"You are really good, you can be my apprentice!"

A sound came from the void, shaking the world with a roar.

Immediately afterwards, a figure stepped out of the void and appeared on top of Luo Liuyan and the other five people, looking down at the five people.

This figure is an old man dressed in Tsing Yi with white beard on his face.

It looks like a fairy tale.


The old man in Tsing Yi was surging with imperial might, shaking out, covering the whole world.

At this moment, Wan Lai was completely silent.

Even the worms and songbirds did not cry.

The hearts of the strong immortals seemed to stop beating at this moment.

The whole person looked very uncomfortable.


The five Luo Liuyan frantically extracted their powers, struggling.

No matter how exhausted, I couldn't move.

There is only one big realm between Xianzun and Xiandi.

However, this realm is just like the heavenly cushion, insurmountable.

It is basically impossible to challenge more levels.


The old man in Tsing Yi withdrew his pressure, and everyone immediately recovered.

Every face showed a look of fear.

They looked at the old man in Tsing Yi with all their faces full of fear.

"He... he is the Great Emperor Qingxuan!"

"What, the ancestors of Qingyumen are here?"

"No wonder there is such a strong Emperor Wei, this is too strong to be afraid!"

"It is said that Emperor Qingxuan is a first-grade immortal emperor!"

"What? Can the First Grade Immortal Emperor exude such imperial prestige?"

The exclamation kept ringing.

Everyone looked at Emperor Qingxuan with jealousy.

The Great Emperor Qingxuan smiled slightly, showing a kind look, and looked at the five Luo Liuyan, "You five, are you willing to follow the old man as your teacher?"

"What? Great Emperor Qingxuan wants to accept apprentices?"

"I am willing, one hundred are willing!"

"Emperor Qingxuan, please accept me!"

The crowd murmured to themselves, looking at Emperor Qingxuan with excitement.

The light of jealousy kept sweeping from his eyes to the five Luo Liuyan.


"Not willing!"

in unison.

Five people refused at the same time.

this moment.

Time freezes, space is still.

The crowd stared at the five people blankly, their faces staring blankly.

The shock, the unbelief, the surprise.

Words cannot describe.

"Isn't the immortal emperor accepting disciples and they are unwilling?"

"No, are they fools?"

"This is a golden opportunity!"

The voice of regret, kept ringing.

The Great Emperor Qingxuan stood on the spot, his mouth twitched slightly and his face was ugly.

However, he quickly recovered. He looked at the five people, showing a spring breeze and a smooth smile.

"Why?" Emperor Qingxuan asked.

"Because you are not worthy!"

This sound is not loud, but it clearly reaches everyone's ears.

The surroundings fell into a dead silence again.

It is almost audible.

Emperor Qingxuan turned blue, and the corners of his mouth kept twitching.

Anger ran across his chest, as if to blow up his chest.

Those who dare to talk to themselves like this are basically dead.

Five little dolls uttered wild words.

Such a big talk unexpectedly.

If you don't kill you, it's hard to solve the hatred.

Without any hesitation, Emperor Qingxuan quickly shot.


The five blue feathers broke through the air and shot directly at the five people's eyebrows.

This speed is so fast that it makes people unresponsive.

In an instant, it pierced the five people's eyebrows.

The corners of Emperor Qingxuan's mouth raised, and his face was filled with a cold smile.

"Dare to talk to the old man like this, die!"

The words just fell silent.

Great Emperor Qingxuan's face changed drastically, staring blankly at the place, his face full of unbelief.

At some point, the five Luo Liuyan had disappeared.

What was pierced just now was just their phantom.

He rescued five people under his nose without letting himself find out.

The opponent's strength is definitely above himself.

Who the **** is it?

There seems to be no strong immortal emperor here!

On the forehead of Emperor Qingxuan, thin beads of sweat overflowed, his eyes swept.

"who is it?"

With a loud shout, the sky buzzed.

However, the surroundings were silent and did not respond to him.

"Pretend to be a fool and come out for the old man!"

Emperor Qingxuan let out a loud shout, mobilizing the power of the whole body.


It sounded like a dragon chant.

The threat of terror, centered on Emperor Qingxuan, spread throughout the world.

In an instant, it shrouded within a hundred li.

this moment.

Whether it's an immortal cultivator or a monster beast, they are all crawling on the ground at this moment, shivering.

The weak monster beast directly broke into powder and died tragically on the spot.

Some fairy kings trembled violently, and their bodies seemed to linger on the edge of a crack.

"You shouldn't die, in front of the Emperor Xian, you can't even struggle!"

"It's too uncomfortable, this Emperor Wei is too terrible!"

"I feel my body is going to explode!"

Everyone has regrets on their faces.


Emperor Qingxuan raised his eyebrows, his face showed a trace of unbelief.

He found that Sun Hao and the two were sitting in the Tai Chi Tower, unaffected by him.

His own imperial prestige in front of him is completely a joke.

"Even if he sits in the artifact, it's impossible to be all right?"

"Isn't this Taiji Tower not an ordinary artifact?"

Thinking of this, the Great Emperor Qingxuan released his spiritual thoughts, shrouded in the Taiji Tower.


The mind trembled.

The pain is unbearable if the head is pricked by needles.

It is impossible to detect at all.

"what happened?"

The Great Emperor Qingxuan muttered to himself, looking at the two of Sun Hao, his faces full of fear.

"You two, have something for me to come out!"

"Look at me……"

The words did not fall.

Great Emperor Qingxuan exploded his scalp, and a wave of fear flooded his body.

Turning around and looking back, he just saw a tiger-like monster. It stretched out its paw and pointed it at his back, and then a paw grabbed it.


His Immortal Emperor's body had several blood marks with deep bones.

Extreme pain rushed all over the body.


A scream resounded through the world.

The Great Emperor Qingxuan looked at the cracked space with a jealous face.


He raised his eyebrows and his face was full of horror.

Pointing to Rikong Gu, his voice trembled.

" are the ancient fierce beast—Split Konggu!"

The words came out.

Like the same stone, it stirred up waves.

Many immortal cultivators stepped back, watching from afar.

The color of panic filled everyone's eyes.

In the crowd.

Han Xing looked at the cracked sky, and a strange glow appeared in his eyes.

"Boss, a juvenile Ripples Ancient, shall we conquer it?" Gestalt said.


The black gauze woman shook her head slightly, "It has grown up a long time ago, but its strength has fallen."

"Presumably it already has a master!" said the black yarn woman.


"Is there a master? What a pity!"

"Should we kill its owner?" Han Xing asked.

"Killed it? Is it the weak who can conquer the rift?"

"From now on, you must not be so impatient, you know? You must not mess around until you figure out the situation!" said the black yarn woman.

"Yes, boss!"

Chilling nodded, and said weakly.

Their eyes stared at Rikong Gu's body again.

The four of them were clearly standing in the crowd, but the cultivators around them seemed to have not seen them.


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