don't let it go?" Huang Rumeng said.

"No hurry, they besieged instead of attacking, they must be waiting for something!"

"They don't make a move, they will surround themselves for as long as they want!" Sun Hao said with a smile.


Huang Rumeng nodded, took the cup, and took a sip.



A burst of laughter resounded through the world.

Immediately afterwards, five figures emerged from the ripples in the sky.

When these five people appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of the onlookers.

"He... they are the five elders of Mo Kun!"

"What Mokun Five Elders?"

"Fuck, you haven't heard of this? They are so famous on Star Mo Kun, even Star Master Mo Kun can't help them!"

"What, they are the Mokun Five Thieves?"

"Speak down, each of them has reached the fifth-rank Immortal Venerable in strength. Together, they can fight against the sixth-rank Immortal Venerable! Don't let them hear, there is no life!"

"So what? Is it possible that they dare to **** the artifact!"

The words just fell silent.

But I saw Mo Kun Wu Lao walking straight to the Tai Chi Tower.

The appearance of this scene immediately caused a burst of exclamation.

"What? They want to die, really dare to go!?"

"They are not the kind of people who can't walk when they see treasures?"

"You are right! They must have been instigated by someone to try!"


"Don't you know the life-saving ability of the five elders of Mo Kun? If you can't beat them, there is no problem with running away!"

"It is said that Emperor Immortal cannot capture them either!"

For these voices, Mo Kun Wu Lao ignored them.

Their gazes were all on Sun Hao and they walked forward step by step.

Every step seems careless, but in fact it is very square, showing offensive and defensive momentum.


"Two little babies, that's not where you stayed!"

"I advise you to leave there quickly, otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite!"

The voice of the five elders of Mo Kun was faint and clearly spread to everyone's ears.

However, Sun Hao and the two said to themselves as if they had not heard.

For five people, completely ignored.


There was a look of caution on the faces of the five old Mo Kun.

After looking at each other, continue to walk forward.

"Stupid boy, old man with you..."

Said unanswered!


The sound of five lines breaking through the sky sounded.

Five figures flying up from the ground.

In an instant, he appeared in front of the five old Mo Kun.

The cold killing intent was written all over the five people.

These five people are Luo Liuyan, Flower Fairy, Ruoxi Taoist, Mu Bing and Xuanyuan Poetry.

"Dare to insult the son, you will die today!"

On Luo Liuyan's body, the killing intent was soaring, without any hiding.

Looking at the five Luo Liuyan, the Five Elders of Mo Kun were startled first, then froze, and then burst into laughter.


"I thought there were five masters!"

"It turned out to be just five little yellow-haired girls!"

"Just rely on your five female dolls?"

"The old man is standing here with one hand on his back. You are not opponents either."

Luo Liuyan looked at each other, nodded, found one of them, and rushed over.

This scene stunned many people instantly.


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