Time flies, and it's the next day in a blink of an eye.

Sun Hao opened the door of the room after eating breakfast, and was about to step out.

But I saw a student in white standing at the door.

"My son, hello!" The scholar in white clasped his fists and saluted.

Sun Hao looked at the scholar in white, a touch of brilliance, fleeting.

At this point, he is a nerd, and it is very likely that he will like his paintings.

Later, give him a pair, surely he will accept it, right?

I thought so, but there was no change on my face.

"Hello, is there anything going on?" Sun Hao said.

"My son, my name is Ning Mingzhi. Seeing that the son has an extraordinary temperament, I must be a scholar. I came here to get to know him. I wonder if it disturbed the son?" The scholar in white introduced.

"Are you also a scholar?" Sun Hao pretended to be surprised.

Ning Mingzhi's eyes lighted up, and he nodded repeatedly, "Yes, I don't know the name of the son?"

"My name is Sun Hao, since I'm a scholar, please come inside!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

Ning Mingzhi was not polite, and walked inside the door.

The two sat together and started talking.

Sun Hao is knowledgeable, well-talked, and has a kind of charm.

Ning Mingzhi listened carefully and nodded frequently.

The expression was like a sudden enlightenment.

After several words, Ning Mingzhi looked at Sun Hao as if he was looking at a respected gentleman.

Worship and admiration for the light flooded Ning Mingzhi's face.

"The son is knowledgeable and admires the most wise. I have been harassing for a long time today, so I will leave first."

Ning Mingzhi stood up and bowed his fists to Sun Hao.

"Brother Ning, you and I hit it off, here is a painting for you."

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up a painting at will and gave it to Ning Mingzhi.

"My son, is this what you did?" Ning Mingzhi asked.

"Yes, I hope Brother Ning will not dislike it!" Sun Hao said.

"How come! It is my blessing to be able to get the son's calligraphy, and it will be a good treasure!"

"My son, I'll leave first."

After speaking, Ning Mingzhi quickly returned.

Until Ning Mingzhi disappeared, Sun Hao still stood in place, looking puzzled.

"What is the value of fortune?"

"I wipe it! There is no blessing value for the picture scroll?"

"Where is the problem?"

Sun Hao frowned, thinking secretly.

Then, he looked at Huang Rumeng behind him, "Rumeng, was that Ning Mingzhi just now a cultivator?"

"My son, he is just a mortal." Huang Rumeng said.

"A mortal? Does it mean that if you send a picture scroll to a mortal, you won't get blessing value?"

"It looks like this!"

After some thinking, Sun Hao continued to speak: "Let's go, like a dream, let's find the address of the hospital."

"Yes, son!"

The two walked out of the inn one by one and disappeared on the street.



Jiangyang City, inside the Zongmen Grand Competition.

"What? He won again? How is this possible!"

"The Tyrant Sword Sect is so powerful, there is such a genius!"

"I won ninety games in a row without a break! If you win another game, you can enter the championship battle! This kind of character, you must know him, what is his name?"

"I know, his name is Chen Daoming!"

Intense discussions continued to sound.

On the ring.

Chen Daoming held the knife in his arms and stood motionless.

It looks like a peerless swordsman.

Opposite him is a giant two meters tall.

The muscles are knotted and the power explodes.

It seems that it can shake the world and cannot be confronted.

"Boy, I don't want to hurt you, give up!"

The giant man looked at Chen Daoming, his voice roared, making waves of air billowing around him.

In this scene, I saw the audience's eyes with surprise.

"What? It's him! Ironclad rhinoceros!"

"Here is a good show, Chen Daoming confronts him, who do you think will win?"

"It's hard to say. Chen Daoming hasn't drawn his sword until now. I don't know, will he draw his sword this time?"

Chen Daoming completely ignored these voices.

In other words, he also ignored the giant rhinoceros.

He just stood there, closed his eyes, and waited quietly.


Ignore it completely.

"Damn it!"

The armored rhino roared.

Like a bull, he slammed into Chen Daoming.

The impact of terror is like a high-speed train.


There was a loud noise and the ground trembled slightly.

"Look at you now!"

The armored giant rhinoceros opened his eyes and saw, where is Chen Daoming's figure?


Behind, there was the sound of air crashing.

The scalp of the giant rhinoceros was numb.

When I turned around, I saw Chen Daoming's scabbard attack.


The scabbard blasted over his forehead.

The armored giant rhino body was like a cannonball and hit the ground hard.

The entire playing field trembled slightly.



Do not believe.

Write on everyone's face.

one move.

Knock down the giant rhino?

Moreover, did not draw the knife?

When did the armored rhinoceros, which is not bad, become so vulnerable?

Many viewers were dumbfounded, and it took a long time to calm down.

After a while.

"Major Chen Daoming, mighty!"

"Chen Daolu, I love you, wait for me, come right away!"

"In this life, I won't marry Chen Daolu!"

"Chen Daoming, mighty!"


Many people waved their fists and shouted in the name of Chen Daoming.

Soon, many people followed.

They cheered for Chen Daoming and shouted for Chen Daoming.

The fierce appearance is hard to describe.

After a long time, the scene gradually calmed down.

"You said, can Chen Daoming win the championship?"

"That's natural. Didn't you see that he didn't even draw the knife?"

"Not necessarily, he is facing Zhao Xiaobo, who is a genius ranked 98 on the Qianlong Ranking. Up to now, he has not drawn his sword!"

"Zhao Xiaobo is the first to become famous, this Chen Daoming was born today, and the two of them are fighting each other. I really look forward to it!"

Talking sounded constantly.

When the host opened the next scene, the scene gradually calmed down.

"Dear viewers, after a battle, two outstanding geniuses were born!"

"The two of them will have a highly anticipated battle. Regardless of whether they win or lose, in the future, both of them will become Taishan Beidou! Become influential figures!"

"Applause for our two future leaders!"

After this sound.

The applause was thunderous and endless.

"The competition has not yet announced the championship prize!"

"Now, let me announce it!"

"The champion will be awarded a Rank Nine Profound Spirit Pill by the Cangyuan Academy!"

The words came out.

The scene was restricted to a brief silence.

After a while.

Exploding constantly.

"What? Rank Nine Profound Spirit Pill? That's the best elixir!"

"Gosh, that's an elixir worth 10,000 top-grade spirit stones!"

"I really want to be a champion, this kind of medicinal pill will live an extra year after smelling it!"

In the competition arena.

Standing there motionless, Chen Daoming suddenly opened his eyes and raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, "This spirit pill belongs to the son!"

After a long time, the scene gradually became quiet.

"Well, the ultimate competition, start now!"

The host waved his right hand to announce the start of the game.


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