Over a mountain range in the southern part of Penglai mainland.

Zhong Ion led thousands of people to stand in the sky, looking at the scene ahead, frowned slightly.

"That's it?" Zhong Ion's face was full of doubts.

I saw that dozens of kilometers away, a huge blood cell enveloped the world.

Even if they are far enough away, they can sense the terrifying power on the blood cells.

It looked like a floating planet, as if it would fall to the ground at any time and burst open.


Suddenly, there was a sound of flapping wings.

This sound shocked everyone.

Looking down, everyone's pupils shrank and their faces changed dramatically.

I see.

In the forest below, blood-red worms flew up and rushed toward them.

Every insect exudes a violent aura, and one glance makes the scalp explode.

Seeing these bugs, Zhong Ion's face changed drastically.

How could he not know these bugs.

They are all ferocious soul eater.

The number is too large to calculate.

Zhong Ion roared without thinking, "Ready to fight!"

But where is it?


The soul eater burst into a flash of lightning, and in an instant, it enveloped thousands of people.

Surrounded by Soul Eater, how can I survive?

"It's over!"

Only these two words came out of my mind.

They stood there, closed their eyes, and waited for death.


What came from my ears was the roar of wings.

It drives the gust of wind, blowing on the face, causing pain.

These sounds come faster and go faster.

Soon, it disappeared into the distance.

Everyone slowly opened their eyes, their faces full of unbelief.

They stroked their faces, revealing the joy of the rest of their lives.

"I... Am I not dead?"

"God sees that I haven't found a Taoist companion, why are you willing to let me die?"

"No, it doesn't matter to God, look!"

Everyone raised their heads, looking at the direction the Soul Eater was flying, their eyes widened.

I saw that the place where the Soul Eater flew forward was the blood-red planet.

"Could it be that something attracted them on that planet? We escaped?"

"No, that's not a planet, those are made of soul eater!"

"What? This... so many soul eater, my goodness!"

"This...what should I do?"

Although he established a state of life and death, how could he not be afraid of death in the face of death.

The power of these soul eater just now has been seen by everyone.

Just because of speed, they couldn't even shoot horses.

Once they drill into the body through the seven holes in the human body, can they still live?

I'm afraid that the whole person will become a hotbed of soul eater.

Everyone stared at Zhong Ion, waiting for him to speak.

Zhong Ion looked at the planet composed of soul eater, revealing a thoughtful look.

After a while.

He turned around and looked at everyone.

"So many Soul Eaters gathered together, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

"I'm waiting to concentrate everyone's strength, strike together, fight for one blow to break, and blast these soul-eaters into powder, do you understand?" Zhong Ion said.


The neat voice shook the sky.

Under the leadership of Zhong Ion, everyone moved together and ran towards the Soul Eater.

Shortly after.

Everyone stood a few kilometers away, looking at the overwhelming soul eater, flying like a locust, with solemn faces.

This planet composed of soul eater is a hundred thousand meters in diameter.

It looks like a giant cloud covering the whole world.


The huge roar shook everyone's mind with fear.

They looked at Zhong Ion and waited for his order.

"Prepare!" Zhong Ion roared.


Strands of immortal power flowed into the hand from the meridians and flowed into the immortal implement.

These fairy artifacts bloomed with different lights, and followed everyone's hand shaking.

Zhong Ion is about to wave his right hand.

At this time.


There was a tremor in the center of the Soul Eater.

Spherical waves, shaking in all directions.

The soul-eaters all around burst open and exploded into powder.


A gust of wind passed, and the Soul Eater didn't even have any powder left.

The tens of millions of soldiers looked at this scene, and their faces were dumbfounded.

"Dead? All dead?"

Unbelief appeared on everyone's face.

For a while, they stood there stupidly and did not calm down.


An exclamation sounded.

Everyone squinted their eyes, and their pupils couldn't help shrinking, and their eyes bloomed with strange glow.

"It's the senior!"

"It turns out that the predecessors attracted those soul-eaters, and they were all wiped out in one move, my God!"

"Senior's prestige, I can't wait to see the dust!"

Worshiping Jingmang, waves swept over the white man in front.

This person is Sun Hao.

After he scanned the crowd in front of him, Shen Nian swept towards the onlookers further away, frowning slightly.


Stepping out, instantly standing in front of Zhong Ion and others.

"Meet the son!"

"Meeting seniors!"

Everyone bowed and saluted, very respectful.

"Don't be polite!"

"Are you here to destroy the Soul Eater?" Sun Hao looked at Zhong Ion and the others and asked.

"Yes, son!" Zhong Ion nodded.

"Then you know the danger of Soul Eater?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, we naturally know!"

"However, in order to eliminate the Soul Eater, we all signed the status of life and death!" Zhong Ion said.

Sun Hao nodded slightly, looking at a pair of eyes that looked like death.

"You have done a good job, and your courage is praiseworthy!"

"However, bravery is not desirable!"

"You come here, except to become food for the soul eater, and to multiply more soul eater, it has no effect!"

"Learn from them, it might be better!"

Sun Hao pointed to the crowd of onlookers and said.

As soon as this word came out, the onlookers burst out instantly.

"Haha, a bunch of idiots, did you hear what Senior said?"

"Yes, stupid! I don't have the slightest strength, but I still have to be brave. This is just a gift!"

"Laughing to death, my stomach hurts with laughter, there is such a stupid lack in this world!"

"Fortunately I didn't go, it was a wise choice!"

Such a voice pierced into the chest of the Southern Army of Ten Thousand Towns like a silver needle.

At this moment, they lowered their heads, showing a look of shame.

"My son, I'm not thinking about it!" Zhong Ion stepped forward and knelt down.

Sun Hao raised the corner of his mouth, patted Zhong Ion's shoulder, and helped him up.

"Although he has not acted well, you are worthy of everyone's courage!"

"Since you have the heart to fight the soul eater, then I will give you the strength to fight the soul eater!"

These two sounds were not loud, but they blasted into everyone's ears like thunder.

In the ears of the southern army of thousands of towns, a strange light bloomed.

That kind of unbelief and surprise was all over his face.

"Senior said to give us the strength to fight the Soul Eater? Is this true?"

"I heard it too! How can there be falsehoods when Seniors speak?"

"To give people strength, can this method be done by a demigod?"

"Is the demigod that I can predict? Wait and see!"

Everyone looked at Sun Hao, excited.

I see.

Sun Hao took out the guqin, sat in front of the crowd, and began to play.


The sound of the piano vibrated out.

The colorful gods, like thick fog, rushed out from Sun Hao's fingertips.

Within a moment, the Southern Army of thousands of towns will be enveloped.


Endless colorful gods flooded into everyone's body quickly.

this moment.

Everyone's body is as if immersed in the warm winter sun, especially comfortable.

Whole body cells become active quickly.

Especially for some female nuns, they bit their lips tightly, not letting themselves make a sound.

However, under this extreme refreshing stimulation, how could they stand it.


The screams resounded throughout the world.


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