"My son, goodbye!"

The corners of Huang Rumeng's mouth raised slightly, and his eyes closed, revealing a calm expression on his face.

She was like a cannonball, and quickly fell to the ground.

Seeing it, he would fall to the ground.

At this time.


A figure hurriedly arrived, and immediately hugged Huang Rumeng in his arms.

This person is Sun Hao.

At this moment, Sun Hao didn't look weak at all.

Standing there, the breath was surging, making people afraid to approach.


Sun Hao waved his right hand, and a breath of life surged into Huang Rumeng's body.

Huang Rumeng's injuries recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, most of Huang Rumeng's soul has been burned, and he is not far from death!

"My son, cough...cough, stop quickly!"

"It's useless, Rumeng's soul is gone! Don't bother!"

Huang Rumeng gently stroked Sun Hao's face and said.

"Rumeng, why are you so stupid?!"

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng's face, tears brewing in his eyes.

"My son, you have protected Rumeng for so long, and you can let Rumeng guard you once, and Rumeng has no shock in this life!" Huang Rumeng's aura became weaker and weaker, and the remaining soul would collapse at any time.

"Do not!"

Sun Hao shook his head and let out a heart-piercing cry.

"Rumeng, what would I do without you?"

"Like a dream, don't sleep, don't sleep!" Sun Hao shouted.

"My son, you are crying!"

Huang Rumeng raised his right hand weakly and gently wiped the tears from Sun Hao's eyes.

There was a happy smile on her face.

"My son, you cry for me, Rumeng is so happy!"

"Master, there will be no dreamlike days in the future, you must be well!"

"This world can't live without you!"

Speaking of this, Huang Rumeng pointed to Xue Mei who fell on the ground, "My son, let her be by your side in the future!"

"Do not!"

Sun Hao shook his head, "She is not you! I only need you!"

"My son, I also want to stay by your side forever!"

"My son, please help me take care of Yaozu Mountain!"

"I wish there was another life..."

Huang Rumeng stroked Sun Hao's face, gently and gently.

Feel his body temperature, listen to his heartbeat.

There was a deep sense of perseverance in his eyes.


Huang Rumeng's hand dropped slowly.

The last bit of soul, all disintegrated, turned into ray of light and shadow, scattered in all directions.

"Do not……"

A roar broke through the world.

The endless turbulence, whistling everywhere.

The world seems to be screaming and humming for it.

"Get me back!"

A roar resounded throughout nine days.

An invisible force shrouded all directions from Sun Hao's mouth.

This power, enveloping the shattered soul of Huang Rumeng, slowly gathered together.


Sun Hao's eyes were about to split, and he roared vigorously.

The whole person's veins are rising, seeming to be infinite resistance.

"Gather me!"

The sound of breaking the sky enveloped the Quartet.


The invisible force that hindered Sun Hao's movements instantly shattered.

The light and shadow of Huang Rumeng's soul gathered quickly and appeared in his hands, forming a ghost of a woman.

From the whole look, she looked exactly like Huang Rumeng.

However, dementia does not have the slightest saneness.

"Like a dream, you can't die!"

Sun Hao gently supported Huang Rumeng's remnant soul and placed it in Huang Rumeng's body.

Huang Rumeng's eyebrows moved lightly, but in the end he couldn't open it.


Strands of life force poured into Huang Rumeng from Sun Hao's fingertips.

However, Huang Rumeng lay calmly in his arms, without any reaction.

The flesh is still alive, and most of the soul is lost, just like a vegetable.

Sun Hao's whole body was trembling slightly.

In the messy mood, gradually calmed down.

He did not speak, his body contained a murderous intent.


With a wave of his right hand, the four-winged demon flew uncontrollably in front of Sun Hao.

"Who sent you?" Sun Hao asked.

" never want to know!"

The words just fell silent.

"Boom! Boom..."

Four explosions.

The four wings of the four-winged demon all shattered into dust.

A strange force ran wildly in the devil's body, and his body trembled violently with pain.


The screams continued for a long time.

The four-winged demon fell in front of Sun Hao, angrily like a gossamer.

In its eyes, there was only a strong panic.

"Say or not?" Sun Hao's voice was cold.

"Don't think about it!"

"What do you want to do?"

"The existence behind this seat is not something you can provoke. If you do, you will definitely end up dead!"


The words did not fall.


The body of the four-winged demon exploded into dust.


With a wave of Sun Hao's right hand, strands of cause and effect flicked at his fingertips, blending with the four-winged demon.

After a while.

Sun Hao looked at the east, his eyes seemed to reveal hundreds of millions of miles.

His face is full of solemnity.

"Forbidden place?"

"What's in there?"

"Can you count me as weak and come and kill me?"

"Don't worry, this hatred will not be forgotten!"

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng in his arms, and his heartache was fleeting.


With a wave of his right hand, blocks of ice yuan's power quickly condensed and formed.

An ice crystal coffin appeared in front of Sun Hao.

The power of life and the power of Bingyuan flowed continuously above the coffin.

"Rumeng, you go to bed for a while!"

Sun Hao put Huang Rumeng in the ice crystal coffin and stood next to the coffin without moving for a long time.

"My... my son, I... let me help you!"

"My son, breakfast is ready, please wash up quickly!"

"My son, as long as you don't dislike me, I am willing to stay with you and keep learning!"

"The son is amazing!"

"Big slacker, get up!"

There have been scenes and scenes in my heart.

The girl who spent a year with herself day and night became a vegetable.


No more:

Can't hear her voice.

Can't see her smile.

Can't eat the food she cooks.

Listen to her playing music and travel the universe with her.

Such a good girl fights her life for herself.

I would rather, it was me who died!

Sun Hao stood there, letting tears slide across his face.

The man does not flick when he has tears, but he is not sad.

"There must be a way to gather her soul and wake her up!"

There was a glimmer of hope in Sun Hao's eyes.

He slowly closed the coffin lid and withdrew his emotions.

Sweeping his eyes, looking at the seriously injured and dying immortal cultivators, a touch of apology appeared on his face.

"Everyone has suffered such a severe injury for me, such a great kindness, I, Sun Hao, will never forget it!"

After speaking, Sun Hao took out the guqin.


The piano sounds.

At his fingertips, the colorful gods rushed down like a tsunami, covering everyone in an instant.


Thunder Tribulation dominates the body, and the lost arm is rapidly generated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The four heads recovered as before.

All over the body, the thunder tribulation glows shining, bursting with thrilling power.

"I recovered, I recovered!"

"The injuries on the body haven't fallen at all!"

"My physical body has actually grown several times stronger, and the divine essence in my body has also grown several times. I am now a second-rank demigod?"

"The son deserves to be the supreme existence, the means is the sky!"

Master Lei Jie looked at Sun Hao, his eyes were full of worship.

The whole body trembled slightly with excitement, and it took a long time to calm down.

Not far from him.

Xue Mei sat cross-legged, with a look of excitement.

"I actually reached the fifth stage immortal emperor!"

"Not only recovering from injuries, but also breaking through three small realms in a row!"

"The divine essence released by the son seems to be several times stronger than before!"

"The son is also getting stronger!"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao, with the light of worship and gratitude written all over her face.

After that, she retracted her gaze and continued to devour the colorful spirits around her.

Such scenes were staged all around.

Sun Hao looked at this scene and nodded slightly.

Afterwards, he stared at the mansion that had crumbled into powder and waved his right hand.


A ray of light quickly condensed from his hand.

Soon, a light and shadow palace with a height of 100 meters was formed.

The palace of light and shadow slowly fell on the ground, forming a magnificent hall.

Majestic and majestic.


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