"My ancestor, it turns out that she... she is Chimei!"

"Unexpectedly, the Meizu Great Elder came in person, and it seems that this Taiji Tower is bound to win!"

"This Tai Chi tower is originally a Meizu artifact. It's natural to come and seize it!"

"It is said that she is the eighth-rank immortal emperor, and she does not lose the wind against the ninth-rank battle. Is this true?"

"Of course!"

The onlookers looked at this red charm, their faces full of surprise.

As an ancient clan, Meizu, although not comparable to the dragon clan, is also a behemoth.

This time I came here to take away the Tai Chi Tower.

Chi Mei completely ignored the surprise around him.

Her gaze swept around, Di Wei followed her eyes and scanned the surroundings, wherever she went, the onlookers bowed their heads and dared not look squarely.

"Elder, if so, then I will stop you!"

Xue Mei looked at Chi Mei with a firm face.

"just you?"

Chi Mei looked up and down Xue Mei with a look of contempt in her eyes.

"Even if you blew yourself up, you won't hurt this seat!"

Chi Mei waved her right hand, and a transparent palm quickly formed, grabbing Xue Mei's body.

The terrifying force made Xuemei's face flushed and it was difficult to breathe.

"Dare to stop this seat from getting the artifact of the clan, now, even if Emperor Mei is here, I can't save you!"


Chi Mei spoke lightly, raised her palm, and slapped it at Xue Mei.

The speed is lightning fast, and it is too late for people to react.


This slap was clearly slapped on Xue Mei, but there was no sound.

It feels soft and soft like a shot on the air.

Chi Mei's pupils shrank, a trace of unbelief appeared on his face.

I see.

Xue Mei's figure also gradually disappeared.

"This is impossible?"

Chi Mei kept shaking her head, with a trace of unbelief on her face.

She looked around, the emperor was mighty, and she was surging up, whizzing everywhere.

At this moment, all the onlookers had difficulty breathing, and the heart seemed to stop.

The face turned into pig liver color, and the whole person was extremely uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Chi Mei raised her eyebrows.

His eyes were fixed on Sun Hao.

I saw Sun Hao standing in the air, Feng Qingyun looking at her indifferently.

Coercion has no effect on him.

"how can that be?"

Chi Mei murmured to herself, with a hint of surprise on her face.

At the moment she was stunned.


Sun Hao stepped out, and before she could react, he appeared in front of her, raised his slap, aimed at Chi Mei's face, and patted it.


There was a crisp sound.

Following this sound, Chi Mei's body fell straight down, falling to the ground like a cannonball.


There was a loud noise.

If a mortal hits the concrete floor, his whole body hurts.

On the ground, nothing was damaged.

As Sun Hao slapped down, the coercion of everyone broke.

At this moment, everyone recovered.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Sun Hao, with shocked expressions beyond words.

With a slap, he slapped the eighth-rank immortal emperor into the air. Even the ninth-rank immortal emperor could not achieve this strength

Is it possible that the son is a demigod?

Think so.


The air-conditioning sounds came one after another.

After a while.

"This... there is a demigod on this Ziyang star!"

"Are there demigods still a waste star?"

"Fortunately there are demigods, otherwise I will die today!"

"Yes, with Chi Mei's character, you will definitely kill!"

The onlookers swept their eyes on Sun Hao.

The colors of worship and gratitude constantly interact.

Sun Hao stood still, with a trace of surprise on his face.

Before I tried hard enough, I shot people flying.

It seems that the Eighth Stage Immortal Emperor, but that's it.

The corner of Sun Hao's mouth raised, and his eyes swept across.

I saw that the two followers of Chi Mei looked at Sun Hao with fear on their faces.


The two looked at each other, and after nodding, they rushed towards Sun Hao.


A long sword pierced the sky.

Strands of sword aura, flying all over the sky, enveloped the world.

"call out……"

These sword lights, condensed into a thousand-meter lightsaber, with all the power to crush, straight to Sun Hao.


The water is pouring, and it keeps surging.

In the blink of an eye, a huge water dragon formed and bit at Sun Hao.

One left and one right, shrouded by swords and water dragons.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao stretched out his finger in no hurry and pressed it forward.


There was a dragon chant.

An earth dragon flew out from Sun Hao's fingertips, pointed at the water dragon and rushed over.


There was a loud noise.

The body of the water dragon ripped apart, turned into rain, and went down.

After reaching mid-air, snow forms in the sky, covering the sky and the earth, and it is very beautiful.

at the same time.

Sun Hao shot a sword light with another finger.


When the sword light came, the kilometer lightsaber broke into light and shadow.

Soon, the surroundings returned to calm.

All that is left is the snow that keeps falling.


The two followers stood in place, their bodies shaking uncontrollably.

Looking at Sun Hao, there was a deep horror in his eyes.

They retreated slowly, quickly flying down, and landed on the ground.

Helped Chi Mei who was struggling.


A mouthful of blood spouted from Chimei's mouth.

She looked at Sun Hao, her eyes red.

Two angers rushed up from the soles of their feet and hovered around their chests, as if they were going to blow up people.

In front of so many people, I was slapped flying.

If this is spread, the old face will be lost.

"Sneak attack on me while this seat is not paying attention!"

Chi Mei soared into the sky and stood in front of Sun Hao.

"Little Doll!"

"Good abilities!"

"Good job!"

Chi Mei's face was red, and she stared at Sun Hao.

"Ha ha……"

Sun Hao just smiled, and did not answer Chi Mei.

In Chi Mei's view, that was humiliation.

"I'm fighting with you!"

Chi Mei was full of anger.

In his hand, a talisman seal lit instantly.


Numerous rays of golden light rushed from the talisman seal, whizzing up, covering the whole world.

These golden lights circling and twine together.

A huge golden knife covering the entire Great Demon Mountain appeared in the sky.

Above the golden knife, the light was like silk, like rain, covering nine heavens and ten earth.


These golden threads, with the power of shaking the sky, cut across the body, pierced the body directly, and took away strands of flesh and blood.


The explosion continued.

Before the onlookers could react, thousands of immortal kings were pierced into a hornet's nest, and their bodies broke apart.

Even if it is a strong immortal, he is struggling to support it at this moment.

Everyone's face is full of unwillingness and despair.

"This... this is the Heavenly Sword! My God, Chi Yan actually brought the clan guardian secret weapon over!"

"What? This is a sky sword? It is said that Meizu used this to kill a demigod. Is it true?"

"Of course it is true. It is precisely because of Tiandao and other races that they are so jealous. Otherwise, Meizu would have long ceased to exist!"

"As soon as the Heavenly Sword came out, the sky fell apart and the earth cracked. I'll be overwhelmed!"

Such voices kept ringing.


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