"No, five second-rank immortals can deal with Mo Kun's five elders?"

"Rank 2 vs. Rank 5 is nothing more than hitting an egg against a rock and looking for death!"

"It's really desperate to even rush over!"


The onlookers sighed secretly when they saw this scene.

A look of regret appeared on his face.

They stared closely at Luo Liuyan's five bodies, following their figures moving.

I see.

"Dare to insult the son, die!"

Fairy Hua said slightly, looking at an old monster in front of him, stretched out his finger, and pressed forward.


At the fingertips, countless orchids rushed out, covering the entire sky.

The petals carried the fragrance of silk orchids, and quickly rushed towards the old monster.

"It turned out to be a flower demon!"

"Little Wawa, see you look good, stay with the old man for one night, give..."

Before the words fell silent, the whole body of the old monster was stunned.

His body, all covered by orchids, disappeared.

After a while.

The orchids spread out and drifted down slowly.

All that was left was the fragrance of orchids.

That old monster has long been gone.

I don't know how to die.

Not even the screams were made.

The orchid fragrance is blowing, and the old monsters are gone.

"No, fourth child!"

Another old monster let out a cry, tears in his eyes rushed out.

The eyes are blood red, and the killing intent is running on itself.

As soon as he looked up, he happened to see Mu Bing appearing in front of him.

"Damn it, the old man will peel you off!"

"I want you..."

The words just fell silent.

The old monster's body trembled slightly, and he opened his mouth and mumbled for a long time without uttering a word.

He was horrified to find that his body was becoming stiff.

Next second.


The whole body broke apart and burst into blood mist.


The ice phoenix screamed up to the sky, and the sky was freezing.

It made the originally bitter winter colder several times.

Even the onlookers who were onlookers were shivering at this moment.

Taking back the ice phoenix, Mu Bing stood in place, like a goddess of ice and snow.

Not far from her.

"call out……"

Hundreds of millions of sword light covered the world.

A sword light shield was formed to envelop Xuanyuan Poetry.

"I don't believe it!"

An old monster rushed away and hit Xuanyuan Shi with a punch.

Next second.

His pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.


Hundreds of millions of Jianguang pierced his body into a hornet's nest in an instant.


There was an explosion.

The old monster's body exploded into powder and died tragically on the spot.

"call out……"

Hundreds of millions of sword lights condensed into a sword, flying quickly, returning to Xuanyuan Shimei's heart.

When the other two bosses saw this scene, their pupils contracted and their complexions changed dramatically.

One of the old monsters did not hesitate, and directly took out the God's Escape Talisman, and his mind immediately ignited.

A teleportation vortex appeared in front of him.

Without any hesitation, he stepped forward and stepped into it.

Seeing, the body is about to be submerged in the teleportation vortex.

At this time.

"Ha ha……"

A laugh rang in my ears.

At this moment, he saw the rapid changes in the surrounding scenery.

He felt himself in the warm sun.

The family gathered together, chatting and laughing.

That comfortable feeling rushed all over the body.


Even if the teleportation vortex disappeared and took away his right leg, he didn't know at all.

There was only a pleasant smile on his face.

"Boom! Boom..."

The meridians all over his body were exploding rapidly, breaking every inch.

Every time it blows up, it makes the corners of his mouth smile better.

When the onlookers saw this scene, their scalp exploded in cold sweat.

"My God, this...this is the Avenue of Feelings!"

"The meridian is broken, it has become a waste!"

"This is completely invisible, it's terrible!"

"The second product kills the fifth product, like killing a chicken!"

Everyone's eyes stared directly at Taoist Ruoxi, their faces shocked.

If Xi Daoist stood in place, with a wave of his right hand, he recovered the power of the Dao.


There was a loud noise.

Boss fell directly to the ground.

However, he didn't pause at all and stood up directly.

Even if his hands and feet are crooked, without any hesitation, he walked forward.

Limping, the speed is not reduced.


The old monster looked up and laughed.

There was no pain in the laughter.

Hearing this, many people secretly wiped out the cold sweat, and their faces were full of fear.

the other side.

Luo Liuyan in front of him.

The boss headed his whole body into the whirlpool.

Seeing, it will disappear in place.

"If there is a cause, there must be an effect, and if there is an effect, there must be a cause. The cycle of cause and effect is endless!"

Strands of cause and effect immediately enveloped the old monster.


The teleportation vortex disappeared in place.

The old monster also disappeared in place.


"Only one ran?"

"The means of escape is really good!"

Everyone looked at this scene, for a moment, stunned.

Next second.

They couldn't help being stunned.


A teleportation vortex appeared in front of Luo Liuyan.

Immediately after.

The fleeing boss directly drilled out of the teleportation vortex and appeared in front of Luo Liuyan.

His pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.

Not ready to move yet.


It sounded.

The whole person was cut into thousands of small pieces.

"Boom! Boom..."

There was a blast.

The boss boss directly burst into powder.

So far, Mo Kun's five elders all died tragically.

No one escaped.

The onlookers watched this scene and mumbled for a long time without saying a word.

The kind of dullness and shock is beyond words.

The five elders of Mo Kun, who could not even be caught by the Immortal Emperor, died in the hands of five female dolls?

Is this fake?

After a while.


Pour air-conditioning one after another.

"My God, this...this is terrible!"

"The second rank kills the fifth rank, killing so easily, there is really no one!"

"Awesome. Every kind of avenue is cultivated to the extreme, and it's really tough."

"Especially on the Great Path of Cause and Effect, you can cultivate to this degree with such a complicated way, I'm convinced!"

The exclamation kept ringing.

Everyone's eyes were on Luo Liuyan's five people.

The light of awe and worship swept in waves.

After a long time, the scene gradually calmed down.


Suddenly, there were waves of applause in the sky.

Applause seemed to come from all directions, making it impossible to tell the direction.

"who is it?"

Luo Liuyan's face changed slightly, and he kept walking around the place, starting to search.

However, the source of the sound cannot be found after exhaustion of the methods.

There were a crowd of onlookers who looked like them.

Everyone has surprise written on their faces.

"Who the **** is here? Just hear the sound, but not see the person?"

"This is not a sound, but a wave of thoughts!"

"What? Mind waves? Could it be that the immortal emperor has arrived!"

"Fuck, immortal emperor really came, we retreat a little bit, it will be bad if we are affected!"

"That's right!"

The onlookers retreated one after another.

They looked at the sky with jealousy on their faces.



In the sky, there were layers of ripples, and a figure emerged from the ripples.


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