In the eyes of all the people, the championship finally ushered in.

Chen Daoming and Zhao Xiaobo stood on the ring, facing each other.

"You are indeed a genius, and your realm is lower than mine. I suppress a realm and fight with you!"

Zhao Xiaobo carried his hands on his back, awe-inspiring.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Daoming smiled slightly, his expression indifferent, "Even if you use all your strength, it's not worthy of me to draw a sword!"

As soon as this word came out, the surroundings exploded.

Zhao Xiaobo's face twitched slightly, his anger filled his chest.

"Hmph, be quick to speak, see the truth under your hand!"

Zhao Xiaobo let out a cold snort and took the lead.

The body is like a ghost and shadowy, making it impossible to catch the trace.

"call out……"

The sword light was like silk, and he slashed towards Chen Daoming.

"Come just right!"

The corner of Chen Daoming's mouth raised, his figure flickered, and he quickly dodged.

A few sword lights slashed on him at once.


Chen Daoming kicked his body straight back, his eyes were full of shock.

"Interesting, go on!"

Chen Daoming raised the corner of his mouth and rushed towards Zhao Xiaobo.

The two fight together, you come and I go, and you are on par.

What everyone saw was Jianguang.

All I heard was an explosion.

After a while.


Several loud noises.

The two of them retreated violently at the same time.

Chen Daoming's body was covered with dense wounds.

Zhao Xiaobo looked at Chen Daoming, his expression slightly changed, "How can this be possible, attacking with all strength, it just caused him to be slightly injured?"

Chen Daoming looked at Zhao Xiaobo and grinned, "Take back what I just said, you are worth my sword!"

"Huh, what about drawing a knife?"

Zhao Xiaobo gave a cold snort and rushed up quickly.

"You have to be careful!" Chen Daoming said.




The air roared.

The ear-piercing noise shook the four directions constantly.

The whole game field was shaking violently.


The roof tiles, falling from above, burst open on the ground.

The formation guarding the ring is constantly shaking, as if it is about to burst.

When the guardian saw this scene, his face changed drastically.

"With all your strength, use all your strength!"

They frantically transferred their physical and spiritual power and poured into the formation.

"This...what happened to this? An earthquake?"

"No? Not coming late, not coming early!"

"It's not an earthquake, it's Chen Daoming drawing his sword, this is the meaning of the sword!"

"Oh my God, he actually realized the meaning of the sword? This...this is terrible!"

The onlookers stared at Chen Daoming in a daze, motionless.

Zhao Xiaobo stopped, sweat on his forehead, rolling down.

His chest seemed to be crushed, and he couldn't breathe well.

"How could... be like this?"

"I... I can't lose!"

Zhao Xiaobo roared and struggled, and walked towards Chen Daoming.


He just moved away, but he was pushed back again and again.

The more he struggled, the more terrifying the pressure.


It sounded.

A rib in Zhao Xiaobo's chest broke apart.

"Can't lose!"

Zhao Xiaobo struggled and shouted.


There was another sound, and another rib cracked.

As Chen Daoming pulled out his long sword, the sword intent around him grew stronger.

The coercion of terror can tear the earth apart.


Zhao Xiaobo was unstable and fell directly to the ground.

Immediately after.


His body is like a broken kite, flying upside down.


Finally, it fell heavily to the ground.

"Really...what a monster!"

After speaking, Zhao Xiaobo spouted a mouthful of blood, tilted his head and fainted.

Knife close.

All around.


very quiet.

Deathly quiet.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly.

Many people's chests fluctuated violently.

Dumbfounded and shocked.

Zhao Xiaobo was defeated without the knife being completely pulled out?

That's the 98th genius in the Qianlong List!

Moreover, the realm is higher than Chen Daoming.

Didn't even have a chance to resist?

Is it so defeated?


Dreaming must be dreaming.

For a long time, everyone never recovered.

After a while.

"My God, Chen Dao Mingguang defeated Zhao Xiaobo with the intent of the knife? The supreme evildoer!"

"He can definitely be ranked on the Qianlong Ranking. What about the people in Wangxinglou? Why doesn't he have his record?"

"With this strength, I am afraid that it will be ranked in the top 50 of the Qianlong list!"

Intense discussions continued to sound.

Many people shouted Chen Daoming's name with enthusiasm.

The whole scene couldn't calm down at all.

Before the ring.

Several old monsters looked at Chen Daoming, and their eyes showed uncontrollable spirits.

The old monster was sitting in the middle, and it was Lord Liu Ruo, the sub-rudder of the Cangyuan Academy.

His chubby face was overflowing with fine sweat.

Then, there was a look of ecstasy.

"Unexpectedly, I had such a genius in Yangzhou. If the Cangyuanyuan knew about this, I would definitely reward me with a big reward!"

"Originally, I wanted to give Zhao Xiaobo the Rank Nine Profound Spirit Pill. He didn't live up to it, so I can't blame it!"

"This genius will definitely leave a good impression on him!"

Master Liu Ruo thought secretly and made a decision.

The host sighed with relief, "This time the champion of the Zongmen Grand Tournament-Chen Daoming!"

"Let us use the warmest applause, congratulations to Chen Daoming for winning this championship!"

"At the same time, congratulations to Overlord Sword Sect for promotion to the eighth-class sect, and another step!"

After this sound.


The applause thundered and continued for a long time.

After the host repeatedly waved his hand, the surrounding area gradually returned to calm.

"Below, I would like to invite Master Liu Duo to present awards to Chen Daoming!"

Calm was restored all around.

Everyone showed a very solemn expression and looked at the ring seriously.

I see.

"Kang Dang..."

The sound of the armor clashing.

A team of golden armor guards came quickly.

Among the golden armored guards, it is the master Liu Duo.

"Lord Liu Ruo is really here!"

"Lord Liu Ruo, you are my idol!"

Although Liu Duozhu is fat, it doesn't affect everyone's enthusiasm.

Master Liu Ruo smiled slightly and waved his hand gently, the scene was quiet again.

"Yangzhou Wuhua has a heavenly watch, outstanding people, and geniuses constantly pouring out..."

Master Liu Ruo didn't mean to stop as soon as he spoke.

After he talked a lot, he began to give awards.

"For the champion, reward a Rank Nine Profound Spirit Pill!"

"Chen Daoming, come on stage to accept the award!"

Chen Daoming walked to the stage, his eyes gleaming.

"Chen Daoming, at a young age, he has such a talent, and his future achievements are limitless! I wonder if you are interested in joining the Cangyuan Academy?" Liu Ruo said.

"Lord Liu Ruo, thank you for your kindness. I have to go back to discuss this matter with the sect. I can't answer you at the moment!" Chen Daoming said.

"Of course! I don't know if you are free tonight? How about a drink in the mansion?" Liu Ruo said.

"Thanks to Lord Liu Ruo! I'm really sorry, I need to leave for an urgent matter today, and come to visit another day!" Chen Daoming said.

"It's settled, I am waiting for your good news!"

Master Liu Ruo finished speaking and handed a jade bottle to Chen Daoming's hand.

Chen Daoming picked up the jade bottle, opened it, and his eyes sparkled.

"Finally got it!"

Chen Daoming murmured, just as he was about to put the pill away.


A black fog drifted quickly.

"Jie Jie..."

A laugh sounded in my ears.

Chen Daoming looked to his right hand, where is the shadow of the jade bottle!


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