Li Konggu stretched out its giant claws to cover the sky, aimed at the eight immortal emperors and patted it down.

The terrifying power, whizzed down from the paws, and hit the eight immortal emperors.

this moment.

The eight people were imprisoned and could hardly move.

They looked at the giant claw covering the sky with despair in their eyes.


The artifact is not so easy to grab.

Will die at any time.

Several people closed their eyes one by one and waited quietly for death.

As soon as he saw, the giant claws covering the sky had to be slapped on several people.

At this time.


The world trembled.

A coercion surged.

It took a long time for Li Konggu's body to kick back and stabilize.

Its gaze was like a torch, staring into the void with a serious look.

I see.


A dazzling light lit up from the void and came quickly.

This ray of light, like sunlight, spreads all over the world, making it impossible to look directly at it.

The onlookers Xiuxian hadn't reacted yet.


Another ray of light lit up.

Standing quietly in the sky like the sun.

Lined up with the light before.


The light kept flying from the void.

At a glance, it looks like nine suns floating in the sky.

Counting the original sun, it looks like ten suns floating in the sky.

The ambient temperature rises rapidly.


The snow on the ground quickly melts and evaporates into water vapor, curling upward.

It looks like a fairy mist, extremely beautiful.


The sky trembled again.

A giant foot stepped down from the void like a pillar of heaven.

Then, a figure walked down from the void.

This figure is ten thousand meters high, standing proudly in the sky.

The whole body skin is flaming red.

The ancient golden lines are all over the body.

The surging breath radiated from him, covering the world.

Any life shrouded by might, at this moment, the body felt like a huge mountain, and the legs trembled uncontrollably.


Onlookers watched the immortal cultivators, one by one fell to the ground, shivering.


Even the eight immortal emperors knelt down in front of the giant at this moment, with a respectful look.


Crack Konggu gritted his teeth and roared, struggling.

The limbs were shaking constantly, and they would fall down at any time.

The giant stood in the sky, and nine suns surrounded him like a guard.


The giant withdrew its coercion.

His eyes fell on Rikong Gu.

The onlookers stood up one by one, and their entire bodies trembled violently uncontrollably.

They looked at the giant, their pupils constricted and their complexion changed drastically.

"Gosh, that...that's Emperor Jiuyang!"

"What, the Great Emperor Jiuyang is here? No wonder it's so powerful!"

"Is it true that Emperor Nine Suns can burn all the laws of the world by practicing Nine Suns Taoism?"

"That's enough! According to legend, the Nine Sun Taoism is a supreme immortal level technique, and its power is terrifying!"

"The Great Emperor Jiuyang has reached the third stage of the immortal emperor. He is there. It seems that the Taiji Tower is none other than him!"

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Emperor Jiuyang, with awe.

The Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at Rift Konggu, and a strange glow appeared in his eyes.

"Are you willing to recognize this seat as the master?"

The voice of the Great Emperor Nine Suns faintly spread between heaven and earth, like a divine sound, for a long time.

Hearing this, Li Konggu showed a trace of contempt on his face.

"Just you, do you deserve it?"

As soon as this word came out, everyone was shocked again.

When the eight immortal emperors heard this, they secretly wiped out their cold sweat.

They retreated slowly, away from the battlefield.

They looked at Rikong Gu, showing a pity for it.

Emperor Jiuyang has a fierce reputation.

Even if you are an ancient fierce beast, but your strength is not good, saying these things is different from looking for death?

The Great Emperor Jiuyang looked at the cracked sky without changing his face.


With a big hand covering the sky, he pressed it down from the sky, and pressed it towards Rikong Gu.


The flames howled, rushing down like a torrent.

In an instant, it shrouded the cracked space.


The flames all over the body of Likong Gu, burning it to scream again and again.

The space avenue used was melted by flames.

If the space avenue is crushed, it will be released according to law.

"This seat asks you the last time, are you willing to recognize this seat as the master?"

The voice of Emperor Nine Suns roared into the ancient ears.

"Just you, do you deserve it?"

This is it again.

Rikong Gu did not admit any counsel.

"If that's the case, then you go to death for this seat!"

The big hand covering the sky suddenly accelerated, directly smashed into the space, and quickly shot towards the cracked sky.


The world shook and the loud noises continued.

The space where the cracked space is located, directly cracked every inch.

Space turbulence, whistling constantly.

Long time.

The space was restored again.

"Dead? Splitting the ancient dead?"

"It's not dead yet? How easy is it to resist the Third Stage Immortal Emperor's methods!"

"Emperor Nine Suns, really powerful!"

A crowd of immortal cultivators looked at Emperor Jiuyang, their faces full of worship.

Regarding these, Emperor Jiuyang seemed to have not heard.

this moment.

He glanced around, as if looking for something.

"Who is it? Get out of here!"

"How can you save the things you want to kill!"

"who is it?"

The roar shook the world.

"Are you looking for me?"

At this time, there was a sound.

The sound was not loud, but the Great Emperor Jiuyang raised his eyebrows.

He looked at a man in front of him and couldn't help frowning.

This man stood in front of Emperor Jiuyang, just like an ant standing in front of an elephant, there was no comparison at all.

But his calm expression is like a king who controls everything.

This person is Sun Hao.


The Nine Sun God Emperor looked at Sun Hao, and used the secret technique.

It is impossible to see the strength of Sun Hao.

There was no power fluctuation on Sun Hao either.

No matter how you look at it, he is a mortal.


The Emperor of Nine Suns frowned, a look of thinking.

How could a mortal save Rikonggu under his own nose?

How could a mortal be intact before his Nine Sun Taoism?

How could a mortal face his own coercion so calmly?

If he is not a mortal, what realm has his strength reached?

Could it be a god?

Thinking of this, the Nine Sun God Emperor's body trembled, and a touch of fear was fleeting.


The gods have not been present for millions of years.

There can be no gods in this world!

Is he a demigod?

This is impossible!

There is no divine origin fluctuation in him, how could he be a demigod!

So what realm did he reach?

For a while, Nine Sun God Emperor couldn't think and understand.

Flee or fight?

If you escape.

If the other party is a scum, how can you save your face?

Hit words.

If the opponent is a strong man, how can you die?

This is simply difficult to choose.

"Hand over your exercises!"

At this time, a sound was passed into the ear.

This sound awakened the Nine Sun God Emperor.

He looked at Sun Hao, and his anger soared.

What is the difference between the seizure technique and the murder of parents?

That being the case, I will fight with you!


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