The heavenly sword trembled and hummed.

The entire sky seems to be cracking and distorting rapidly.


Hundreds of millions of light filaments, like nine stars, shattered the world.

The shocking coercion enveloped everyone in an instant.

this moment.

The faces of the crowd of onlookers cultivators flushed and were extremely ugly.

The shield on his body shattered in an instant.


Blood was pouring out of their mouths.

See this scene.

Han Xing's face changed slightly, "Boss, don't we take action? The sword falls this day, I'm afraid the hundreds of millions of creatures in the lower continent will be destroyed!"

The black yarn woman shook her head slightly, she looked at Sun Hao, "With him, we don't need to take action!"


Han Xing's gaze swept over Sun Hao, his face filled with confusion, "Could it be that he is really a demigod?"

I see.

Sun Hao looked at the Heavenly Sword on his head, his face showed a touch of murder.

In order to kill himself, he even regards hundreds of millions of living beings as ants, wanting to slaughter them, how can they stay in the world?


Sun Hao looked at the sky sword, stretched out his finger, and pointed towards the sky.



Nine suns, flying out from his fingers, floating in the sky.


All the gold threads on the sky sword disappeared.

The coercion that enveloped everyone also disappeared.

The nine suns quickly flew together and merged with each other.

The nine suns are united, bursting with dazzling light, spreading all over the world.


Tiandao continued to fall.

However, as he approached Nine Suns, the front metal melted quickly.

It turned into strands of golden molten iron, which was spilled from the sky.

After approaching Jiuyang, it evaporated into nothingness and disappeared.

The sky sword that enveloped the Great Demon Mountain melted rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than a breath, the entire sky sword disappeared.

Only Nine Suns are still floating in the sky, warm light, spreading all over the world.

See this scene.

The onlookers opened their mouths and murmured for a long time and no one responded.

That kind of unbelief, kind of shock, kind of surprise, indescribable.

After a while.

"Gosh, the Nine Sun Taoism actually has such power?"

"This Heavenly Sword is made of supreme immortal iron. It is extremely hard. It is so fragile in front of the Nine Sun Taoism?"

"What's fragile? Is this the young man too strong?"

The onlookers were shocked.

Finally, all eyes were on Sun Hao, his face was full of worship.

"This... this is impossible!"

Chi Mei stared at the sky, her body trembling involuntarily.

Such a scene is simply incredible.

Heavenly sword, but can kill a demigod!

How could he use a single technique to burn it into powder?

This must be a dream!

Fake, absolutely fake!

Chi Mei kept shaking her head, unwilling to believe the scene before her.

She looked at Sun Hao with a bitter expression on her face.

She thought of what Xue Mei had said not long ago.

"Elder, you will regret it!"

This sentence evoked layers of echo in my mind.

At this moment, remorse enveloped the whole body.

If you can, you will definitely not sacrifice a heavenly sword!

The Heavenly Sword is destroyed, and it will be a disaster for the entire Meizu.

The day of the dead is just around the corner.

"Do not!"

Chi Mei let out an unwilling roar.

His face was full of regret, and his expression wilted.

After a long time, she calmed down.

She looked at the two entourages behind her, and after wishing for a glance, she stepped forward and stepped towards the sky.


"Come as you want, leave as you want?"

"Do you really treat me as a bully?"

Two noises came, with the power of imprisonment, covering the three of them at once.

this moment.

The three were imprisoned in place, unable to move.

"This this……"

Chi Mei's voice trembled, and sweat rolled down her forehead.

If it was regretted before, this moment is panic.

Unexpectedly, the man who looked like a mortal was such a terrifying powerhouse.

Just saying a word, he imprisoned himself in place.

In my heart, there wasn't even a trace of wanting to resist.


The three of them flew out uncontrollably and landed in front of Sun Hao.

"Pre...senior, I...we were wrong!" Chi Mei said.

"Wrong? What's wrong?"

In Sun Hao's eyes, two fierce lights shot out, and Chi Mei's body trembled in shock.

"We didn't know that the predecessors were here, so we dared to grab this artifact!"

"It's really unforgivable!" Chi Mei said.

"Ha ha……"

Sun Hao sneered, pointing at Chi Mei, killing intent on his face, "At this moment, I still don't know where I was wrong!"

"Relying on your own strength, treat all beings like ants, kill them if you want?"

"Self-interested, just for yourself!"

"What is the use of a person like you to stay in the world?"

Sun Hao sounded like thunder, resounding throughout the world.

When Chi Mei heard this, her face was full of unbelief.

"Senior? Cultivation is so hard. Doesn't it mean becoming a master?"

"If you can't control the lives of others, what's the use of cultivation?"

"Mother like you..."

The words are not finished.

Chi Mei was horrified to find that she also said a word.

All over the body, it seems to have lost contact with my consciousness.

The soul flew out from the top of the head, flying into the sky uncontrollably.

She stared at her body blankly and let out an unwilling cry, "No!"

Immediately after.


There was an explosion.

Chi Mei's body exploded, forming a shock wave that enveloped her soul.

The whole soul exploded into nothingness.


The two followers, terrified, squatted in front of Sun Hao.

"You wait and do it yourself, get out!"

Hearing this, the two followers seemed to be amnesty.

Facing Sun Hao, he kept kowtow, "Thank you senior, thank you senior!"

Then, in the form of Changhong, he instantly disappeared into the void.

Onlookers watched the scene blankly, and it was a long time since they calmed down.

"This strength is terrifying, that young man must be a demigod!"

"That son really takes the common people as his own duty!"

"Yes, there are no such righteous people in this world!"

"The demigod is here, how can you not visit him!"

"Go, and visit the demigod!"

A crowd of cultivators began to take action.


One after another Changhong came quickly.

One after another fell in front of Sun Hao with a respectful look.

When everyone flew over, they clasped their fists together, "Meet the son!"

Seeing everyone's appearance, Sun Hao showed a look of embarrassment.

I was just testing my strength, but I didn't expect it to surprise them.

The strength is too strong, it is difficult to keep a low profile.

Life is so difficult.

"Don't be polite!" Sun Hao nodded slightly and said.

"Thank you son!"

Everyone got up.

One of them stepped forward, carefully took out something from his arms, and handed it to Sun Hao respectfully.

"Senior, there is so much disrespect today, please accept this Ten Thousand Years Ginseng!"

Before Sun Hao had time to answer, another person came forward at this moment.

"Senior, what is Ten Thousand Years Immortal Ginseng? My supreme immortal grass is worthy of your acceptance. After a thousand years, I must be able to evolve the Immortal Medicine!"

"Senior, I don't know if there is a maid by your side, the little girl is willing to stay by your side and always serve you! Drinking tea, pouring water, and being warmly massaged, even double repair is possible!"

Soon, Sun Hao was surrounded by a group of people.

It looks like the stars hold the moon.


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