"What? Eat the dragon? And it's the son of the Galaxy Dragon King?"

"My God, who is so bold? This is terrible!"

"This world is going to be chaotic! When it's over, even the son of the Galaxy Dragon King dare to eat it!"

"It looks like Ziyang Star is going to die!"

"That's not necessarily. With that senior, what is the little Galaxy Dragon King?"

"The Galaxy Dragon King is nothing, but behind him is the entire dragon clan!"

The onlookers looked at the Galaxy Dragon King with surprise on their faces.

For a while, I couldn't believe what the Galaxy Dragon King said.

Since ancient times, there are really few people who dared to eat the dragon.

Now, the trouble is big.

Ziyang Star, even if it is immortal this time, next time, it won't be so lucky.

The arrival of the dragon ruler and annihilation of a purple sun star is nothing at all.

The Milky Way Dragon King stood in the sky, his eyes were blood red, as if he was about to spew out fire.

"You wait for ants, you must pay the price today!"

The sound is like thunder, echoing between the heaven and the earth, clearly passing into everyone's ears below.

In the city, everyone looked at the sky, staring directly at the Milky Way Dragon King.

"After eating his son, is he the Galaxy Dragon King?"

"No? Even the Galaxy Dragon King is coming to give it away?"

"Okay, there's dragon meat again now!"

"There are so many, let alone one hundred thousand dragons!"

"This can't be finished at all! I want to dry the dragon meat and make it into cured dragon meat!"

"The cured dragon meat is absolutely delicious!"

"Stop talking, my saliva is flowing out!"

Such a voice kept coming from the ground.

Not only was there no fear on the faces of everyone in the city, on the contrary, they were all excited.

Such a scene not only stunned the 100,000 troops of the Galaxy Dragon King, but even the onlookers were shocked and unbelieving.

"Fuck, what did I hear?"

"They are not afraid at all? They are still yelling to eat dragon meat, my God!"

"My ancestor, who can tell me that this is a dream? There are such cruel people in the world?"

They froze in place and did not move for a long time.

Above the void, stood four phantoms.

These four people are the Han Xing et al.

Looking at this scene, Han Xing could not help secretly wipe a cold sweat, his face was full of unbelief.

"Grandma, see you for a long time!"

"Eating dragon is so arrogant, it's really unheard of!"

"If this matter reaches the old immortal ear, I'm afraid the big thing is not good!" Han Xing murmured, with a look of jealousy.

"Yes! Ziyangxing is in trouble!"

The face of the black gauze woman also showed a trace of fear.

"Will the old immortal destroy the entire Ziyang Star?" Han Xing asked.

"That's not true! Ancient planets like Ziyang Star are as simple as they seem on the surface!"

"Let's not talk about other things, it's just a taboo place, you don't dare to provoke you if you don't die!" said the black yarn woman.

"Boss, I really can't figure out why every planet of life has taboos?"

"Even if we broke into it, it would be a lot of bad luck, right?" Han Xing asked.

"I don't know, I didn't come out alive when I entered it, but I guess it must be the residence of some horrible figure. I don't like others to disturb!" said the black yarn woman.


In the eyes of the cold torture, there was full of jealousy, and he swept his gaze over the fairy city in the middle mansion, "this small city, there is no fairy king, now they are dead!"

"Boss, are we going to take action?" Han Xing asked.

"No, the old immortality is not something we can provoke, and it will cause some cause and effect with him!" said the black yarn woman.

"If we don't take action, wouldn't this small city be wiped out?" Han Xing said.

"That's no way!" The face of the black yarn woman showed helplessness.

In the sky.

The Milky Way Dragon King stood there, his face was blue, and the corners of his mouth kept twitching.

The flames of anger rushed out.

"Damn, **** ants!"

"Today, I will tear you to pieces!"

The Milky Way Dragon King was completely wrapped in anger flames, and there was not much reason left.


Suddenly, a figure rose into the sky and flew in front of the Galaxy Dragon King.

This person is exactly the League of Evil Suppression: The Captain of the Hunting Squad-Wu Han.

He looked at the Galaxy Dragon King and said, "Dragon King, if you think your cultivation is not easy, it's better to leave quickly!"

"Otherwise, you will regret it!"

"This is not where you should be!"

Wu Han's voice is not loud, but it is full of momentum.

Hearing this, the 100,000 Galaxy Guard looked unbelievable.

A line of gazes that seemed to be cannibalistic, all stared at Wu Han.

The flames of anger surged over them, as if to burn them clean.

"A heavenly fairy ant, dare to be so rampant! Dragon King, please give your order and wait for me to get his heart out!"

"Dragon King, these ants are not worthy of you, I will be enough!"

One by one Galaxy Guards stood up.

The Milky Way Dragon King stood still, expressionless.

"you go!"

He pointed to a Galaxy Guard and spoke.

"Yes, Dragon King!"

The Galaxy Guard retired with fists.

Wearing silver armor and holding a silver gun.

The Milky Way trembled slightly.


The air vibrated for a while, and the waves rolled.

The Galaxy Guard pointed at Wu Han, "Ant, do you bind your hands, or let me eat you a little bit!"

Wu Han shook his head secretly when he heard this.

I have persuaded myself, if they want to die and become food, how can they blame themselves?

"Finally I advise you, stop it quickly, otherwise you will definitely die!" Wu Han said.

"Ant, speak wild words, watch the trick!"

The Galactic Guard spear shot out like a dragon, and instantly pierced Wu Han.


On the spear, there was a roar, like a dragon.

The power screamed, and people sweated coldly.

"One shot is a trick, how can that ant be broken into pieces!"

"Fifty percent is enough to deal with that class of ants, why do you do your best?"

When Wu Han saw this scene, his expression remained unchanged.

In no hurry, stretch out **** and grab the spear.


With a shock, the terrifying power disappeared.

Everything returned to calm.

Everyone's eyes widened, staring at this scene in a daze, and they couldn't believe it.

I see.

Wu Han pinched the spear with his two fingers, no matter how the Galaxy Guard struggled, it was useless.

"I said, you will die!"


Gently pinch with two fingers.


The spear exploded, exploded into countless debris, and went straight to the Galaxy Guard.

"Do not……"


Two sounds sounded at the same time.

The Galaxy Guard didn't even form its body, it exploded into powder, and died on the spot.

Wu Han stood in place, his expression calm, as if he had done a trivial thing.

Such a scene directly scared all the Galaxy Guards into place.


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