South of Penglai mainland, in a mountain range.


An old man suddenly appeared on a big tree, holding a few feathers in his hand.

This person is Yujizi.

Compared with before, he has become a lot younger.

"Great, finally got it!"

"Now, I can ask someone to build a middle-grade fairy!"

Yujizi's eyes were shining, and her face was full of joy.

Since the last time I came here from Yaozu Mountain, good luck has continued.

I found a lot of elixir of longevity and various treasures, and my life was greatly enhanced.

If this continues, it is not a dream to be young again.

Yu Jizi stroked his gray and white beard with a smug expression on his face.

"It's time to come out!"

After speaking, Yujizi flickered and disappeared instantly.

Shortly after.

He stood in front of a city, took a big step, and walked in quickly.

"Come and see, come and see, the best immortal medicine, if you miss this one, there will be no next home!"

"The Chaos that just came out of the oven, this is fairy beast meat."

When I walked to the street, shouts kept coming.

Yu Jizi licked her lips, looking like a rich man.

"It's time to eat something good!"

When he came to a restaurant, Yujizi strode into it.

Followed Xiao Er into the hall and found a place to sit down.

"Guest, what do you need?" Xiao Er asked.

"A bottle of fine wine, a bowl of fairy beasts, a plate of peanuts and rice..."

Yujizi ordered several dishes in a row.

"Okay, wait a minute, guest officer!"

Xiao Er walked quickly.

Not in a moment.

The peanut rice and fairy wine were brought up.


Pour a small cup, take a sip, "Hey..."

Yu Jizi opened her mouth and closed her eyes for enjoyment.


Chew the peanut rice into your mouth, full of fragrance.

After taking a few tablets, I took another sip of the fairy wine.

"This is the day of the fairy!"

"If there are such good days every day, this life is enough!"

Yu Jizi murmured, looking content.

"Guest, your fairy beast meat!"

Soon, several dishes were presented one after another.

"In half a year, it will be the fairy celebration. When I get the middle-grade fairy artifact, I will definitely get the first place!"

"Zhong Ion, you won't be my opponent by then?"

Yujizi thought secretly, took a piece of fairy beast meat and put it into his mouth.

After chewing a few times, it was swallowed into the abdomen.

Shortly after.

"Grandpa, this is for you!"

Yujizi was eating meat happily when a little girl's voice sounded.

Turning to look around, she saw a three or four-year-old Lori standing in front of her.

Little Lori looks like a porcelain doll.

The red face is very lovely.

However, her clothes were sloppy, which contrasted sharply with her face.

Little Lori held a butterfly painting candy in her hand and handed it to Yujizi.

"Little baby, be good, you can eat it, grandpa has meat to eat!" Yu Jizi said.

Seeing Yujizi eating meat, Lori kept swallowing.

"Grandpa, can I eat a piece of meat?" Little Lori asked weakly.

"Eating meat?"

Yu Jiezi looked startled, looked at the little Lori, and then nodded.

"Thank you Grandpa!"

Little Lolita sat down and began to grab the meat with her hands unceremoniously.

"use chopstick!"

"Grandpa, I don't know how to use it!"

"Learn to use it!"

Before Yu Jizi could react, the few plates of meat on the table were all cleaned by little Lolita.

Yu Jizi rubbed his eyes, revealing a look of unbelief.

He looked at little Lolita and then at the empty plate.

A heartache flooded all over the body.

I thought it was just an ordinary little loli.

Unexpectedly, a gluttonous food came.

It's eating and drinking.

"Grandpa, do you have any more? I'm hungry!" Little Lori rubbed her belly with aggrieved expression.

"Little Wawa, where are your parents?" Yu Jizi asked.


Little Lori crooked her mouth and started crying.

With that heartbroken appearance, she thought someone had beaten her.

Yujizi's face changed slightly, and his eyes swept around.

After discovering that no one was paying attention here, he relaxed.

"Don't cry..."

Yujizi seems to have found something wrong.

Turning around, his face was full of doubts.

I saw that everyone's movements in the entire hall were fixed in place, as if imprisoned.

Could it be that she did it?

Cry everyone down?

Thinking this way, Yu Jizi's scalp exploded.

Regardless of whether the little Lori was crying or not, she stood up without thinking about it.

When stepping gently, ready to escape.


There was a sound of falling to the floor.

Yujizi's body trembled, and after looking for a sound, the roots of sweat and hair exploded all over her body.

I see.

It was the shop Xiaoer who fell on the floor.

At this moment, Xiao Er's skin kept bulging up and down, and there seemed to be countless insects burrowing in it.


A strange cry sounded.

A flaming red bug got out of the skin of the shop Xiaoer and flew in the air.


The sound of wings kept ringing.

One by one, the red worms were flying up, floating in the air.

Xiao Er's whole body instantly dried up, leaving only one piece of clothing.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Yu Jizi's nerves.

Infinite fear flooded his body.

How could he not know these things.

This is the soul eater recorded in Xiu Xian Shi Ji.

Isn't this thing dead?

How would it appear here?

It's over, it's over!


Before Yujizi could react, the soul-eaters flew out of the other people's bodies, all floating in the air, not moving in place.

Yu Jizi stood there, not daring to breathe.


The little Lolita beside him kept crying.

These soul eater did not seem to find this little loli.

"Could it be that she summoned these soul eater?"

Think so.

Yujizi's legs trembled, and beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

Unexpectedly, he had just obtained the treasure.

A good meal was not finished, but was stared at by this peerless murderer.

Oh my goodness.

Did I commit any sins in my predecessors?

Why is my life so bitter?

Yujizi's face was bitter, and her scalp was numb.

He stepped slowly and walked back.

Just ten steps away from Little Lolita.


It sounded like a bomber.

The soul-eaters in the entire hall rushed towards Yujizi.

Seeing this scene, Yu Jizi hurriedly walked to the original position.

The Soul Eater surrounded him a few steps away, motionless.

It looked like it seemed to be waiting for some order.

"Senior, ancestor, I don't know where I have offended you, please raise your hands high and spare my life!"

"You are not full, I can be your chef, do you think this is okay?"

Yu Jizi spoke carefully.

However, the little girl cried herself as if she had not heard it.

Yujizi stood by, wherever she dared to move.



All the soul eater moved at once and flew out the window quickly.

Looking out the window, Yu Jizi could not help but explode on his scalp, cold sweat.

I see.

The sky above the small city is densely packed with soul-eaters.

The number is too large to calculate.

"It's over, I'm afraid the entire Ziyang Star is over!"


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