The red-haired zombie twisted its right paw, and the iron rod in the hands of the six-eared macaque turned uncontrollably.

The force of terror caused pain in the mouth of the six-eared macaque, and quickly let go.


The red-haired zombie stepped forward and stood in front of the six-eared macaque in an instant, and pressed his paw against the chest of the six-eared macaque.


With a loud noise, the six-eared macaque flew out uncontrollably.

It fell heavily to the ground and exploded into dust.


The red-haired zombie stepped out and came to the six-eared macaque instantly.

He looked at the six-eared macaque and sneered.

"call out……"

The red-haired zombie waved the iron rod in his hand, aimed at the head of the six-eared macaque, and smashed it down.


Suddenly, the shaking continued.

The shock wave whizzed everywhere with the force of destroying dryness.

Wherever it was, the mountains exploded, the rocks burst, and dust covered the sky.

Zhang Tianming and the others watched this scene with cold sweat, their heart beating violently with the sound of swinging a stick, just like jumping out of their throats.

"Too...too terrible, this zombie is so terrible!"

"Six-eared macaques can't beat them, what can I do?!"

"Hall Master, shall we run?"

Everyone looked at the dust below, their faces pale.

Zhang Tianming stood in place, his chest rising and falling violently.

He shook his head slightly, "Where can we escape in front of such a strong man?"

Hearing this, everyone's face became even more desperate.

They looked into the dust and prayed secretly.



A scream resounded through the clouds.

"Damn zombie, see if my grandson won't kill you!"

The six-eared macaque turned into three heads and six arms, waving three iron rods, and smashed it down at the red-haired zombie.


All of a sudden, the metal croaked continuously.

The red-haired zombies were beaten back and forth again and again, unable to parry.

The red light floating on his body was constantly wagging, as if it was about to collapse.


The six-eared macaque made a strange cry.

The three iron rods, combined into one, hit the red-haired zombie's head in an instant.


The Hongmang shield shattered.

The iron rod did not slow down and hit his head severely.


A loud noise shakes the world.

The red-haired zombie fell to the ground.

Swamps of mountains kept cracking open.

Soaring dust, once again enveloped the world.

The six-eared macaque looked at the red-haired zombie, breathing heavily, showing a cautious face.


The six-eared macaque opened his eyes wide and his expression changed dramatically.

"Jie Jie..."

A strange laugh came.

The red-haired zombie stood up in a daze, looking at the six-eared macaque, grinning, the cold light burst out of his mouth.

"Three heads and six arms, kind of interesting!"

"However, this seat will also have such supernatural powers!"

The red-haired zombie finished speaking, with two heads and four arms coming out of his body.

Then, stepped forward, stepped out, and appeared next to the six-eared macaque.

The three sharp claws left shadows on the spot, and instantly held the three iron rods of the six-eared macaque.

The other three claws began to attack frantically.


The symphony of metals kept ringing.

this moment.

The six-eared macaque hurt all over his body when he was caught, and the force of terror ran around him.

At this moment, he was helpless.


With a loud noise, the six-eared macaque smashed into the dust, and it took a long time to struggle.

He looked at the red-haired zombie, gritted his teeth.

"Want to compare? Come on!"

The six-eared macaque roared, pulled out a ball of hair, and muttered softly, "Change!"

With this sound.


Thousands of clones rushed down like a meteor, aimed at the red-haired zombie and rushed over.

"Jie Jie..."

The red-haired zombie grinned and didn't care.

"Little monkey, just want to deal with this seat based on these? Give it to me!"

The red-haired zombie sucked hard, and his shriveled belly quickly swelled. Then, he gave a soft drink to the six-eared macaque clone.


A wave of air came quickly.

Wherever he went, all the clones broke into light and shadow, turned into vellus hair, and fell down.


The six-eared macaque opened his eyes wide and panicked.

This method is completely comparable to the son.

how can that be?

Before the six-eared macaque could react, one covered the sky with bone claws, peeking down from the sky, and hitting the six-eared macaque.

The scalp of the six-eared macaque was numb, and he quickly escaped by birth law.

Next second.

The six-eared macaque could not help the pupils shrink, and his face changed drastically.

He was horrified to find that he was completely imprisoned and unable to move.


Bone claws fell from the sky, holding the six-eared macaque in his hand, and letting him struggle without any effect.

Bone Claws brought the six-eared macaque to the red-haired zombie.


The red-haired zombie sniffed his nose, showing a look of enjoyment with closed eyes.

"It's so surging blood, so powerful body."

"If this seat is taken, it will be no problem to restore the peak!"

After speaking, the red-haired zombie stretched out his claws, pointed at the eyebrows of the six-eared macaque.


A power to destroy the soul shook at his fingertips.

When the six-eared macaque saw this scene, his face changed drastically.

He struggled and raised his head, looking at the void, "Die fat man, do you still want to watch the show?"

The voice was long, spreading everywhere.

Heard this.

The red-haired zombie's face changed slightly.


The red-haired zombie's eyes burst out with two blood-red rays, sweeping toward the void.

However, the void has nothing.

"Little monkey, you still cheat this seat?"

"Haha, die!"

The red-haired zombie stretched out his claws, aimed at the center of the eyebrows of the six-eared macaque, and pierced it.

As soon as he saw it, he had to pierce the eyebrows of the six-eared macaque.

At this time.

The red-haired zombie raised his eyebrows, revealing an uneasy expression, and stopped quickly.

Looking up, his pupils shrank and his face changed drastically.

I see.

In the sky, a white lightning ball fell quickly.

Before the red-haired zombie could react, it fell to the ground and exploded quickly.

"Boom! Boom..."

Lightning like a giant dragon enveloped the entire Taichu mine, tumbling on the ground, and the sound of explosions continued everywhere.

The imprisoning power of the blood-refining heavenly formation shrouded all beings instantly collapsed.


The red-haired zombie's body is also completely covered by electric lights, and every time it wanders, it will burst into his body.

Wait for the power to take a clean break.

The red-haired zombie was scorched all over, and smoke rings from his mouth, looking very miserable.


A laugh came from the void.

"Dead monkey, do you have today?"

"Aren't you awesome?"

"What? When do you ask me?"

A figure flew down the sky quickly, standing in front of the six-eared macaque.

This person is the ruler of Thunder Tribulation.


In him, various electric lights are constantly intertwined, exploding the power to destroy the world.

"Huh, don't be proud!"

"Waiting for my old grandson to find his demon power, he will look good with you!" The six-eared macaque held his head high, unconvinced.

"Hehe, it looks like you feel itchy..."

After finishing speaking, Lei Jie Master waved his right hand, and a wisp of electric light flew out quickly and drilled onto the six-eared macaque.


"Quickly stop my grandson!"


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