The silver spear guard looked at Huang Rumeng, with fine beads of sweat spilling on his forehead.

Just because of coercion, he shook himself back.

This woman is definitely a top master, she must not be offended.

Looking behind the woman again, there is a handsome-looking man.

The dusty breath on the man's body makes people know it is extraordinary at first glance.

However, like a woman, he does not have any spiritual power fluctuations.

There are only two possibilities. Either he is a mortal, or he is a top-notch like a woman.

How can this kind of person offend him?

"Two people, I don't know Taishan, please inside!" The silver gun guard made a please gesture.

You can enter the gate just by shaking the guard back.

In this world, strength is truly respected!

You must be careful and don't show your timidity.

Enter the city.

What greeted the two of them was a bustling scene.

There are endless traffic and pedestrians.

Mortals and cultivators are shuttled in there without any conflict.

Orderly appearance, it seems that Jiangyang City is in good order.

"That way I can rest assured. In the future, Rumeng will go back to help me gather herbs, and I will live here and treat people!"

"Presumably soon, I will be able to collect full blessing value. By then, I will be able to start practicing!"

Thinking of this, Sun Hao showed excitement.

"Rumeng, let's find an inn to live in today, and then find a store tomorrow, how about?" Sun Hao said.

"Listen to your son's instructions." Huang Rumeng said.

"Don't listen to me at all! Say what you think." Sun Hao said.

"My son, my idea is to listen to you." Huang Rumeng said.


Sun Hao was speechless.

"Okay, let's live in Yuejun Inn today!"

Sun Hao pointed to the inn in front of him and said.

"Okay, son."

Entering the Yuejun Inn, Xiao Er greeted him immediately.

"Two guest officers, please inside, what kind of room do I need!"

"The best." Huang Rumeng said.

"Girl, there is no problem, but the price..." Xiao Er said.

"Is this enough?"

Huang Rumeng took out a high-grade spirit stone.

The dazzling white light made the inn Xiao Er's face changed drastically.

Surprised, not only Xiao Er, but also many guests.

"It turned out to be a high-grade spirit stone, too rich!"

"This is equivalent to 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, and it's no problem to live here for three years!"

"That's natural! Who are they? Why are there no fluctuations in spiritual power?"

Everyone looked at the two of Sun Hao, with envy in their eyes.

"Two fairies, please go upstairs!"

Xiao Er nodded and bowed, treating them with extreme respect.

Under the leadership of Xiaoer, Sun Hao and the two quickly went upstairs.

Many people stared at them with complex expressions.

"These two people are not easy!"

"There is no spiritual power fluctuation, but there is a heavy treasure in the body, isn't it a ghost repair?"

"How come? Gui Xiu can't enter the city at all!"

"Whatever it is, this kind of character is not something we can covet!"

After talking for a while, everyone dispersed one by one.

Yuejun Inn has a circular shape with eight floors. From a distance, it looks like a circular tower.

"Two immortals, you are really lucky. There is just a set of top-notch guest rooms. If it is later, I am afraid that someone will be taken in." Xiao Er smiled.

"Has your business been so good?" Sun Hao asked.

"Of course not! Mainly the annual Zongmen Grand Competition will be held tomorrow." Xiao Er said.

"Zongmen Grand Competition?" Sun Hao was puzzled.

"Two immortals, this grand sect comparison, but Yangzhou event, countless immortals, will come to watch the battle..."

Next, Xiao Er introduced the Zongmen Grand Competition in detail.

After Sun Hao heard it, he nodded secretly.

In the eyes, the light shines.

So many cultivators come here.

It seems that this Jiangyang City is indeed a good place to open a medical clinic.

Shortly after.

The two were invited to a suite on the eighth floor, which was very large with three rooms.

"Two immortals, we will serve them from today!"

After speaking, Xiao Er stood at the door, waiting for Sun Hao's instructions.


Sun Hao and the two walked into the room.

On the corridor opposite their room, stood a student in white.

With a delicate appearance, his gestures and gestures are full of elegance. At a glance, he is known as a scholar.

He looked at Sun Hao with surprises in his eyes.

"How can there be such a person out of dust in this world?"

"It looks like this young man is also a scholar, find a chance to meet him!"

The scholar in white murmured to himself, waiting for Sun Hao to close the door before he looked back.

Afterwards, he also walked back to the room and closed the door.

Sun Hao didn't know about this scene.

"Rumeng, I am going to paint. If you feel bored, just go out and play. It's safe here. You don't need to guard me." Sun Hao said.

"My son, I won't be bored with you, let me help you study ink!" Huang Rumeng said.

"That's good." Sun Hao nodded.

Huang Rumeng took out the utensils Sun Hao had prepared before going out from the space ring, and put them aside one by one.

Pen, ink, paper and inkstone, scripture and kitchen utensils, scented tea and herbs...

Brought a lot of daily necessities.

"I don't know if I can get lucky value if I paint here?"

"People here, there should be someone who likes painting and calligraphy? Give it to them, and you can get blessing value, right?"

"What should I paint? By the way, let's go to the Great Demon Mountain!"

Sun Hao thought secretly, and after laying out the drawing paper, he started to move.

The pen is erratic like a dragon and a snake.

The movement is smooth and flowing, without any stagnation.

After a few moments.

A mountain, laid out in the clouds and mist, is majestic and unshakable.

On the mountain peak, a temple was built on it, illusory and incapable of capturing.

Halfway up the mountain, a pedestrian, with a hurried look, ran up the mountain.

In the blank space of the painting, write two sentences: No one can observe freedom without self, and see the Tathagata in neither emptiness nor color.

Title: "Worship Buddha".

The artistic conception on the painting is incredible.

Huang Rumeng stared at this painting blankly, and stood there stupidly, motionless.

The foreground of her eyes changed rapidly, and a giant Buddha standing proud of the sky appeared in front of Huang Rumeng.

The Buddha stands proudly in the air and cannot be moved.

Sentences came from the mouth of the Buddha.

Form a magical law that envelops Huang Rumeng.

Heaven and man are one!

Huang Rumeng stood in place, feeling quietly.

Her mood is improving rapidly.


It sounded.

At this moment, the barrier was stuck on Huang Rumeng's body and split at the sound.

Her strength, an instant breakthrough, reached the ascension realm!

Reaching the ascension level is a qualitative improvement.

The demon power on his body is transforming into immortal power.

Once the transformation is complete, he will become a half immortal, and there is no difference between human cultivation and demon cultivation.

After a long time, Huang Rumeng withdrew his expression and opened his eyes.

"Finally reached the ascension stage! Son, thank you!"

Huang Rumeng muttered, looking at Sun Hao with gratitude on his face.

I saw that Sun Hao started painting again.

With that serious look, Huang Rumeng's eyes gleamed.

"When the master's experience is over, you won't forget me, will you?"

"Why do you want to do so much now? To me, being able to stay with the son is a great blessing! I won't be able to repair it in ten thousand lifetimes!"


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