The sky shook.

The sky-covering brush peeked down from the void.


The old man in Tsing Yi watched this scene, opened his mouth wide, and mumbled for a long time without saying a word.

Endless fear spread throughout the body.


The old man in Tsing Yi gritted his teeth, frantically calling out his body's power, one by one, covering his body.

After that, he took out a few escape talisman seals and lit them instantly.


With the brush falling down.

The burning talisman went out instantly.


The explosion sounded constantly.

The shield of the old man in Tsing Yi burst open.

In the blink of an eye, the huge brush sticks to him.

It's like sticking to a small bug, no matter how hard he struggles, it won't help.

"Do not……"

"help me……"

The huge brush led him to disappear into the void.

There was a dead silence all around.

Everyone's eyes are fixed on the void, and their complexion keeps changing.

"What the **** is this? The strong immortal, in front of that brush, is like a joke!"

"I'm afraid that Emperor Immortal has no chance to resist in front of that brush!"

"Then need to say, this is at least a demigod's method!"

"What? You mean, this Ziyang star also has a demigod?"

"My God, when are there so many demigods?"

The whole scene burst into pieces.

For a while, unable to calm down.

The Milky Way Dragon King stood in the sky, looking at the void, and did not recover for a long time.

His pale face trembled slightly.

"how can that be?"

"Xianzun has no power to resist?"

"Oh my God!"

It took a long time for the Galaxy Dragon King to withdraw his emotions.

He looked at Wu Han, his expression constantly changing.

Today, I was kicked to the iron plate.

If you return with a hundred thousand troops, the power of the dragon will be wiped out.

In the future, in front of other races, it will be difficult to look up.

If you don't go, if the big pen falls, won't you have to be taken away too, and it's impossible to imagine what it will end up.

How to do?

Suddenly, the Galaxy Dragon King stood still, struggling to advance and retreat.

His eyes were fixed on the void, motionless.

Time passed a little bit.

The heart of the Galaxy Dragon King collapsed tightly and slowly relaxed.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

"It seems that the pen will not fall anymore."

"This group of ants do not die, I feel uneasy!"

The Milky Way Dragon King looked at the ground and looked at the immortal cultivator in Zhongfu Xiancheng with an angry face.

I see.

In Zhongfu Xiancheng, everyone has a fiery look on their faces.

They stared at the 100,000 Galaxy Guards, motionless.

"Have you seen it, the son has made another move!"

"A lot of dragon meat, let's do it!"

"One hundred thousand dragons, each can be divided into at least a few hundred catties, and air-dried to make cured dragon meat. The taste, tusk..."

Such a voice pierced into the chest of the Galaxy Dragon King like a silver needle.

The anger seemed to annihilate him, and he trembled with anger.

"Damn, damn!"

"Today, you will die!"

"Kill me!"

A roar broke through the sky.


The killing sound shook the sky, and one hundred thousand Galaxy Guards rushed down like a torrent.

Seeing this scene, Wu Han couldn't help but shook his head slightly.

"You can't blame me if you want to die like this!"

Wu Han shook his head for a while, with a cold smile on his face.

He stood still, motionless.

Seeing, the Galaxy Guard was about to rush to Zhongfu Xiancheng.

At this time.

"call out……"

Tens of thousands of beams, rising from Zhongfu Xiancheng into the sky, hit the Galaxy Guard.

"Boom! Boom..."

The explosion continued.

The armor of the Galaxy Guard was exploded, and there were scars all over the body.

After the blow, he was seriously injured.

"All incarnate into the body, attack me!"

The Galaxy Dragon King let out a roar.

With this sound.


The shock of the air wave continued to sound.

The huge dragons with a length of 10,000 meters covered the sky, and at first glance, they were densely packed, making the scalp numb.

Each dragon has a metallic luster and looks indestructible.

The aura of the fairy king realm rushed out of the giant dragon, seeming to have the might of destroying the world.


The dragon sucked hard, and began to breathe in its immortal power, accumulating its breath.

Wu Han raised the corner of his mouth and pointed his hand forward.


The sky shook layers of ripples, and the fairy kings walked out of the ripples.

The number is small, but the breath is surging.

In an instant, the breath of the dragon was crushed down.

Wu Han's aura was incomparably surging, reaching the realm of the Ninth Stage Immortal King.

When the Galaxy Dragon King saw this scene, his scalp numb.

"Damn, that kid would hide his breath!"

"He is not inferior to me at all, this is a problem!"

The Milky Way Dragon King muttered to himself, his eyes full of jealousy.

"Kill me!"

A roar.

The dragon's breath was brewed, aimed at the ground, and then whizzed down.


Wu Lenglin snorted and rushed forward with hundreds of immortal kings.

At the same time, he stretched out his fist, aimed at the dragon's breath in the sky and blasted it.


There was a loud noise, and the entire sky trembled.

All the dragon's breaths blasted into powder.

"call out……"

Hundreds of fairy kings rushed into the dragon group.

Each raised his fist, aimed at a dragon's head, and smashed it down.



The head burst and the dragon died on the spot.

After that, the 10,000-meter dragon held it in his hand and threw it to the ground.

"call out……"

Tens of thousands of figures soared into the sky, and every hundred people surrounded a giant dragon, using magic techniques to split the giant dragon into hundreds of thousands of pieces of meat, slowly falling into the fairy city of Zhongfu.

The people in the city resorted to various means to collect these pieces of meat.

It looked like a dragon-slaughtering factory.

The dragons were slaughtered like an assembly line, turning into pieces of crystal clear meat.

The onlookers could not help widening their eyes, revealing an unbelievable color.


The loud noise continued.

Zailong continued.

The face of the Milky Way Dragon King turned purple, which was extremely ugly.

Anger ran across his chest, as if to burn him clean.

In the moment he was stunned, tens of thousands of dragons had been slaughtered.

The dragon of the fairy king realm is as weak as an ant in front of these humans, and is vulnerable to a blow.

"Damn, damn!"

"You must die!"

The Milky Way Dragon King's eyes are about to split, like crazy.

Anger rushed up from him, covering the world.



Next to the Galaxy Dragon King, a thousand-meter-long dragon-shaped metal fort appeared.

Above the fort, colorful lights flowed continuously, and heavenly power gathered on it.

The moment the metal fort was taken out, the surrounding space was stagnant.

Time stands still at this moment.

Everyone stared blankly at the metal fort, motionless.

They sank into hell, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

The strength of the whole person is as clean as it is extracted, and it can't lift the slightest energy.


Even the onlookers in the distance are shaking all over at this moment, and their faces are full of horror.


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