"Master, what's your order?" Wang Kai asked.

"You did a good job today." Sun Hao patted Wang Kai and said.


Wang Kai looked startled, thinking he had heard it wrong.

Blocking Master, committing a serious crime, won't Master drive himself out of the alchemy hall?

"Master, I'm sorry, the disciple ran into you today, please punish you!" Wang Kai said.

"The so-called ignorant is not guilty!"

"You haven't seen me, what's wrong?"

"Today, you did nothing wrong. Master studied the pill, you sacrificed your life to protect it, and you did a good job!"

"I have some gifts for you!"

After speaking, Sun Hao waved his right hand.

Pieces of tea leaves flying out of his hand, floating in front of ten people.

Seeing these tea leaves, everyone in Wang Kai was shocked.

"This... Is this all enlightened tea?"

"This is too much, right?"

"Is this Master Master giving this to us?"

For a while, they couldn't calm down.

Waving hand will send enlightenment tea, moreover, they are all sent thousands of pieces.

Ancestor, is this a dream?

"Don't froze, these things will improve your talent!"

"I hope there is no waste under my door!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened ten people.

"Yes, Master!"

The ten people clasped their fists and saluted respectfully.

"Well, you go down first, I have something to say to your master!"

"Yes, Master!"

The ten people stepped back one by one, with uncontrollable surprises on their faces.


When the door of the secret room closed, Qin Yu came forward.

"Master, it will be hard for Qin Yu to repay your great kindness in his lifetime!"

"Let me follow you and do something for you!" Qin Yu said.

"Do not……"

Sun Hao smiled and shook his head, "You have more important things to do!"

"I hope you can carry forward the technique of pill refining!" Sun Hao said.

"Master, I understand!"

Qin Yu nodded, "By the way, where's the teacher?"


Sun Hao sighed lightly, and recounted the fact that Huang Rumeng had become a vegetable.

Hearing this, Qin Yu showed regret, his fists creaked.

"Master, the disciple is incompetent, and cannot share the worries for Master!" Qin Yu said.

"Don't worry, as long as I go to the Taiyin Realm, I will surely be able to enter the Earth Realm and be resurrected like a dream!"

"It's you, you have to work harder!" Sun Hao said.

"Master, rest assured, I will!" Qin Yu nodded.

"Leaving you here is to give you a gift!"


Sun Hao took out the guqin and began to play.


The piano sounds.

Like gurgling, moisturizing things silently.

Like a violent storm, the leaves are broken.

Strands of colorful spirits rushed out from Sun Hao's fingertips, flew to Qin Yu, and circled him.

After these gods penetrated into his body, he quickly transformed his strength.


With the sound of the piano, the colorful spirits gathered more and more, thick as mist, covering the eyes.

Suddenly, the entire secret room is full of colorful gods.

Lord Lei Jie stood beside him, his eyes blooming with strange light.

I want to move, but dare not move.

"He can't absorb it alone, so you can absorb it!"

At this time, a sound rang in the ears.

Upon hearing this, the master of Lei Jie clasped his fists and saluted.

Afterwards, he sat cross-legged on the ground, opened his mouth, and began to swallow.


Not in a moment.

The realm membrane on Lei Jie Master's body shattered, becoming a third-grade demigod.

"The son has become stronger again. After just a few breaths, I broke through!"

"Such a rich spiritual essence, really unprecedented!"

"If this continues, I will become a Ninth-Rank Demigod, no problem!"

Lei Jie dominator looked excited.

Sink down and continue to absorb the colorful spirit.


There was a shock in the soul space of Sun Hao.

Sweeping his mind, he found that it was the blood wolf and the cracked sky that shook.

These two guys are thinking about it.

"Come out!"

With a move, Sun Hao summoned both of them.


Li Konggu opened his mouth and began to devour the colorful gods.

The blood wolf also learned the appearance of the ancient crack and began to devour it frantically.

The colorful gods were quickly absorbed by them.

However, with a flick of Sun Hao's finger, countless colorful gods can be born.

For a while, it could not be absorbed at all.



Penglai Xiancheng.

The crowd gathered around the alchemy hall, and for a while, they could not calm down.

Many people secretly wiped out the cold sweat and looked awe.

"It scares me to death!"

"Yes, it's horrible. Just now the purple gas came to the east, and then colorful auspiciousness came again!"

"These visions continue to flow into the alchemy hall. It seems that the master Qin is definitely not an ordinary person!"

"Isn't that nonsense, Qicai Xiangrui, how many times have you seen such a vision after living so long?"

"Today is the first time! What an eye-opener!"

The entire Penglai Xiancheng burst into pieces.

I didn't know, after a little inquiries, I knew that Sun Hao produced these visions.

In a luxurious mansion.

A middle-aged man sat in the seat of the palace lord and yelled: "Quick...Quick, bring me the undead medicine in the innermost treasury!"

A woman hurriedly rushed over, stood in front of the middle-aged man, and said, "Master, isn't that magical medicine for Yu'er used to temper Yu'er?"

"Women's humble opinion, those peerless people are here, you must go to see you! Am I going empty-handed?" the middle-aged man said.

"Master, it's fine for you to go and see you, why do you still need to take the elixir of death?" the woman asked.

"Huh, what other things can you see besides the Immortal Medicine?"

"This..." The woman opened her mouth, unable to speak.

"Stop talking!"

After speaking, the middle-aged man collected the elixir of death, then walked out of the attic and hurried away.

Be in a treasure house of a mansion.

An old man with a long beard swept his eyes, and finally stared at a long sword.

"Hey, this supreme immortal weapon, I don't know that character, can you see it?"

The old man with long beards held the sword and looked up and down.

"Penglai Xiancheng, there will be such a person, if I can get acquainted, maybe I will get the best fortune!"

"I really hope that characters like me can see my fairy weapon!"

The old man with long beard muttered to himself.

Holding a long sword in his hand, his figure flashed and disappeared instantly.

And scenes like this appeared in the entire Penglai Xiancheng.

The stronger the force, the more fully prepared.

In front of the alchemy hall, more people gathered.

The sky, the ground, the eaves, the attic...

As long as the alchemy hall can be seen, there are heads crowded there.

The immortal cultivator who cannot see with his own eyes releases his spiritual thoughts and sweeps on the attic of the alchemy hall.

this moment.

The attic where Sun Hao is located has attracted the attention of millions of people.

Everyone looked at the entrance of the Alchemy Hall, waiting for Sun Hao to come out.

Time passed a little bit.

Soon, we waited from noon to afternoon and then to night.

Time has not consumed their enthusiasm, on the contrary, people get together more and more.

There are many people who are strong from other planets.

There are many immortal gods and immortal kings.

These people's faces are full of awe.


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