There was a sound of breaking the membrane of the realm.

Tens of thousands of troops, everyone's strength, are rapidly increasing.

Not only the realm is improved, but also the soul, body, and mood are enhanced.

"I... I broke through again. Unexpectedly, I broke through several realms at once!"

"I broke through from the Yellow Fairyland to the Immortal Venerable Realm? God, tell me this is not a dream, right?"

"Oh, this is not a dream, senior! You can't repay me for your kindness!"

The exclamation kept ringing.

These sounds, like magic sounds, spread into the ears of the onlookers and strongly stimulate their nerves.

They stood where they were, their faces changing.

"Then... That's the Seven-Colored Spiritual Element, that senior can play the Seven-Colored Spiritual Element in one song?"

"Fake? This is incredible!"

"They are breaking through quickly, my ancestors!"

The onlookers stared at this scene blankly, and did not recover for a while.

After a while.


The sound of air-conditioning was pumping, one after another.

Many people's faces showed endless regrets.

They looked at the Southern Army of Ten Thousand Towns with a look of jealousy.

"I regret it! Why not join them!"

"Don't tell me, I'm such a fool, so good fortune, I slip away!"

"Cultivation is to go against the sky, not afraid of life and death! Unexpectedly, I turned into a coward! God, I **** it!"

Such a voice rang from the crowd of onlookers.

Everyone's face showed a look of regret.

Of course, there are also some repairers who make small calculations.

"We can absorb those gods too!"

"Senior is there, who gives you this courage?"

"What are you afraid of? Senior is playing the piano seriously and won't pay attention to this!"

"Let's go over and take a look, if you break through several realms, it's worth it!"

Many people flew out of the crowd, carefully flying towards the southern army.

After seeing Sun Hao not responding, they gradually became bolder.


The closer they are to the Zhennan Army, the more their heart beats.

They looked at those colorful gods, their eyes bloomed with strange light.


Getting closer.

You will be able to touch the Qi Cai Shenyuan immediately.

There are no accidents.

They rushed into the Qi Cai Shen Yuan.

Close your eyes, sit cross-legged in the air, and begin to absorb.


After absorbing it for a while, there was no response.

When I opened my eyes, my forehead was black.

I saw that those colorful gods seemed to have spirituality, circled around them, but didn't get close.

Reached out to touch, but found that it was clearly in front of him, but could not be touched.

this moment.

Their hearts sink into the ice cellar, and it's cold.

Regret, written all over the face.

"Let's go, we have nothing to do with good fortune!"

"It's all my fault, I'm so greedy for life and fear of death, I can't blame others!"

These people stood up one by one.

Leaving the crowd with a decadent look.

His face is full of regret.


The piano sound continued.

The endless gods continued to dive into the body of the Zhennan Army.


The voice of breakthrough continues.

a long time.

Sun Hao stopped playing the piano again, looked at the Southern Army of Ten Thousand Towns, and nodded slightly.

"When you finish absorbing, presumably the strength will break through several steps!"

"Let's absorb it!"

After speaking, Sun Hao turned and looked back at Lei Jie Master, "Let's go!"

"Okay, son!"

The two took a step and disappeared instantly.

When he reappeared, he had already reached the sky above a city.

Sun Hao looked at the city and frowned slightly.

I see.

Below the city, a bleak scene.

The city is obviously complete, but there is no one.

The rustling voice kept coming from the city.


Sun Hao snorted coldly, and glanced around.



The endless soul-eater flew out from the city, and came straight to Sun Hao.

Violent aura radiated from them.


The Soul Eater, like a bomber, circled around Sun Hao.

Can't get close at all.


The soul-eaters gathered more and more.

In less than a moment, a giant red ball was formed.

With Sun Hao as the center, within a thousand miles, all the soul eater flew quickly.

After they came to Sun Hao, they circled around Sun Hao.

They turned from violent to respectful, and they looked like they were surrendering to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao stood in the center, closed his eyes, motionless.

About half an hour passed.


Sun Hao opened his eyes, and a sharp glow shot out.


A shock, centered on him, spread to all directions in a spherical shape.

Wherever they went, the soul eater burst into dust and disappeared without a trace.

After four weeks, calm was restored.

Master Lei Jie stepped forward and looked at Sun Hao with a puzzled look, "My son, these soul-eaters have all acknowledged their masters to you, why do you want to kill them?"

"They recognize me as Lord."

Sun Hao showed a cold killing intent on his face, "However, there is still a will on them!"

"A will?"

Lei Jie dominated his eyebrows and raised his eyebrows, "Could it be that there are strong people controlling them?"

"Not bad!"

Seeing Sun Hao nodded, Lord Lei Jie couldn't help gasping.

Every soul eater releases a will. How strong is the person who controls these soul eater?

I am afraid that the strength of that person is by no means simple!

"My son, let me do it?" said the master Lei Jie.

"No! If you make a move, I'm afraid you will be slammed into nothing here!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I will pay attention. As your guard, I can't let you do anything!" said the master Lei Jie.

"There will be more opportunities in the future, let me leave it here!"

After Sun Hao finished speaking, he pressed his right hand forward.


The air shook.

A palm-sized soul eater flew out of the void and landed in front of Sun Hao.

"This...this is? An adult!"

Master Lei Jie looked at the Soul Eater, with fine sweat on his forehead.

The strength of this soul eater has reached a semi-divine state.

If it is the former self, you must go all out to overcome it.

"This is not an adult, but also the King of Soul Eaters. It was the will that released just now!" Sun Hao said.


Master Lei Jie's eyes widened, his face shocked.

"Young Master, then... Then quickly destroy it!" said the Lord Lei Jie.

"Do not!"

Sun Hao shook his head slightly, "I have a kind of anxiety in my heart. I always feel that all this is a conspiracy, but I don't understand it!"


"My son, do you mean someone deliberately made this?" Lei Jie Master asked.

"Not bad!" Sun Hao nodded.

"Who is it? What is the purpose? Is it possible that there is a taboo?" Lei Jie dominator's eyes showed deep fear.

"do not know!"

Sun Hao shook his head slightly and looked ahead, "Let's get rid of these soul-eaters first!"

"Yes, son!" Lei Jie dominator nodded.


Sun Hao took Lei Jie's ruler, took a stride, got into the ripples, and disappeared in place instantly.


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