"Who is he?"

"I haven't seen it, it seems to be the guard that the son has recently received."


Everyone was full of doubts, their eyes all fixed on the Lord of Thunder Jie.

The white-winged woman also stared at the lord of Lei Jie with an angry expression, "Lei Aotian, you can think about it, what will be the consequences of stopping me!"

The words came out.

There was an explosion below.

Everyone's face is full of shock.

How could they have never heard of the name Lei Aotian.

"What? He is Lei Aotian, isn't he the master of Lei Jie?"

"My God, Lord Lei Jie serves as a guard for the son? No way?"

"Looking at his appearance, it seems very honored! Son, what kind of existence are you?"

For a while, everyone couldn't calm down.

Lord Lei Jie looked at the white-winged woman and smiled slightly, "Consequence? Come, I'll follow it all!"

"Ha ha!"

The white-winged woman smiled coldly, her figure gleaming, and instantly appeared in front of the Lord of Lei Jie.


The explosion continued, and the air waves rolled.

The power of terror swept the Quartet.

The entire Tianluo Continent was trembling slightly.

This battle lasted for half an hour.


There was a loud noise.

The two of them flew upside down at the same time, using a lot of strength to stabilize their figures.

The white-winged woman looked at the Lord Lei Jie and frowned slightly.

On her face, there was a flash of anxiety.


The white-winged woman roared.


The sound of the joints exploding from her body.

A pair of wings quickly grew and enlarged behind her.

In less than a moment, it changed from two wings to four wings.

On her, the white light flows and looks shining.

Lord Lei Jie raised his mouth when he saw this scene, "Who won't be transformed?"


Lei Jie dominated his body, with two arms and a head growing out.


All kinds of electric lights, lingering on the Lord of Thunder Tribulation, burst out thrilling power.

On the four arms, they all held a weapon with sparkling electric lights.

It looks majestic.

"call out……"

Lei Jie's dominating light flashed, and instantly appeared in front of the white wing woman.

"Boom! Boom..."

The two fought together again, and the world was shaking.

The power of terror makes the scalp numb.

Below the two.

Xue Mei's face was solemn, and she kept waving her right hand.

A ray of light flew from the palm of her hand and poured into the seals of light and shadow above her head.

As time goes by.


Above the Fu Zhuan, the light flows quickly.

Countless runes flew out from her fingertips.

After a while.



Six light and shadow symbols are carved out.

"Finally finished, the method the son gave me is really good!"

Xue Mei's face is full of fine light.

The corner of her mouth raised while sweeping the battle towards the sky.


With a movement of mind, the six light and shadow talisman seals merged together, and instantly exploded into light and shadow.

Light and shadow condense rapidly.

After a while.


A kilometer-high light and shadow unicorn condenses into shape.

Roar in the sky, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger.

Guang Ying Qilin found the opportunity, and patted the white-winged woman with a paw.


There was a loud noise.

The white-winged woman kicked her back.

The whole shoulder was torn apart.

Both wings were broken.

The blood stained the body red.

It looks terrible.

"Damn it!"

The white-winged woman gave a soft drink, her face full of anxiety.

She looked at where Sun Hao was, showing a cruel expression.

"If that's the case, let me die!"

This sound rang.


Qi and blood surged on the white-winged woman.

Behind her, two demon wings grew.

The other two white wings are also changing rapidly, becoming two demon wings.

A piece of blood is red all over the body.

She is cast like magma, exuding a metallic luster.

It looked like a four-winged demon.

The cold, bloodthirsty breath rushed out of her, covering the world.


The sound of joint friction continued to sound.

The body of the four-winged demon grew rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a giant monster with a height of 10,000 meters.

A glance makes people feel shocked and sweaty.


Before the Thunder Tribulation Giant could react, the four-winged demon took the lead.

It stretched out its sharp claws, aimed at the light and shadow Qilin, and patted it.


There was a cry.

The light and shadow Kylin was slapped into light and shadow and disappeared without a trace.


Upon seeing this scene, the Lei Jie giant showed the most solemn gaze on his face.


The joints of Thunder Tribulation Giant's body kept banging.

After a while, the Lei Jie giant turned into a 10,000-meter tall giant with four heads and eight arms.

He looked at the four-winged demon, raised the sky-shielding giant fist, aimed at it and blasted over.


There was a loud noise.

The shock wave of terror, whizzing everywhere, hit the space into pieces.

The four-winged devil and the Thunder Tribulation Giant retreated at the same time, and it took a long time to stabilize their figure.

Everyone looked at the two giants in the void, and could not help secretly wipe out their cold sweat.

"This is too powerful, their strength is definitely a demigod!"

"Fortunately, Thunder Tribulation is dominating!"

"Attention everyone, guard your son!"

With this sound, everyone rose to the sky and guarded the attic.

Everyone's face showed a look of death.


In the sky, the battle continued.

The four-winged devil and the thunder robbery dominate you and me, and are comparable.

On its face, there is a color of anxiety.

"Lei Aotian, don't force me!" the four-winged demon roared loudly.

"Forcing you? I want to kill you!"

The corner of Lei Jie's dominator raised his mouth, waved the thunder hammer, aimed at the four-winged demon and banged it down.


There was a loud noise.

Countless electric lights rushed into the four-winged demon.

The four-winged demon was scorched and paralyzed.

At the moment of its stupefaction.


A thunder knife slashed directly onto the four-winged demon.

With a few moves, the four-winged demon was wounded all over his body.

"Lei Aotian, you forced me!"

The four-winged demon roared, his body was bloody, and he howled frantically.

The whole momentum increased by several percent.


The Thunder Tribulation Master was shaken by the power of terror for thousands of meters.

At last.


With a loud noise, Thunder Tribulation ruled like a cannonball, and flew out quickly without a trace.

Take advantage of this opportunity.

On the four-winged demon, qi and blood surged and whizzed all over the body.

A sharp claw covering the sky, facing the direction of Sun Hao, grabbed it.

Above the sharp claws, there was an aura of tearing everything, making the scalp numb.


Luo Liuyan drank softly, and led the crowd into the sky.


Thousands of rays of light condense together to form a shield of light and shadow, covering the sky.



The light and shadow shield split instantly.

There is no way to stop the claws.


Luo Liuyan and others' bodies, like a fairy scattered flowers, fell in all directions.

"Boom! Boom..."

Falling to the ground, exploding pieces of dust, life and death unknown.


The speed of covering the sky and the claws did not decrease, and they shot at Sun Hao's residence.


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