Time flies, and it's just a few days in a blink of an eye.

The cultivators surrounding the alchemy hall gathered more and more.

Their eyes were fixed on the door of the alchemy hall, motionless.

It looks like wood carvings one by one.



A dull and loud noise came from a distance, shaking the entire Penglai Xiancheng.

"what happened?"

"That direction seems to be the City Lord's Mansion!"

"Something happened to the city lord? Go and see!"

Many people took action and rushed to the city lord's mansion.

There is less and less waiting in place.

In less than a moment, there is not much left.

Around the city lord mansion.

It is densely packed with immortals.

They looked at the city lord's mansion, the expressions on their faces changed.

I see.

The City Lord's Mansion has been blasted into dust, and the dust has soared to the sky, blocking everyone's sight.

When the dust dissipated, everyone looked at the sky and suddenly looked surprised.

"That's the city lord!"

"He... how could he be restrained?"

"Who is he? Why do you seize the city lord?"

In the sky.

Standing a man in a purple robe, his fierce and brutal gaze swept away, and the onlookers retreated two steps in a row, with fear on their faces.

"Xiandi Realm?"

"What a violent coercion, it's terrible!"

"He... he is Zhong Lixiao of Blood Wolf Star!"

The onlookers looked at the purple-robed man and exclaimed.

The man in the purple robe is not someone else, but Zhong Lixiao.

At the same time, he is also the father of Zhongli Jingtian.

What Zhong Li Jingtian grasped was Zhong Ion.

"Say, where is the murderer?" Zhong Lixiao looked at Zhong Ion and asked.

"Ha ha……"

The corner of Zhong Ion's mouth raised, and a touch of blood overflowed from his mouth, "Zhong Lixiao, those characters, you can't offend you!"

"wrong answer!"

Zhong Lixiao slapped his backhand, slapped Zhong Ion dizzy.


The teeth were mixed with blood foam and sprayed from his mouth.

The whole face was swollen and looked extremely miserable.

"Say it?" Zhong Lixiao's voice was cold, with killing intent written all over his face.

"Kill me! I won't say it anyway!" Zhong Ion closed his eyes and waited quietly for death.

"It's not so easy to want to die!"

Zhong Lixiao glanced away.



A group of figures flew quickly.

Standing in the sky, in two rows.

One row bows down, one row stands behind the bower.

These bowers are all young people.

The immature face was full of tears.

"Ancestor, help, help!"

"I don't want to die, I'm not married yet!"

"Woo... Patriarch, please help me!"

Hearing these sounds, Zhong Ion's body trembled.

Looking up, his pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.

"you you……"

He looked at Zhong Lixiao and mumbled for a long time without saying a word.

"Zhong Ion, are you surprised?"

"Hehe, this is the son of blood you sent to the planets!"

"You and I are a family. Tell them where the murderer is and I will spare them!"

Zhong Lixiao pointed to the group of teenagers and said.

Zhong Ion's complexion changed and was extremely ugly.

Finally, with a bite of his silver teeth, tears were falling, and he turned his head, "Children, I'm sorry, my ancestor!"

Shortly after.

He turned around, looked at the teenagers, and yelled, "Be quiet!"

This sound shook all the teenagers in place and stopped crying.

"I don't have any scumbags in my Zhongli home! Even if it's dead, I will never beg for mercy!"

"Zhong Lixiao does no evil, how can he take it seriously!"

"You go one step ahead, and I will come to accompany you later!"

The faint voice of Zhong Ion clearly penetrated into every teenager's ear.

These teenagers stopped crying, took a few deep breaths, and restrained their trembling bodies.

"Zhong Ion, it seems that you are not going to say it?" Zhong Lixiao's voice was cold.

"Don't think about it!" Zhong Ion said.

"Then you are optimistic?"

Zhong Lixiao restrained Zhong Ion and confined his eyelids.

Zhong Ion couldn't move, he could only watch everything in front of him.


