"Kill him for me!"

Zhong Lixiao pointed at Lei Jie Master and shouted loudly.

With this sound, the thousands of hands standing beside Zhong Lixiao moved together.

They used their own tricks, and went straight to the thunder and robbery.


Thousands of lights illuminate the whole world.

The horror power formed a wave of shock waves, crashing into the four directions.

The space is rapidly distorted and deformed, and the world seems to be falling apart.

When Sun Hao saw this scene, his killing intent rose.

In the city, you directly use big moves and don't care about the life and death of others. What is the use of such a person?

"Destroy them!" Sun Hao said softly.

"Okay, son!"

The corner of Lei Jie's dominating mouth raised a cold smile and grabbed his right hand.


The sky quashed, and a lightning ball exploded rapidly in his hand.


There was a loud noise.

Countless electric lights rushed all over the place, rushing toward thousands of people.


The tricks they released were all extinguished after encountering Thunder Mang.

All powers immediately dissipated in place.

"This is impossible!"

"how so?"

At the moment they were stunned, Lei Mang hurriedly arrived and exploded on them.

"Boom! Boom..."

The explosion sounded constantly.

Everyone who shot, exploded and exploded into dust.

The whole scene instantly returned to calm.

The onlookers stared at this scene blankly, unable to calm down for a while.

"Boom to death with one move?"

"That is thousands of immortal kings, with a full blow, the eighth-rank immortal emperor can't stop it, right?"

"Could it be that he... he is the Ninth Stage Immortal Emperor?"

Everyone looked at Lei Jie's ruler, with shocked faces.



There was a burst of wild laughter.

"Die, all to this seat!"

"Dare to kill my son, you must all be buried together!"

Zhong Lixiao stood high in the sky, looking up to the sky angrily.

His eyes were blood red and he looked crazy.

His eyes fixed on the Lord of Thunder Jie.

"Even if you are the Ninth Stage Immortal Emperor, so what?"

"You can't accompany my son to death!"

After this sound.


The sky is trembling, and endless storms are coming.

It spun quickly above Zhong Lixiao's head.


The wisps of gray-white electric glow kept beating, bursting with thrilling power.

"That...that...that is Zhong Lixiao's trick!"

"My heart is shocked, what the **** is that?"

"Hell ghost wolf is said to be a demigod summoned beast! Zhong Lixiao's ability to occupy the blood wolf star depends on this trick!"

"That is **** ghost wolf? My ancestor, who will save us!"

"As soon as the ghost wolf came out, the world became dry, and when it was over, the entire Ziyang Star was finished!"

A crowd of immortal cultivators looked at the sky with fearful faces.

The whole body is like being filled with lead, which is extremely difficult to move away.


With a thunderbolt, the world changed.

A huge skeletal claw peeked from the sky, covering half of the sky.

The terrifying power, whistling down from the paws, suppressed everyone's breath, cold sweat.


The head of a skull covering the sky came out of the dark clouds.

Two blood-red eyes, like two suns, scanned everyone.

this moment.

On the court, the body is imprisoned and unable to move.

The color of despair is all over everyone's face.

Seeing, the skull's claws were about to fall.

At this time.


A scream came from the sky.

The **** ghost wolf instantly dived into the clouds and disappeared.

The sky returned to calm.

At this moment, there was dead silence all around.

Everyone looked at the sky blankly, with a look of disbelief.


They took a few long breaths and then calmed down.

The forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

Many people's clothes were soaked wet, like a chicken.

"The demigods are gone? Are there people here who are more terrifying than the **** ghost wolf?"

"It looks like it is! It scares me to death, it's terrible!"

Zhong Lixiao opened his mouth, staring at the sky blankly, with a look of unbelief.

Can you scare the **** ghost wolf away?

At least it must be a fifth-grade demigod!

Are there five demigods here?

How can it be?

"This... how should this be good?"

Zhong Lixiao's heart sank into hell, and his whole body was cold.

The color of regret is written all over the face.

He stood in place, trembling uncontrollably.

Next second.

He was even more frightened.

I see.

Sun Hao took a step forward and snorted coldly, "Want to run?"

A soft drink shook the world.


In the sky, there were layers of ripples.

A **** ghost wolf covering the sky was struggling frantically and was pulled out by an invisible big hand.


Screaming in bursts, it seems to have suffered a great terror.

The body of the **** ghost wolf shrank uncontrollably.

In the end, it turned into a palm-sized skeleton wolf and fell into Sun Hao's hands.

"This this……"

Zhong Lixiao watched this scene with a trembling voice and cold sweat.

Say what you say!

Just a thought, he grabbed the demi-god summoned beast in his hand.

How many people can do it today?

My ancestor, what did I provoke?

Do not!

What disaster did that evil animal cause me?

It's the father's fault to raise it or not!

It's all on me, all on me!

If I hadn't spoiled him like this, I wouldn't end up like this.

Zhong Lixiao stood there with a bitter expression on his face.

In Penglai Xiancheng, there is even more dead silence.

Everyone stared at Sun Hao blankly, and did not respond for a long time.

Shock, unbelief, worship, awe...

Various emotions are constantly intertwined on everyone's face.

Say what you say.

Grab the demigod with one hand.

In this age of no gods, who can do it?

Everyone's thinking stagnated, and for a while, they couldn't recover at all.

"Big...sir, forgive... forgive me!"

The **** ghost wolf uttered words, begging for mercy.

"How many creatures did you swallow?" Sun Hao asked.

"My lord, the ones I swallowed are all ordinary ants, there are hundreds of billions of them, not worth mentioning!"

"You spare my life, I am willing to be your mount!" Hell Ghost Wolf said.

"Ha ha……"

"In my eyes, you are just an ant, die!"

After speaking, Sun Hao shook his right hand.

"Do not……"

Shocking screams, resounding throughout the world.


The **** ghost wolf body exploded and burst into powder.

After the wind blew, nothing was left.

Squeezing a demigod to death is like squeezing an ant to death.

Such a terrible scene strongly stimulated everyone's nerves.

The whole scene was silent.

Zhong Lixiao trembled and his tongue trembled.

Infinite fear, like black ants crawling all over the body.

He covered his mouth tightly with his hands, and he dared not make a sound.

Looking at Sun Hao was like looking at a peerless demon.

After a few long breaths, he felt better.

Stepping forward, rushing into a light and shadow, rushing to the sky quickly.


"Am I letting go?"

A sound rang in my ears.

This sound, as if with the force of law, instantly set Zhong Lixiao in place.

"It's over!"

Zhong Lixiao's face was full of despair, and the last thing he thought of was these two words.


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