Tianluo Continent, in a mine on the edge of the Taichu mine.

The lights are bright, bright as day.


The beating sound resounded through the mine.

A man stood in the mine, holding a few branches in his hand, and kept looking.

"Why do the branches of Shenhun Shenmu appear here?"

"Moreover, this thing can actually dispel the evil spirits?"

The man muttered to himself, frowned thinking.

If Sun Hao were here, he would definitely recognize this man.

This person is exactly Zhang Tianming, the master of Yuantian Gate.

However, compared to before, he is much younger.

"Hall Master!"

At this moment, a bald head ran over quickly, with a touch of joy on his face, "Dug it out!"

"Dug it?"

Zhang Tianming's eyes glowed and followed his bald head quickly.

Standing in front of a hole leading to the depths of the earth, Zhang Tianming dropped a few luminous gems and walked inside.

"call out……"

After sliding down for a while, it fell to the ground.

This is a tomb, obviously, the dirt has just been removed from it.

Standing in front of an ancient bronze coffin, Zhang Tianming frowned, looking thoughtful.

"The first generation patriarch of Yuantianmen was buried in this ancient bronze coffin."

"Is the ancestor here?"

Zhang Tianming muttered to himself.

Inside the ancient bronze coffin.

A thin old man suddenly opened his eyes.

The red hair all over, light up if there is no seeming red light, illuminating the ancient coffin.

Two scarlet eyes, revealing breathtaking red light.

"Are future generations coming again?"

With a grin, the fangs all over the mouth, it was shocking to see.

"Child, open it, open it quickly!" The face of the thin old man was full of expectation.

"Hall Master, do you want to open it?"

There was a sound from outside the ancient coffin.

Hearing this sound, the skinny old man's eyes lit up and his face was joyful.

Finally waited until this day.

Last time, when I encountered that horrible existence, I almost lost my soul.

Now, I can't afford to seize the house, I can only wait for others to release myself.

Then, in return, only devoured their flesh and blood.

"No, the ancestor of Yuantianmen who opened the mountain must turn into a red-haired monster. When I open it, it will be ominous!"

Hearing this sound, the skinny old man turned dark, and he wished to jump out now, pointing at Zhang Tianming and he was a bitter curse.


He was so angry that he slammed into the ancient bronze coffin.

The ancient bronze coffin shook, and Zhang Tianming and the others were taken aback.

"Hall Master, what should I do?"

"Stay away, never come close!" Zhang Tianming said.


Everyone stayed away.

Zhang Tianming stood in front of the ancient bronze coffin, showing a thoughtful look.

Since the last time I saw the gods and treacherous men who gave me great luck, my strength has improved by leaps and bounds.

In just a few months, he reached the realm of heaven.

Moreover, he successfully joined the Evil Suppression Alliance and became the Hallmaster of the Northern Region, responsible for all matters in the Northern Region.

In the past month, weird incidents occurred in the mines of Taichu, and the living creatures living in the area disappeared for no reason.

As the hall master, it is my duty to investigate the truth.

So, led a group of disciples from the Chilian Sect to the mine to find the truth.

There are these bald heads, full of yang, scaring away the gloomy atmosphere, it's not a problem.

However, half a month later, the mine was surprisingly quiet at the beginning, and nothing strange happened.

"Is it afraid of us?" Zhang Tianming asked secretly.

This was just finished.

"Boom! Boom..."

A dull sound came from the top of the head, and the sand on the top of the wall was washed down.

"Hall Master, is this?"

"Don't move!"

Zhang Tianming stood there, listening with his ears upright.

Above his head, like a tens of thousands of horses galloping, he rushed straight to the center of the Taichu mine.

The voice faded away.

Everyone looked up at the top of their heads with a look of jealousy.

They haven't come to catch their breath.

At this time.


The ancient bronze coffin vibrated wildly, and it seemed that a monster was about to jump out of it.

The vibration became more and more violent, driving the entire tomb room, buzzing and shaking.


Zhang Tianming shouted.

Everyone quickly backed away and just ran to the corner.


There was an explosion.

The ancient bronze coffin rushed straight to the top of the wall, smashed into the ground, penetrated into it, and disappeared.


Pieces of rubble fell straight down, burying them.

Under the gravel.

Zhang Tianming used an immortal shield to cover everyone.

"call out……"

With a wave of his right hand, a ray of light flew from his fingertips and exploded on the gravel.


The gravel exploded into dust, covering the entire space, and it took a long time to dissipate.

Everyone looked up and looked at the huge hole on the top of the wall with shock.

"Hall Master, the ancient coffin has escaped, shall we follow it and have a look?"

"Of course! Maybe we will find the truth soon!"

Zhang Tianming took them to the sky and flew into the air, looking at the center of Taichu mine with a solemn expression.

"Are everyone ready?" Zhang Tianming asked.

"All right!"

The neat voice resounded through the world.

In the sun, these thousands of bald heads are shining brightly.


They turned into retreats and rushed straight to the center of the Taichu mine.

After a while.

Zhang Tianming and the others stood in the sky, looking down, their scalp exploded, cold sweat.

I see.

Thousand meters of dust cover the sky.


In the dust, humanoid skinless monsters kept roaring in the dust, revealing their fangs.

A cloud of blood sprayed from their mouths, whizzing everywhere, quickly covering the world.

Within a moment, the entire dust was set off into blood red.

The cold breath came from the blood mist.

Pounced on everyone, his whole body was cold.

"What is this?"

"This... Isn't this too much? What should I do?"

"Hall Master, you can speak!"

Zhang Tianming looked at these humanoid monsters, and Zhang Tianming frowned, thinking.

The strength of each humanoid monster has reached the fairyland, and the number is at least ten million.

What's the difference between rushing in and fighting them?

If these humanoid monsters swept the earth, who would stop it?

The more he thought about it, the more Zhang Tianming struggled.

For a while, I couldn't think of a way to deal with it.


At the moment he was stunned, a loud noise sounded from the center of the mine in the early days.

A shock wave spread everywhere.

Wherever they went, they fell apart.

With the momentum of overwhelming, all the monsters were enveloped in an instant.

"Boom! Boom..."

All the humanoid monsters burst into blood mist and disappeared on the spot.

The blood mist around it was ten times more intense and scarlet.

Such a scene directly scared Zhang Tianming and others into place.

They are preparing to flee.

At this time.

The shock wave stopped abruptly.

The surrounding blood mist fell on the ground like a waterfall.

The whole land has been blown to a level.

After the blood mist hits the ground, it surges rapidly, forming a blood line, which is like a spirit snake walking on the ground.

The ancient array patterns were engraved.

Zhang Tianming watched this scene, his scalp exploded, cold sweat.

"No, then...that's the blood-refining sky formation, hurry away!"

However, there is no time.

In the next second, the abnormal change emerged.


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