Zhong Lixiao waved his right hand.

"call out……"

The knife fell and the head shot up.

Blood splashed on the faces of other teenagers.




The cry broke through the sky.

Tears poured from the corners of Zhong Ion's eyes, with a look of grief.

"Say or not?"

"Don't think about it!"


The knife light flashed, and another head fell to the ground.

Zhong Lixiao asked Zhong Ion every time he said something, and then chopped off a teenager's head.

Soon after.

After a few hundred teenagers, only nearly a hundred remain.

A crowd of immortal cultivators watched this scene, their expressions changing.

"In broad daylight, the universe is so arrogant, it's so arrogant!"

"How can such violent people come here?"

"Damn, he is killing innocent people!"

The anger sounded constantly.


An Immortal Venerable rose into the sky, standing in front of Zhong Lixiao.

"Zhong Lixiao, killing so many, enough! They are innocent!" Xiuzun said.

"Are you educating me?"

Zhong Lixiao's backhand was a catch.


A blood-red claw took shape rapidly.

In an instant, he penetrated this Xiuzun body and pulled out his heart.

Immediately after.


With a soft sound, the heart burst directly into powder.

Xianzun pointed at Zhong Lixiao, opened his mouth, fell down without uttering a word.

Fall to the ground and become muddy.

"If you don't have this ability, don't stand up!"

"Don't be afraid of death, just come!"

The sound is not loud, and it is full of momentum.

Zhong Lixiao glanced away.

The cultivators bowed their heads, not daring to face it.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Lixiao nodded slightly, continued to look at Zhong Ion, and said, "Say or not?"

At this moment.

"Are you looking for me?"

A sound came from the void, echoing between the heaven and the earth.

Two figures appeared in front of Zhong Lixiao instantly, staring at him coldly.

These two people are the masters of Sun Hao and Lei Jie.

"It's him!"

Soon, someone recognized Sun Hao.

"It's Master Qin's master!"

"It's great, these peerless powerhouses are here, and those teenagers are saved!"

"I didn't expect to see seniors here, so lucky!"

The whole scene burst instantly.

Everyone looks excited.

"The son?!"

Zhong Ion also looked startled, his eyes twinkling.

Zhong Lixiao looked at Sun Hao, his expression changing.

"A mortal, a fairy?"

"Are they the murderers who killed Tian'er?"

"If this is the case, I will definitely peel your skin and tear your bones apart!"

Zhong Lixiao thought bitterly, staring at Sun Hao, "Who are you? Did you kill Sedum?"

Hearing this, Sun Hao instantly understood.

It seems that this person is Zhong Li Jingtian's father, Zhong Lixiao.

Sure enough, if there is a father, there must be a son.

Indiscriminate killing of innocents seems to be taught by Zhong Lixiao.

"Not bad!"

Sun Hao nodded slightly and stood there calmly.


Zhong Lixiao's eyes were red, staring at Sun Hao.

Killing intent flooded all over the body.

Without any hesitation, he took out a long knife, aimed at Sun Hao and cut it down.


The air is twisted, and the waves oscillate.

The shock wave spread outwards in an overwhelming manner.

Everywhere I went, the space was shattered.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the cultivators changed dramatically, and the secret path was not good.

Seeing, these shock waves are about to hit those teenagers.

At this time.

Lord Lei Jie stood up and snapped his fingers.


A ray of electric light jumped out from his fingertips and burst open instantly.

Zhong Lixiao's power to wield a broadsword immediately collapsed.

at the same time.


There was a sound of cracking glass.

The big knife in Zhong Lixiao's hand cracked bit by bit, all bursting into dust.


The electric light kept blasting on Zhong Lixiao's body in an instant.


A loud noise shakes the world.

Zhong Lixiao kicked his body straight back, using a lot of strength to stabilize his figure.


A mouthful of blood, spit out from Zhong Lixiao's mouth.

He looked at Lei Jie's master, his face full of fear.


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