"Spare! Spare..."

The Milky Way Dragon King bowed down in the hands of the statue and kept kowtow begging for mercy.

"Ha ha……"

A sneer sounded from the statue's mouth.

"Hundreds of millions of creatures, if you want to slaughter them, you still have the face to beg for mercy?"

Hearing this, the Galaxy Dragon King was taken aback.

Looking at the statue, he was puzzled.

"Senior, those are just ants, why care about their lives!" said the Galaxy Dragon King.


The voice was cold and full of killing intent.

"Other creatures are ants? What about you?"

The right hand shook and hummed.

The horror breath rushed from his hand and enveloped the Galaxy Dragon King.

The Galaxy Dragon King's body trembled and his face was full of horror.

"Senior, you...what are you doing?" said the Galaxy Dragon King.

"What do you think?"

"You want to kill me?"

The Milky Way Dragon King's expression stagnated, "Even if you are a demigod, you still have to consider the consequences!"

"My clan ancestor, it's not something you can provoke!"

"You really want to kill me, my ancestors won't let you go!"

"You don't think about yourself, but also for your loved ones!"


The Milky Way Dragon King’s advice was in fact threatening.

"Ha ha……"

His response was a cold laugh.


Gently hold the big hand.

"Do not……"

A scream shook the sky.


The body of the Galaxy Dragon King changed rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, he became a huge dragon with a length of 100,000 meters.

Colorful rays of light flowed continuously on the dragon.

"call out……"

The light flashed.

The head of the Galaxy Dragon King broke directly into powder.

All the scales on the body fell off.

Finally, the physical body was taken away from the void and disappeared.

The statue's eyes swept around and after confirming that there was no danger, it stood quietly in the fairy city of Zhongfu.

All around.

A dead silence.

Surprised, shocked, and unbelief, the faces of a crowd of immortal cultivators were all over it.

For a while, they couldn't calm down.

In the sky.

Tens of thousands of dragons looked at the statue, and their whole body trembled involuntarily.

The color of horror filled their faces.


An exclamation shook the sky.

Each dragon, displaying its own magical powers, flew straight into the void, looking extremely chaotic.


Before they ran far, hundreds of immortal kings rushed up.

"Quickly, don't let them go! That's bacon!"

"Stop, where to escape!"

"My food, still want to run away?"

This sound kept ringing.

One by one, the immortal kings arrived in an instant and blocked the void at once.

With every punch, a dragon will be killed.

Then, throw the dragon down.

Below, tens of thousands of people showed various kinds of swordsmanship, and began to open their stomachs, remove the head and tail, and peel the skin and bone...

Finally, cut into pieces of dragon meat and deliver them to each cultivator.

It looks like an assembly line in a slaughterhouse with a clear division of labor.

In such a scene, in the eyes of a crowd of immortal cultivators, all were cold sweat and their scalp exploded.

"It's so cruel and terrible!"

"What kind of people are these Ziyang Stars? Killing a dragon is like killing an animal!"

"Eternal strange talk, no! Never seen in eternity!"

"Such a scene of no one before and no one in the future was unexpectedly seen by me!"

"It seems that Ziyang Star will find it hard to calm down again in the future!"

"Presumably, this matter will reach the dragon ruler's ears soon, I don't know how he will feel at that time!"

The sound of exclamation is endless.

The whole scene was extremely shocking and could not be calm for a long time.


The four of the cold tormentors watched this scene, with fine beads of sweat overflowing on their foreheads.

Such blatantly eating dragons, looking at the whole world, there is no such legend.

"This... this is terrible, this is utterly fatal!"

"Boss, let's leave Ziyang Star as soon as possible, in case the old immortal comes, I'm afraid I will be implicated!" Han Xing said.

"What are you afraid of?"

The black gauze woman shook her head slightly, "Now let's not say that the immortal is in retreat, even if there is no retreat, he will definitely not believe it when he hears this!"

"Boss, in this way, even if the Dragon Clan sends someone to come, at most it is only the Dragon Clan ruler coming?" Han Xing asked.

"Not bad!"

Seeing the black yarn woman nodded, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Boss, who was the demigod just now?"

"Just a thought, has such a terrifying power?" Han Xing asked.

"If I guessed correctly, this person is the **** and cunning man in their mouth-Sun Hao!" said the black yarn woman.

"Sun Hao?"

Han Xing frowned, thinking for a long time, but could not find this person in his memory.

"Boss, don't you want to list Sun Hao as a candidate for our team?" Han Xing asked.

"Not bad!" The black yarn woman nodded.

"No need? I think Big Demon Mountain is pretty good!"

"The Big Demon Mountain needs to be observed for a while. If this is the case, there is no need to observe at all!"

"We only need to find this Sun Hao, then we can go to that place!" said the black yarn woman.


Chilling nodded.


He sniffed his nose.

A peculiar smell of meat poured into the nose.

Smell it, your tongue produces fluid, and saliva overflows.

Looking down, the cold torture could not help but shrink his pupils, his face was surprised.

I see.

In Zhongfu Xiancheng, a group of cultivators are starting to cook dragon meat.

Bursts of meat fragrant, flooded the entire Zhongfu Xiancheng.

"Tsk tsk..., it's so delicious!"

"This is the true taste of the world. It's really not in vain to eat a bite of dragon meat!"

"Even if I die now, I'm worth it!"

Such a voice constantly stimulates the chilling nerve.

He stared at this scene blankly, stunned for a moment.

"Boss, why don't we try a bite of dragon meat?" Han Xing asked.

"Shut up!"

The black gauze woman gave a soft sigh, pointed at the cold torture, showing a look of hatred for iron and steel, "Have you been flooded with water? Dare to say this?"

"You don't want to live anymore, don't bother me!"

"With our current strength, facing the old immortal, there is only one dead end!" said the black yarn woman.

"Boss, they are all eating!"

"They are them, we are us!"

"Don't mention this again!"

The black gauze woman smelled the smell of meat, her belly rang like thunder.

Hurry up and stop smelling those smells.

After a long time, the black yarn woman calmed down.

Looking back at the cold torture, he said: "Don't froze, let's go, let's check Sun Hao's residence!"

"Okay, boss!"

The cold torture flew down with the black yarn woman and landed in the fairy city of Zhongfu.

As soon as he entered the city, his stomach rang out of despair.

The scent of dragon meat all around strongly stimulated the nasal cavity of the two.

"Boss, can I take a bite? Just one bite!"

"Don't mention it again!"

"Boss, you won't die if you eat a piece of dragon meat!"

"Shut up!"

"Boss, your stomach is ringing, don't pretend, the world is so big, you won't run into that old immortal!"


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