Time comes.

The new year is here.

Sun Hao tilted his head and fainted instantly.

The whole body was trembling, cold.

On his body, strands of frost formed.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng's expression changed drastically.

"My son, my son..."

She hugged Sun Hao tightly and called Xianli to form a flame that flooded Sun Hao's body.

However, the effect was not great. Sun Hao's body became more and more frosty.

"Cold, so cold..."

There was a chatter in Sun Hao's mouth.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng took off his clothes.

The whole body covered Sun Hao.


On her body, the flame soared and turned into a burning man, clinging closely to Sun Hao...

outside world.


It sounded like thunder from nine days.


A ray of dazzling white light was so bright that people couldn't open their eyes.

In the white light, a woman with white wings slowly descended.

Finally, she stood above the Great Demon Mountain and scanned Sun Hao's residence blankly.


The white-winged woman picked up the cross sword and pointed towards the sky.


The cross sword quickly lit up, and the light of destruction spread all over the world.

The power of terror, whizzing everywhere, makes people's scalp numb.

"No, that's the light of the saint..."

The exclamation just sounded.

The flow of time on everyone slowed down, and all movements became extremely slow.

"call out……"

The light of the sacred judge aimed at Sun Hao's place and blasted down.

Wherever he went, the space was shattered inch by inch.

Layers of shock waves hit all directions.

Seeing, he was about to blast above the hall.

At this time.

"call out……"

Sounds of breaking through the air came one after another.

Thousands of branches rose into the sky from the backyard.

The shot was Shenhun Shenmu.


There was a loud noise.

The power that imprisoned time in the Quartet broke apart.

At this moment, everyone recovered.

They gathered all the immortal powers they had already accumulated in their hands, used their stunts, aimed at the light of the sage, and blasted them over.

"Boom! Boom..."

The explosion continued loudly.

The shock wave spreads to all directions in a spherical shape with an overwhelming momentum.

Everywhere, the space bursts and the dust is flying.

It took a long time to calm down all around.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the white-winged woman, and their faces were filled with fear and doubt.

"Who is she? How can she grow wings?"

"This is the Wing Race! One of the ancient races!"

"What? Didn't the Wing Clan perish? How can someone still live?"

"What is she doing? Why do you want to fight the son?"

The exclamation kept ringing.

At the moment when everyone was stunned, the white-winged woman moved again.


With a soft drink.

The white-winged woman raised the cross sword again.


The dazzling white light lit up again on the cross sword.

This time the power is at least ten times stronger than the last time.

"Is the attack just a test? This is her real strength?"

"Attention everyone, hit it all!"

A roar broke the sky.

Everyone mobilized their physical powers and poured them crazily into their palms.

When I was about to blast towards the sky.


With a shock, time and space seemed to be sealed.

Just like a person's movements, they are all set in place, unable to move.

Even consciousness has slowed down countless times.

The stunts released were exploded in the hands one after another.

"Boom! Boom..."

Like gorgeous fireworks.

All people, like fairies scattered flowers, exploded in all directions.

Finally, he fell heavily on the ground, motionless.

"Boom! Boom..."

Even the Shenhun Shenmu was held in place, unable to wave the branches again.

The branches blocking the sky above the attic exploded into powder after encountering the light of the holy cut.

The light of the sacred judge, radiating the power of destroying everything, slammed down at Sun Hao's location.

"No! Son!"

Luo Liuyan watched this scene, tears in his eyes slid out unconsciously.

She struggled frantically, no matter how powerful she was, she couldn't break free.

"Do not……"

Everyone can only watch the light of the holy judge blast towards the residence of Grand Sun Hao, helpless.

Seeing, the light of the holy judge was about to hit the attic.

At this time.


A figure instantly appeared above the attic.

She was dressed in white, and her **** eyes burst out with angry flames.

This person is Xuemei.

"Dare to take action against the son? Humph!"

Xuemei waved her right hand quickly.


A huge light and shadow talisman seal formed quickly on top of her head.


Five roars.

Five light and shadow beasts poured into the talisman seal.

Fu Zhuan exploded into light and shadow.

A giant light and shadow beast stands proudly in the sky.

This giant beast, with a dragon head and a lion body, showed emptiness flames all over its body, as if it could burn everything.


The behemoth of light and shadow raised to the sky and roared loudly.

Suck hard.


The light of the saint was sucked into the mouth by the behemoth of light and shadow.

After four weeks, calm was restored.

this moment.

Everyone recovered.

They stared at the giant light and shadow beasts and Xuemei blankly, and their eyes were full of astonishment.

"Just now, Miss Xuemei actually created a talisman in the void. This method is really terrifying!"

"Awesome, the strength of this light and shadow unicorn, I am afraid that it will reach the stage of the Ninth Stage Immortal Emperor!"

"It's safe now!"

In the sky.

The white-winged woman looked at Xuemei, her expression slightly startled.


The white-winged woman moved extremely fast. With a wave of her right hand, ten cross swords gathered in front of her and circled around her.

In less than a moment, they merged together to form a cross sword.

The mighty sword of the giant sword, compared with before, the horror does not know how many times.


The white-winged woman screamed hard, shaking violently all over.

Wishes of white light rushed from the woman's eyebrows to the cross giant.

The shocking power quickly condenses on the giant sword.


The behemoth of light and shadow let out a roar, jumped up, pointed at the white-winged woman and rushed over.


The woman snorted coldly, pointed her right hand, crossed the giant sword, aimed at the behemoth of light and shadow, and pierced it down.


The light and shadow beast's claws slapped, and then slapped on the giant sword.


With a blast, the world shakes.

The air waves are rolling, frantically roaring everywhere.

The light and shadow behemoth and the giant sword shattered into dust at the same time, disappearing without a trace.

The white-winged woman's face changed slightly when she saw this scene.

A touch of anxiety flashed on her face.

She looked at Xue Mei who was continuing to draw charms, and her killing intent rose.

"call out!"

The white-winged woman's wings shook and disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he had already come to Xue Mei's side.

He stretched out his claws, aimed at Xue Mei's neck, and grabbed it.


There was a loud noise.

The white-winged woman flew upside down.

It took a lot of strength to stabilize the figure.

She stood in the air, her face full of jealousy.


On the white-winged woman, thunder light shone, wandering around and sizzling on her.

She looked ahead, frowning slightly.

I see.

Not far from the white-winged woman, there was a rough-looking man standing there.

This person is exactly the ruler of Thunder Tribulation.

He looked at the white-winged woman, a flash of killing intent.

"This is not something you should care about!" said the white-winged woman.

"Ha ha……"

Lord Lei Jie smiled coldly, "This seat is the guardian of the son, with me, today you can never want to hurt the son half of his hair!"


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