In the crowd of onlookers.

Han Xing looked at Sun Hao with a hint of surprise on his face.

"Boss, this little guy is amazing. Although the "Nine Suns Taoism" is not influential, it is not bad. He can learn it right away!"

"This is completely comparable to me!" Han Xing said.

"Compared with you?"

The black gauze woman looked up and down the cold torture, "Can you learn to the fullest in one breath and reform it?"


The cold sentence was stunned, "Boss, you mean he has transformed the "Nine Suns Taoism"?"

"Not bad!"

The black gauze woman nodded, "Not only has it been remodeled, but it has also been remodeled so perfectly that there is nothing wrong with it!"

The words came out.


The cold torture gasped.

Looking at Sun Hao's eyes, he was a little more curious.

"Boss, he has such a method, isn't the strength limited to the Immortal Emperor?" Han Xing asked.

"Yes, I suspect that he is at least a demigod!" The black yarn woman nodded.

The words came out.

The cold torture eyes flashed, "Half-god, boss, it should be about looking for him? Just him!"

The black gauze woman smiled and shook her head secretly, "The place we are going to is extremely dangerous. Without absolute certainty, we must not invite you rashly!"

"Otherwise, it will not only harm him, but also us, understand?" said the black yarn woman.


Chilling nodded, "Boss, let me go directly to him and tell him."


With a loud shout, his body trembled in shock.

"Let me tell you what is good?"

The black gauze woman pointed to the cold torture, showing a look of hatred for iron and steel, "I have lived for more than two hundred thousand years, and I can't change such a frizzy temper!"

"Boss, I can't help it!"

Chilling scratched his head, showing an awkward smile.

"I really don't know how you cultivated Frost Road, and you can reach this height!" said the black yarn woman.

"Boss, I..."

The cold torture seemed to think of something, and asked: "Boss, how are you going to test that little guy's strength? Do you want me to take action?"


The black gauze woman shook her head slightly, "Don't worry, naturally someone will help us to test!"

"Look, isn't this here?" The black gauze woman looked towards the void, her mouth raised slightly, revealing an expression of shaking hands.

Then, she stared at Sun Hao again.

I see.

Sun Hao looked around and sighed secretly when he saw that no one was bothering him anymore.

"I still can't try to find out how strong I am!"

"However, the Third Stage Immortal Emperor is no longer my opponent!"

"I hope there are some great ones!"

Sun Hao muttered to himself, looking at the immortal cultivators who were onlookers in the distance.

With this stare, the onlookers trembled.

They lowered their heads, not daring to face them.

"Let's go, that great power has noticed us!"

"It's horrible that I can't resist any resistance just by looking at it!"

"There are such strong people in this world!"

Everyone murmured to themselves, flying up one after another, as they were about to leave.


The world trembled, and the waves were boundless.

The sky seemed to be blocked, and all the onlookers, as if hitting an iron wall, fell one after another.

It took a lot of time to stabilize the body that was falling down.

After standing firm, he looked at the sky with a look of fear.

"What happened just now?"

"What a formidable coercion, I'm afraid the real big power is coming?"

"The real big power? Which power is it, so terrible?"

"I don't know, it seems that the visitor is not good! I wonder if that might stop it?"

The onlookers all looked terrified.


There was another shock.

Layers of ripples, shaking from the sky.

Immediately afterwards, a figure fell straight down like a meteor.


Before everyone reacted.

This figure fell into the Great Demon Mountain and exploded into the sky.

This sound shocked Sun Hao.

He looked up at the sky, with a look of expectation, "I hope that the strength is not too strong, just to be able to test my strength!"

Sun Hao thought to himself, looking at the sky, motionless.


There was another sound.

The sky was rippling again.

Three figures walked out from the ripples in turn, standing on the sky.

The leader is a woman in her thirties, holding a long stick and wearing a golden crown.

Extraordinary temperament, like a person in a high position.

The woman holding a staff looked condescendingly at the Quartet, covering the Quartet with mighty imperial power.

this moment.

The onlookers were all uncomfortable.

If someone pinches his neck, he can't breathe.

That kind of uncomfortable feeling enveloped the whole body.

However, Diwei came fast and went faster.

Soon, the imperial prestige dissipated, and everyone returned to calm.

Obviously only a few seconds, everyone feels like a hundred years have passed, extremely uncomfortable.

They looked at the woman holding the staff with fear.

"What a terrible pressure, this strength is at least the Eighth Stage Immortal Emperor!"

"God, the eighth stage immortal emperor has appeared, which force is she from?"

"I don't know, it looks like a big figure of a certain force!"

For these voices, the woman with the staff seemed to have not heard them.

Her gaze was directly on the Tai Chi Tower, her eyes blooming with strange light.

Excitement and joy, all over his face.

"Sure enough, my clan artifact is really here!"


The woman with the staff muttered to herself, stepped forward, and moved forward.


She hasn't taken two steps yet.

At this time.


A figure rose from the dust and stood directly in front of the woman holding a staff.

This figure is a woman, wearing a blood robe. It's wrong, it is more accurate to say that it is a white robe stained with blood.

The woman's face was blue and purple, and she looked very miserable.

She stood in front of the woman holding the staff and said, "Elder, you can't go any further!"

"Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous!" The blood-robed woman began to discourage.

Hearing this, Sun Hao couldn't help frowning.

How is this voice so familiar?

"Xue Mei?"

Sun Hao looked startled and stared directly at Xue Mei.

I see.

The woman holding the staff looked at Xuemei, her killing intent rose, "Xuemei, if you want to stop this seat again, don't blame me for killing!"

"Elder, you must not be impulsive! At that time, it will be too late to regret!" Xue Mei roared.


The woman with the staff looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

That look is like hearing a joke that sounds best.


"I walk around the world with a red charm, and never know what regret is?"

"Today, the main seat of the Tai Chi Tower is bound to be won. If anyone dares to stop me, just stand up!"

"However, be prepared to die!"

Chi Mei's voice was long and reverberating.

Hearing this, the crowds of immortal cultivators were stunned, their faces were full of unbelief.

After a while.

The exclamation kept ringing.


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